A Navy SEAL explains what to do if someone tries to mug you

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Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains what to do if someone tries to mug you and how you can defend yourself if you need to. Following is a transcript of the video.


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I Believe In Gaming
The best PDW is an M3 Frag Grenade.

Pull that shit out, and the whole possy will run for the hills!
bowhuntr0 0
or you can get your ccw licence and shoot the bastard center mass. just a thought
Becca bookins
i love how his videos are always 1:13 long
Absolute Legend
look around you on the floor everywhere for stick,bottle,brick anything.......Run at them with dog shit on your hands (it will make em think 😂😂😂😂) Also pre sharpen the corners of your bank card for slashing . Don't forget get out the situation asap don't be too proud to run, your no good to anybody dead .If they got a gun or knife dog shit might piss them off 😂😂😂😂 just sayin!
Dark Green
really important to know and i'm glad to have seen this video.
Alex Bainbridge
The amount of likes this comment gets is how old I am
Americans have the right to bare arms right? Carry a gun! And pull that fucker out if necessary.
he just explained mugging that's it
Roblox Master :P
next up: A Navy seal explains how to get a girlfriend *VIRGIN VERSION*
Ayhan Cabadag
Navy SEAL shows how to do sex
No, you just get a straw, shove it up the barrel of the gun, point the straw in the direction of the shooter, then the bullet will go up the straw and into the shooter's face.

(Might have been watching too much Tom & Jerry)
So in short, Survive.
kick him in the balls..duhh
(if it's a woman don't fight back, she will accuse you of rape)
Miel van Velzen
Someone has a gun? Dont run, at mid distance you're the easiest target, move in and try to tackle him etc. Then maybe run.
EL Guapo
My fist is a lethal weapon, will that work?
Rohanjeet Das
Whatever happened to screaming ''Rape!!''?
Or you could just yell "that's my purse, I don't know you." And kick him in the nuts. It worked for bobby every time.trust me.
Erick Estrada
Is my phone considered a weapon 🤔
majjj ssinn
i have a fidget spinner so its worth dying for
I'm so stupid, I would have never thought of these.
European Military
Love these videos show practical things that you can use in everyday life to increase you personal safety!
here is what you do when you get mugged... give them what they want
Oded Gilat
i didnt know the taliban are robbing US soliders
Air Strike Technologies
Engage when you cannot run, putting your adversary into shock is the most efficient way to gain the upper hand, it take less than 3lbs of pull to remove the human ear, regardless of the intensity of the engagement, when you hand your attacker his ear, he will go into shock, then you gain full control of the engagement, however, if the assailant is on meth, or another elevator, you may want to allow him to embrace you, when both hands are full of what he believes is his victim, place both thumbs directly into the eye cavity and push until you feel skull. Never allow you sense of humanity interfere with your desire to survive, when you have been selected as a potential victim, there is no time to consider the attackers well-being, Evaluate, engage and devastate. Stay Safe and never be a victim. Semper Fi!
Flono McFlooneyloo
1. What is being mugged? (the situation). 2. Carry a spare fake wallet - throw it, create distance at an angle away. 3. Use your shopping cart as a barricade; find/make a barricade. 4. Carry an air horn and work out a quick deploy.

Would he give this 'advice' to his 18 yo daughter? This is helping only big, tough, or young active people who can already fight their way out of trouble...or run.

6. When you're leaving some location ask the mgmt to get someone to walk you to your car. You might have to feign you had leg surgery. Make a friend on the way to the car. Have the employee watch until you drive away, and help check your car.

7. Carry a walking cane (see 6). See? Now those would help this guy's 65 yo mother and his daughter.
peter tuann
agreed, but for last 40 years, I've resorted to having keys as an edged weapon, if I have nothing else, holding the keys in your fist with edge gives you a short blade, not enut to kill, but enuf to cause serious pain, create space for you to run, get help, call police
Or have a weapon yourself
fuck that shit ill die for the pennies in my pocket then let some little punk bitch get one over on me
I knew Navy's rules before knowing it. run hide and play dead
Don't be a pussy, just conceal carry and shoot a nigga
This makes sense but does distance always help? If the attacker has a gun I feel like running wouldn't help. Do you still run as soon as you can? Or wait and see what kind of weapon they have?
What if I Austin powers Judo chopped the mugger with John Wick Accuracy. Will that help🤔
lol yo mama
what if theres three and they have bats
William Lindroos
Step 1:
grab your dick and slap it in his face. After a while it Will ger easier as it gets harder
I'm Not giving up my 22nd year birthday gift, from my deceased child.
Second options the only option.
Idle Onlooker
Either stomping on their instep - or a swift kick into the balls - is usually enough to do the trick, then RUN!
I'm sorry but operators aren't the best fighters in hand to hand combat I actually beat a lot of operators in hand to hand. It's not their field of expertise. They r excellent as a team, inserts, marksmanship field craft but not martial arts. It's not their fault. They r too busy to be practice to be great for that
its actually pretty simple, you beat their ass!
jay b
if I disarm someone with a knife I'm not going to use it to beat him,i will use it for its intended purpose.
Ross The Boss
Here's a novel idea if you're an American in a free state: get a CCW permit and carry a good quality handgun in a good quality holster. That beats everything this guy just said. I'll bet he wanted to bring this up but Business Insider wouldn't let him say it
Lapát Jani
Finally a video that gets started in the first seconds. I really appreciate it.
Another quality video, thank you.
White Gangster Panda
What the hell is that thumbnail?
Look at that guys fist, he definitely broke it. Jesus...
Tell them to "Look over there" and when they turn around..... dip
So if someone comes at me with a weapon, I should just take away their weapon. Got it. Thanks.
"If you have something sentimental, give it up"

If I have an object that is worth a lot to me emotional and financially, I'm going to fight to keep it. I've never understood giving up things just to "reduce the risk on your life". If something's mine, then I'm going to make sure that the mugger understands that. Bowing down just let's them continue to rob others. Beating them and capturing them will bring an end to that.
I like how they dispense with the annoying 10 second opening animation and get right to it.
Coriolis Effect
excellent advice. i guess i can use my kid as a projectile n catch him off guard so that i can run
Folks Bell
I luv this guy! calmly explains how to beat the shit out of a person 😎
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