Topic Train
Y’all want that donut but I want Adam.
Nick Hoffmann
Can someone please tell me what the song at 4:08 is
Milan Tessa
does anyone else think that guy is kind of wierd. like he just sits in the back sit doing the same thing, and staring at the camera, and he barely says anything, but as you can see hes a very enthusiastic man, jk
Do buffalo wungs
Sophia Tran
One dollar for a single donut
Vered Thacker
its nice and THICK
Can you do more episodes in dc? I want to try some of these foods but they’re so far away
Maynor Leon
Min 11:00 like if you think its funny
Yololife Haha
pawel gurgy
It isnt olykoeks its oliebollen
The dutch version of a donut is called "oliebol"
There's a doughnut called "homosexuality"I wonder if they have tried it.
Sascha G
im always craving donuts
TC Forte Consulting Group
Trader Joe's commercial, 6:27 to 5:41😂
Thomas Beck
Yeah but have tried putting a donut in a microwave?
Slap some gold, caviar, or truffle on anything and that’s what makes it “good”. 😒
Not the texture, the taste, or the consistency. Just slap those ingredients on there and “VOILA! Now give us your money please 😬.”
Lana Shirazi
Steven: why would you want to eat gold?

Oh Steven
Ryan Smeijers
I come Duth
The Troll Bomber X
I love how at blinkies they use chopsticks to flip the donuts when there are so many more effective tools.

(I'm also Asian.)
Acquire Aspire
I love how like I’m over here getting 64 cent ice cream cones from McDonald’s and they’re eating 100 dollar donuts can it be Opposite Day already??
Afrina Sharony
Adam 😍
Ghastly Goes
fun fact. those gold sheets? cost maybe at most 20 bucks for 100 sheets. 100 sheets! the reason is due to how thin the sheets are that bring the cost down. so essentially, one donut here is probably 6 dollars worth of actual quality. maybe 10 if we're being forgiving....
amanda Derp
You guys always do the worth it and never go with the most expensive but I guess it gets views
cool sword99
I was eating a donut while watching this
Dinah Olmo
"They sell chicken sandwiches here, too, right?"😂😂😂
Ink_n_Nal :3
Pause At 00:03
Danielle Tapp
You guys should come to Cleveland ohio and do a worth it episode we're a foodie city you would love it. We have a place called brewnuts that serves donuts and craft beers.
nunya biznez
One problem with the last donut, the USDA does not consider gold to be an edible substance and therefore it isn't legal to sell it as a food item. I remember when they stopped using lead to cover candies and switched to silver. I am not sure when they banned that practice but there was a time when you could go to the grocery store and buy gold and lead covered candy sprinkles and then silver covered sprinkles. I know I haven't' seen either for years since it was outlawed. Also, if you are thinking about going down to an art supply store to buy gold leaf for this purpose, make sure that it is pure gold and not 18kt and make sure it does not have an adhesive film on one side as it might be toxic.
nunya biznez
$1 for a donut? I've never paid that much in my life and I never will. I stopped buying donuts when they went up in price over $1 for a dozen. When that happened I started making my own and it ain't hard to do. My donuts cost me about 15 cents each to make. I make them once a week. Only lazy people pay more
Twist Ivy8
5:37 Steven's face is so wonderful! XD
Eating gold. Flavorless gold. That's the most pretentious thing I've ever heard. XD
The one and only Jorsus #LITFAM #FAMLIT LOL
Oily cocks?
christopher davies
Love these Kats!!
I cant imagine a doughnut better than Krispy Kremes New York Cheesecake, if one exists though, I want it
cubba cute
mmmm nuttela
Dexter's Lab
Who remembers the man before Andrew..........

Yeah me neither.
Harshada K
Jessica Harris
I just searched up "donuts" and found this. I searched it up because I'm obsessed with donuts
The Weird Bros
Egg-rolls??? Yea try finding egg-rolls
Teresa got some nice doughnuts😉😉
Bradley miller
Adam Usagi
6:10 what Steven moaned? Well I guess the shipment shall began between Steven and Andrew 😝
Johnny's Thighs
I like that camera man ... he’s cute . I want to see him in more videos .....
Ben Klop
oliekak? crazzy americans you just kill koekjes
MattHDEagle DJI
Why is the guy inn the back wearing headphones
Poison Ivy Grows Here
Love it! 😂
Dubai Girl
“Our chocolate icing is a secret recipe” “so you use 5 different types of chocolate in it?”
Hannah & cats Asraf
Steven: r u ready for season 2
Andrew: ya
Deepali Poonacha
Adam's favourite line: It's good.
Some Person
There’s a gold donut next to a plastic knife 😅
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