so many fucken sex jokes hidden in this video for real
Brenda Lara
Adam: They sell chicken sandwiches here too, right?

Then proceeds to eat chicken sandwich in the backseat lmao
Brooks N
krispy kreme or dunkin donuts
I want doughnuts
TheHappyGamer 249
I love how Adam just said 'they have chicken sandwiches here too right!?'
Natash Choudhry
i wonder why they would be so dificult about taking a bite from the same location.
Elizabeth Hea
Did anyone else get donuts just because them eating donuts made you want one ....just me ....ok
Aaron Butcher
do you have chicken sandwiches here to😂😂😂😂😂
lol loved it when Steven moaned and I loved Andrew's reaction even more.
Ashton olfert
i hate watching these because it makes me sooooo hungry
Awesome Destroyer
I'm a bit sad dunking dounts wasn't in here
Tigers 86
This is the only one that I really feel jealous
Aaron Sirota
That black and white donut looks orgasmic
Legend of Eon
Donut wizard 😂😂😂
Homer Simpson
Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?
Alaina Bentley
you should try macarons
Aki Ryuu
I'm team Paula's Donuts all day every day
T mc
Andrew and Steven: ᴍᴏᴀɴɪɴɢ
Adam: "they have chicken sandwiches here too, right?"
2 boys 1 donut.
Dr Anupma Dubey
do milkshakes
9:08 mm. that ooze
Keita Tsutsumi
These people: "$1 donut or $100 donut?"
Me: $.50 steam game or $2 steam game?
TheAkward Onions
Do pretzels
Adam , Andrew and Steven!!!!!! You three equally make this show worth watching... Please stick together and make more more more!!!! Try seafood, cheeses and bbq to try and mix things up a bit. Love the show. Rick -Cincinnati
When the Asian eats I cringe cuz he smiles with a full mouth and blinks in slow motion
If the gold doesn't improve the taste, then wtf would you spend money on an expensive?
Fry biscuit dough. It taste just like a donut
Did you know you can get 12 sheets of gold leaf for $13 at Michaels? That's maybe a $4 doughnut.
for the longest time i thought donuts were baked not fried...
Tara Milk Tea
The definition of expensive food:
foods with gold and truffle on it
Laura Tenney
Sometimes... things that are expensive... are worse...
Michala Tyner
Contrary to popular belief, I am the golden donut.
i still want to lick adam's donuthole
Jasmine Luangphonh
It looks so gooooooooddddddddddd
Captain_ Levi
poor camra man never let them talk
Best. Job. Ever.
Za Pa
I think Andrew is drunk.
CeCe Morgan
The gold donut kinda looks like p...
Lauren Mazeika13
Why is there a limo at the $1 donut place ?! 😂
Ashlee Thompson
I feel like this series should be renamed cheap (insert food name) vs. (insert food name) with gold leaf and or caviar on top.
Ethan Van
The last bit tho
like why is adam legit left at the end to try it?btw when he tries the left parts it just looks so cute him eating that
Jellyfich123 Jely
im hungry now
Glee Forever
Check out this donut merchandise! https://www.redbubble.com/people/daringdesigns/works/27260448-donut?asc=u&ref=recent-owner
Nathan Kelly
BuzzFeed: Let's spend $100 on a donut!

Adam: Can I get my own microphone?

BuzzFeed: Dude, just get in the backseat.
X.D.S. High Quality
1$ penis vs 100000000000000000000000000000000$ penis (the big number is mine)
NyanLeader OfAwsomeness
My dad owns a donut shop and he sells glazed donuts for 65 cents.
Dusung OH
She said "Hi my names Teresa and I'm really glad to be here!"
Me at school "Hi.....i wish I was still in bed"
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