Top 10 Highest Paid Indian Film Actors 2017

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Top 10 Highest Paid Indian Film Actors 2017

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1. Salman Khan - 60 crore per movie charge
2. Aamir Khan - 55-60 crore per movie charge
3. Shah Rukh Khan - 40-45 crore per movie
4. Hrithik Roshan - 40-45 crore per movie
5.Akshay Kumar - 35-40 crore per movie 
6.Prabhas - 30 crore after baahubali 
7.Ajay Devgan - 25-30 crore per movie
8.Ranbir Kapoor - 20-25 crore per movie
9.Amitabh Bachchan - 18-20 crore per movie
10.Ranveer Singh - 15-20 crore per movie charge


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Abdulsattar Abdullah
parbhas no1 hai I love you parbhas
Viva Viva
For bahubali prabhas is the highest paid in india
PAK Bird
SalmanKhan 03120848352
The moSt expEnsiVe is ShahrUkh then AmitAbh thEn SaLman...
SalmanKhan 03120848352
Ye sAb jhOot hEn..
Making jUst peOpLe fOoL. BastArd..
sebastin chella
what abt superstar Rajinikanth???
Rajinikanth is the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan.
sudheer kumar
where is mahesh babu and pawan kalyan they charge 25 crs per film and wt abt Rajini thalaiva he charges 40 to 50 crs per film..
Leychumy Muniswaran
gv Hf fhu
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