A Navy SEAL explains what to do if someone tries to mug you

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Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains what to do if someone tries to mug you and how you can defend yourself if you need to. Following is a transcript of the video.


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Nik Murphy
Just call in an AC130 to rain cold hard freedom down on their asses.
David Bergara - Gonzalez
We all instinctively practice a martial art called FEAR.
Fuck Everything And Run. It's a pretty good survival strategy.
You can also use your keys as Brass Knuckles. I had this guy trying to start problems while I was with my girlfriend and he went from talking smack to quiet and walking away when he saw X Men type knives coming out of my hands.
What if I have nothing with me and they try to rob me, like "I got nothing in my pocket"
jason mcdonald
Gee,,, is this why cops carry hand cuffs??????????
Seems kind of ironic that he doesn't say anything about using your American right to a gun for self-defence.
cali_firez_530 Nor Cal
I've seen countless other videos saying you should close the gap and beat the person up disarme them or whatever you need to do to eliminate the threat. Also I've thought about when I take cash out of my bank or weather I'm just walking down the road if I get mugged I'm not giving shit up is that just me or what? In my city I'm tired of hearing people getting mugged somebody has to fight back they ain't taking my dollar the only way I'm giving up is if I'm dead and soon after they'll die in there car 20 mins at best
Michael Wilson
i bench 315 for reps, i am the weapon
Phil Alcoceli
This video has a lot of great, practical applications s I'll address one point and one point only: trying to disarm the mugger. When you run out of options like surrendering your valuables, running or hiding, etc. trying to disarm the mugger has proven through time to lead to the victim's serious injury and death. I would not bet my life on anyone's "amazing" disarming techniques, period. As a suggestion only (given the thousands of options) I strongly suggest you try the new program (2017) from TFT (Target Focus Training) that avoids direct disarming and prepares you to easily and quickly cause injury to your attacker so you can escape quickly. It is not a collection of wimpy-man-becomes-Superman-in-five-minutes garbage. Learn it, then teach it to your whole family and friends.
Andy Xu
Carry a baseball bat and a glove. The glove is so you can say that you're a baseball fan.
Jia L.
This is why I carry a weapon, legally.
Most people wouldn't know how to safely strip a gun from someone else. They'll get themselves killed
Glenn Cross
Holy smoke this is savage.
Welcome to the jungle.
wesson smith
I don't have a steel pen but I do carry a 45, will that work?

This must be some liberal controlled video. Doesn't he understand that in 42 states any law-abiding citizen that wants can carry a gun for self-defense. What's with all this metal pan and purse crap.
The Best
what if the guy is faster and stronger than u then ur totally fucked
Ragafraga Muffin
His advice: Run/defend yourself

Common sense: Run/defend yourself
Or own "The Great Equalizer"
Damian Diaz
Literally anyone could've told you this
if they have a gun in ur face put your hands level with the gun so you can twist the gun and punch their wrist at the same time and gain control of it
if someone tries to mug you try hamboning. it will save your life one day
Van Tatil
nobody wants to mug me:(
Shinigami Senpai
"if u have something of sentimental value, give it up. its not worth dying for"

can I decide that for myself? thank you.
I'm a chicken :D
i feel like videos use the word Navy SEAL as clickbait
Devin Petersen
a navy seal telling me to run? ha I going to try to join the marine corps marines stay and fight never retreat!
Warren Alexander
"beating the guy with it" so women can't mug people?
Pez The Brony
Or just buy yourself a gun
how are you supposed to steal the dudes gun if he's pointing it at you wouldn't he just shoot?
Smallmouth BASS FISHIN
But if he just so happens to be black then you're racist
Give them all of your money, and then as soon as they turn around to leave, punch them really hard in the back of the neck. Works every time. Might even make a profit if they have any money on them!
Testicular Fortitude
Now Explain What To Do Against White Collar Crime.
Michael Anderson
Every time I get mugged, Nut shot, works every time, make that piggy squeal like a bitch. When he is down, wedgie is the perfect killshot. pull them little nuts right up till there is no balls in his sack just like his daddies have been since he joined ladyboysRus
Guardian 66
And this is why I still wear my riggers belt daily. Anyone that has worn a duty riggers belt with a D ring, will attest to the damage it can do. Especially if used like a medieval mace.
Riles Mattix
yup I'll just give the knife welding guy my 10k $ car. I won't , you know, back off and shoot him or anything.
Riles Mattix
if he's taking your car you put your pistol in his face and he'll run off.
Meu Macho

with a fuckin PENcil
Pussy advice, this is America. Pull out your gun and kill them.
Jacob Proctor
Navy Seal explains basic human insticts to humans.
What if I eat him???
Bro what he just told is logic, everybody knows this you dont have to tell us that anymore... if you dindt know these steps you have a mental disorder
Bounty Gaming
Fuck all this advice just go to the gun store and buy a draco then shoot at some pussy ass niggas
11B10 Inf
If someone tries to mug you, simple...shoot em in the ass!!!
Keep you head on a swivel and your shit wired right at all times.
WeBe Flexin
Okay guy has a pistol and you have a backpack. You want me to hit the man with a backpack and run as if I can run faster than a bullet 😭😭😭 good luck with that
Justin Yang
keys as brass knuckles
Traolach McScotty
What if the mugger is fast af boy and just runs your ass down
Nick C
fuck that I'm biting his fucking nose off 😂 no hesitations #mikeTyson
The Champ
I say grab their nuts and squeeze it like a chick boobs.
CAF Sleepings
Agreed, run if possible.
I'm not risking my life and leaving my girlfriend behind if i die
D Just D
Steel barreled pens. YES. I agree. Legally carried just about everywhere. Can double as a defensive or offensive weapon depending on the situation. Hopefully the wielder has the right intentions.
jcee 123
so run get out of breath then fight, great idea guy .
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