Hot Pepper Challenge (MattyBRaps vs Ivey)

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This week, MattyB sits down with Ivey to play the Hot Pepper Challenge!  Some weren't so spicy, but others were extremely hot! Comment down below the spiciest thing you've ever eaten! 

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Jaycee Chappell
Matt won
Matt wan ivy is so cute I do not no why Matty b dose not like ivy.
Susan Almstadt
Matty B had more milk
Michele Pettigrew
lvey won
Tyler Mitchell
sooo cute i love matter
Tyler Mitchell
matter wun that one
fare and scar
soo cute i love mattyyb too much
hes soo hot
i love him sooooooooooooooooooo hot
i love him sooooo much
Nicole Mejia
Ivey does not take big good bites like Matt that is why it is not spicy
Savanna Diaz
Joanna Gerrero
Matty b are you short
T B O T2
yg cewe mantep buat bahan hehehe
Alex Chavez
mattyb Raps
Errol Turner
Maddie B one
F1n3st pHiLyb0i
Mattyb Won
Karina Rodriguez
Galactic Donuts
the boy looks like a girl
Nancy Ivey
Virjinia Garcia
mat won
Ashely Dias
are u Really He Girlfriend????
LaChantay Jefferson
mattb won
Cyla Lindsey
Maddy B won
Donia Mckenzie
I think that Matt had the most milk
Alyssa S
Bailey Hines
only the seeds are spicy
Chasing Rainbows26
you should do gummy they are hotter
Michael Mensah
How do u know it taste like grass have u hade grass not to be mean😊
who saw him dab :)
ThePug King
matt won by a little bit
Kittiy C.M.Y
Sarah Gardner
Cool 😎 video
Garuka Fernando
ᗩᑎᗪ TᕼᗩT ᗪᗩᗷ ᗯᗩᔕ ᑕOOᒪ
Garuka Fernando
ᗰᗩTT ᗯOᑎ
Jamie Lee
his girlfriend. stfu
Aiyana Fuiava
it was you matty b
Aketta Gibson
MattyB won
alkurdi muslim
Millie Hudson
Matty won
Kaitlyn Threadgill
It's only because they ate the bottom of the pepper. That parts not spicy
Kyliegrace Parham
Krissry Soriano
Matt won not Ivey
Araceli Rodriquez
you are ugly mattyrap
show off
Laurie Price
matt won
You like jazz?
2:17 like his dick
Jernazeia Lewis
Ivey lost the changes😘😍😀😁😂
Carlos Cruz
matty B is the winner
Endergirl 900
his girlfriend is Crazy!
kaylee sigley
Matt won
Jorge Sanders
mattyb why did you invite ivy cuz you hate ivy right??????
Jorge Sanders
mattyb why did you
Jorge Sanders
Hola where sorry
Justin Kwong
Matt won
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