Guillermo Visits the Dodgers and the Cubs


The Cleveland Indians will play the winner of the Dodgers-Cubs series. This is a big one because the Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1825.
 To capture the excitement of the series, we sent our sports reporter Guillermo to Dodger Stadium to chat with the players in this exclusive on-field report.

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Guillermo Visits the Dodgers and the Cubs

Colin Beastmode Boleratz 8813
1906 not 1825
All of the Guillermo interviews make me smile
Baby Beast mode
Wait Guillermo isn’t Mexican?
Zonk29 Geometry Dash
Chris Patrick
2:01 hahaha sounds hes saying when you piss you gotta follow through
Misael Alejos Jaral
Eres mi héroe memo!!!!
superfire1452 ROBLOX
The video desc says 1825, when Jimmy said 1425.
David Hernandez
Puig didn't say this is stupid
Guillermo needs to make his own YouTube like if you agree
Nayops From Chicago
Guillermo is the man❗️, I'm from Chicago and I didn't even see this vid till now⁉️😩
Cops And Firefighters
Guillermo needs his own show.
Itz Joaquin
Guillermo is such a beast
I love Guillermo
Ahmedamin Conchy
Noah Boehm
Lucky hug is lucky
Dodgers are amazingggggg
Lexi Roman
Hmm...i guess this confirms the addison russell cheating scandal...
david suid
the bad hombre
Silenced Gameplay
lol the fact that the Spanish translation is wrong but still makes it funny
Nick Lozica
The hug gave Addison Russell good luck
Raage Alinuur Qalbi Qanciye
andres gonzalez
Guillermo eres el mejor
Jake Selig
Guillmero has me dying all the time.
Moise hendrix nday
guillermo omg best i've ever seen i like him soo
Marady Mon
I wanted to see Javier Báez.
Valencia Vazquez
I like how he closes his eyes when he hugs them 😂.
Carolus Rex
That hug jinxed the series in favor of the Cubs. Next season though!
The substitles are wrong
chickendntbounce chickendntbounce
thats one bad hombre
Mujibur Shaad
lol it says in the description hasn't won since 1825 lol
riley boieh
Cleveland blew a 3-1 lead
guillermo gave the victory hug at 2:31
When I'm sad i watch Guillermo
The baseball guys are so much nicer than the basketball players
They need to do these with MLB players more often, they are so chill
Mher Lasky
2:00 I thought he said, "when you piss, you gotta follow through."
My NamePotato
1:58 thats why the cubs won. its all on gulliermo. lol
I Love Summer
haha~~ "This is really stupid"
Guillermo is so funny he is the best!!!!!
Oscar Salas
arriba zacatecas guillermo
Eduardo Sepulveda
Every athlete that has hugged guillermo goes on to win their championship lol
Michael Reyes
even Trump would like Guillermo!
Sheila Quinto
The hugs!!! Every time!!!!!!
Nick Horn
these guys were boring
Carson F
I would sub to this channel if it was just Guillermo
Dumb I know Spanish and the sub title when it says " will you sign my ball?" Is wrong he says " it's cause I couldn't find a baseball " not " Will you sign my ball?"
Izzi LieberPerson
the title Dodgers and the Cubs
dani 44
Where's Gonzalez 😂😂😂
Chima Louis
everyone needs a Guillermo
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