A Navy SEAL explains what to do if someone tries to mug you

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Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains what to do if someone tries to mug you and how you can defend yourself if you need to. Following is a transcript of the video.


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el reeey
Next up: A Navy Seal shows you how to walk
Ding Dong
I work out a lot I'd fight
Eduardo Garcia
If you're getting mugged take his weapon and mug him
lizard man
No Demo
Nathan Drake
A bring a gun to a knife fight.
RussBall •_•
Ummm........If I carry around a Vodka bottle and an ak47 ummm..would that help?
hit em in the balls
Scott Link
Mugger; Give me all your money
Me: Looks up video how to stop someone trying to mug you
eitanc slivko
I'm a weapon
Oprahs FatAss
I can answer in one word: shoot
gaming center
what if i 360 noscope dropshot him?
I am Jaguar Paw! This is MY forest!
These are great videos. Thank you.
Actually all you have to do is start taking off your clothes and the mugger will usually run away by the time you get down to the underwear
Will Y
unless u have endlessly trained with weapons disarming... i think u should just run.
Slappy McPunchy
A Navy $EAL explains how to write a book about "super secret SEAL shit n' stuff". $$$$$$
If people these days weren't so fucked up in the head. This video would not exist.
altha 2014
RAID bug spray works good. . I used it before in a fight. Neighbors two doors down was fighting in the garage. Husband and Wife. Other neighbors try to stop him but he would not listen. He already gave his wife a black eye. started swinging at others . He took a swing at me. I ducked. I saw it I crabbed it and sprayed him,, The guy cray and role around like a baby, I kicked him a couple of times and then ran.. The police caught him still laying on the floor. They took him to the ER he could not see for a few days. then his wife that he was beating up started to hit me.. Another neighbor stopped her.. The police came. They arrested the guy still rolling around on the ground crying, then arrested the wife for hitting me. He got sent back to prison sense he was on parole and got more time for beating up his wife and others there. His wife got sentence to 1 year probation. She could not afford the house payments so they lost the house.
fred ward
I'll have to remember to get 'steel barrel' pens the next time i'm at Staples. lol
Differential Equations
or chose the easy route, die
Joe Saltarelli Allen
I just carry some nunchacu
Zain Asif
First of all.. What the fuck is 'Mug' ?
Private Miller
I didnt know a navy seal would be carrying a purse, i thought they banned transexuals from being in the military.......
tony blacksheep
Lately I carry a dummy 50 cal. Round. More dangerous than a knife. Can be lethal or non lethal depending on where you JAM it into someone. Try it on yourself. 1 pound of pressure and that steel tip hurts real bad. Arm leg chest ::neck there dead.
Paul deTorch
I hate Chihuahuas!
Sb Espn
A belt can make a good weapon.
Actually, the best defense against muggers is to be prepared with a throwaway wallet to give them (or be pick pocketed). I've traveled the world sometime in some shady places, and it's worked for me three times. No BS.
Jake Batty
Better to keep your eyes on their body centre, that way you can swap between eye and centre and get a better idea of their intentions
Why does it matter that he is a navy seal
Step 1 - Give them your money and avoid being stabbed as a result.
RPG 808
Only disagreement is where you should look. This varies from one instructor to the next, but by placing your focus on the center mass at chest level you will catch ALL movement in your peripheral vision. Attacker's hand can move outside of your peripheral vision and create blind spots. JKD philosophy in open and closed hand combat.
I always thought it was stupid as hell in the movies they would hit the guy one time and then run if someone was threatening my life I would hit the guy till the wound was 2 inches deep
Frederick Dunn
Wanna FIGHT?!! yes! You Gonna Run?! no!!! (';') then how are you gonna catch me!!!! ( ';').... poof... gone... that's how I roll.
Grant Goldberg
Always fight, most muggers will kill you just because you're a living witness. Run and they'll shoot you in the back. If they're armed, disarm them and shoot them in the face. If it's a strongarm robbery, scratch their eyes (literally). Real-life isn't the movies, you don't punch them one and wait for them to get back up. You neutralize the threat. This usually means killing them.
Time Machine
I will apply this to my Minecraft hunger games pvp skills
I Believe In Gaming
The best PDW is an M3 Frag Grenade.

Pull that shit out, and the whole possy will run for the hills!
bowhuntr0 0
or you can get your ccw licence and shoot the bastard center mass. just a thought
Becca bookins
i love how his videos are always 1:13 long
Absolute Legend
look around you on the floor everywhere for stick,bottle,brick anything.......Run at them with dog shit on your hands (it will make em think 😂😂😂😂) Also pre sharpen the corners of your bank card for slashing . Don't forget get out the situation asap don't be too proud to run, your no good to anybody dead .If they got a gun or knife dog shit might piss them off 😂😂😂😂 just sayin!
Dark Green
really important to know and i'm glad to have seen this video.
Alex Bainbridge
The amount of likes this comment gets is how old I am
Americans have the right to bare arms right? Carry a gun! And pull that fucker out if necessary.
next up: A Navy seal explains how to get a girlfriend *VIRGIN VERSION*
Ayhan Cabadag
Navy SEAL shows how to do sex
No, you just get a straw, shove it up the barrel of the gun, point the straw in the direction of the shooter, then the bullet will go up the straw and into the shooter's face.

(Might have been watching too much Tom & Jerry)
So in short, Survive.
kick him in the balls..duhh
(if it's a woman don't fight back, she will accuse you of rape)
Miel van Velzen
Someone has a gun? Dont run, at mid distance you're the easiest target, move in and try to tackle him etc. Then maybe run.
EL Guapo
My fist is a lethal weapon, will that work?
Rohanjeet Das
Whatever happened to screaming ''Rape!!''?
Or you could just yell "that's my purse, I don't know you." And kick him in the nuts. It worked for bobby every time.trust me.
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