I React To My Old Videos... - (Fridays With PewDiePie - Part 80)

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Fridays w podsiepie on firdya?
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Noah McCracken
still got the looks voice changed too
Srrl Gaming
OMG! The history of pewds
i miss fridays with pewdiepie
Rachael Younger
4:44 he kinda looks like shaggy from scooby doo
Ravinder Singh
Do. You.
Asahki Applewhite
When Felix was family friendly
The Doctor
Oh no, don't mind me just scroll down.
stephen k
I went to click the close on the ad at 4:12. LIKE THIS FUCKING COMMENT BECAUSE YOU DID THE SAME FUCKING THING!
Penguin Player
i miss the old pewds, the amnesia pewds, bring back the old pewds not the new pewds
Cringit BABY
I will only subscribe just because of this
The Wanted Lemon
Clementine is kawaii
Anyone else miss this pewds
The2 BubblegumSisters.
Your first vid was called hug...wow dude just wow
PewDiePie i was subbed since you used to play COD and u have become a great youtuber! I will always be a fan! Bro First!
wierd things you wil watch
I loved your old accent😍😍
The Boss 1
you copied rubius
Mighty Chibi zone 105
Who's watching this in 2017 instead of 2014?
keiron hullah
now this is an old video
Devilbeast 06
100 subs and now 54 million subs
Bendy Misker
my fave was minecraft zombie minecart
oNfire 2001
LOL guys 7:08 "washing my videos"
who are watching this vid in 2017
Trippie Steps15
oh my god, this is so weird to look at Pewds now
Aleandro Gaming!!!
Like PewDiePie
Tricia Nicole
Oasis - wonderwall cover for slowpoke :D <--- Slowpoke? Marzia? Did he call Marzia slowpoke back in the days? xD
Brandon Shelby
old pewdiepie " i dont do this to be famous" 2014 pewdiepie " still true 2017 pewdiepie *makes a video about hes loosing subs
db Patel
bb ki vines is much better then you
Yelhsa Cruz
2017 anyone✌😜
watching Since Amnesia
Maria Gu
What's this?😱
Sarah Jaff
The Zolars
can u react to this now?
Vuk Mijic
Like whos watching Aprile 25.04.2017 :D
Who's watching in 2017 becuse I am
its happening
old pewdiepie- I only do videos because I love to do them

pewdiepie now - fuck videos I love money
krazy coconut
So how much longer am I going to stay alive after watching 1 of his old videos
insane hacker
Old pewds reacting to older pewds
mangel puppet
old old old old old old videos
been here since 10 subs
Ash Smash
I didn't realize he had a really thick accent when he first started. Learned something new😂. Your eyes are bootyfull.
vardaan nayar
2014 pewds- I like how my laugh was different.
2017 pewds- I like how my content was different.
(Not hating tbh I love your new content. ❤️)
he'd cringe so hard if he was reacting to this video 😂
bowler light
subscribe to bowler light on YouTube
Natalie Ip
Im watching ur old vid today and my eyes started getting watery seeing your old self, and those Marzia videos! You earned everything you got poods and im still a huge fan lf urs!
Knightmare Teddy
oh my god i miss the old pewds this is so different
gamersogo 1932
felix i have been with you since 2012 and i must say i dont like the new you i liked your 2014 videos but then you just grew a beard and then you shaved and you changed i might have to leave you i dont like you anymore i mostly just Watch your old videos nowadays and i must say thank you 2014 felix you have made my Life better i love watching you you are truly my favorite youtuber in the World i love you 2014 felix you wil Always be in my heart forever and ever never stop what you have done and never stop believeng but you 2017 felix you suck i love you 2014 felix never stop
Hector Lopez
like si hablas español xD
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