Giraffe Tries Saving her Calf From Hunting Lions

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Once in a life-time sighting of lions seizing an opportunity to hunt a newborn giraffe! The mother of the giraffe tries her hardest to save her calf, but unfortunately she isn't successful. 

Taken by Tarryn Rae and Walter Mugogovhali while on a safari with Mankwe Game Trackers in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa.
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is the calf sick
Ronny Gonzalez
all you assholes. just watching instead of interfering. I don't give a fuck about consequences I would have done something. kill the lions because a gang Vs 1. it should be 1v1
N s
finally they eat her calf... :/ not good..
CoolKid Vlogs
Lion-has been titled the king of the jungle=gets scared of a mama giraffe.
Monique Forbes
i like when lion attck
ajinkya gadgil
More than helpless giraffe. Look at those hopeless humans there.
Sami Ulla
Mel Green
is it deid
StellarFox Pack
joe coke
damn nature. you scary
kapil muni
The comments are disappointing.
Juan Carlos Martínez
chinguen a su madre todos los que hablan inglés :"v
When you try to slide into her DM's but her Mom checked her text.
Alexandre Rocha
Leones son cobardes, es como USA, ataca a los que no pueden defenderse
Dj-TonyMix Mix
Wtf!! Animals protect there own kind!! And humans can't do the same???? What's this?
Rylee Nowlan
this is sad
Mike Paredes
I feel bad for the mom. If animals were able to make peace with each animal in the world this would not have happened and the baby would have survived by now😭
Benjin8r 1
At 2:57 the guy in the background is just chilling
shahzeb sohail
Mother is always a mother no matter she is of animals or of humans..
Look how she is desperate to take revenge n not allowing lions to take the dead body away from her.
kaitlyn GIRL
#familygoals this is so cute but sad
Carlos Barrera
KatGary Matthews
this baby giraffe have alredy broken back leg ..if look when lions make the baby fall as its falling you can see his leg in the air is broken very badly just dangling (back leg on lions side) he wouldnt survive any way....
...and even moment prior falling you can see just before the lions jump back leg is broken..!! great instinct from mum protection mode NATURE
James A
That baby dead
Luuk van Kampen
the lions were trying to steal it like they're bandits. :3
Fatima nisar
mothers love
mzaher mzaher
اللي صورو الفديو دول كلاب كان المفروض يدافعو عن الصغيره
shivkishor ray
shiv kishor ray Ballochak dalsinghsarai samastipur 9771552050
MFRFSH مفرفش
Tried? I just don't understand why animals like this mom keeps going away from their babies no wonder it will get killed
Harithanx didi Om
Zareen Khan
i t
Asif Ali
Nature haa, grabs my popcorn - scrolls down.
Viyuyinn Valar
fucking retarded jiraffe!! got fucked!!!
I'm a animal lover to and if you are I suggest you think maybe actually think THESE ANIMALS BEEN DOING THIS WAY BEFORE HUMANS EXISTED YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT so please go watch your cat and dog videos all cute and cuddly
Kashif Kohari
see this people bastards seeing 5he whole situation and enjoying
this white people not helping them
to all my asian and african and south american abd cetral american bors
plzz try to understand cunningness if wasp
Brunella Adami
Wow, I didn't know giraffes could growl like that. I had to play the video twice to make sure this sound wasn't made by the lions o_O
Rosemary Figueroa
🐆 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
that baby's leg was super broken
John Smith
Can lions take down an adult giraffe? I mean I'm sure they can. But so they typically look to hunt an adult giraffe?
Drew Skinner
at 4:03


Lauren smith
well guess she is a terrible baby sitter she let them take her baby
Dayana Beita
ahí los turistas graban y todo y solo grabaaan en vez de hacer algooo😡😬 pero ahí un Dios que todo lo ve
Hydro Games
Them sick people sitting out in the cars watching
Felicia Mckenzie
Did the lion kill it
what i dont understand is why the mother keeps walking away even though the lions are still close
Hashtag Mad & Mel!
Oh it died and at the end you could see the lions eating it poor mum and calf R.I.P sorry l just love animals l have to say R.I.P
Hashtag Mad & Mel!
That poor baby!
Hashtag Mad & Mel!
WOW even l am scared!
samiu sadick
bongo kiti
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