A Navy SEAL explains what to do if someone tries to mug you

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Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains what to do if someone tries to mug you and how you can defend yourself if you need to. Following is a transcript of the video.


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Nick C
fuck that I'm biting his fucking nose off 😂 no hesitations #mikeTyson
The Champ
I say grab their nuts and squeeze it like a chick boobs.
Neema Tenjin
Agreed, run if possible.
I'm not risking my life and leaving my girlfriend behind if i die
D Just D
Steel barreled pens. YES. I agree. Legally carried just about everywhere. Can double as a defensive or offensive weapon depending on the situation. Hopefully the wielder has the right intentions.
jcee 123
so run get out of breath then fight, great idea guy .
Navy SEALs are taught to run?
yung trol
what about the hiding part?
Sankofa NYC
This is probably the realest shit ive ever heard in one of these... Normally its some guy trying to explain to you how to become Bruce Lee in 5 mins and how to kick a criminals ass... He basically emphasizes that you should either give up whatever the guy wants, or try to run away if you can... And if you cant, thennnn fight and take the weapon away
Adolf Hitler
Jews have been mugging people for decades, the only solution is to gas them.
Maybe sucker punch them as you hand in the good.
Novian Kristanto
John wick kill 3 people at a bar with a fucking pencil!
lolWT nick
tell them to check their privilege... go to twitter and report rape allegations... the liberals will destroy their life...
Twiggy the lizard
So,carry peeper spray. Ok,got it.
bullshit, why don't Navy Seals go into boxing, kick boxing or MMA?
I know the danger but I just give up and find them and put them to sleep later.
Ezekiel Elliott
What if i pull my sniper out and 360 quick scope him? Would that be a good idea or nah
Im skinny AF I think I should run
I believe in the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment so I'll just the mugger.
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