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Real Time with Bill Maher: Full SS15E20 6/23/17 - June 23, 2017 (HBO) FULL HD
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David Turnbole
In 2016 the RNC, Russian's and the white supremacy movement conned the American people into voting for the stupidest con man in our generation to be president. He and many in our Congress, the Senate and House, are also white supremacists bent on causing another civil war.
Come 2018 I implore my friends, family and acquaintances to look inside yourselves and ask this one question: Do you agree with the hatred being spewed by the right wing press, the president and his bigoted immigration policies, the Congress that is attempting to toss tens of millions out of any form of health care, millions of seniors that will lose or have substantially lowered health care, the disabled thrown to the curb, children going without proper nutrition and so many other programs that aid the population of this country.
Ask yourselves if you would rather build a military, already the largest in the world, larger that the next 13 developed countries combined, of which 12 are our allies, would rather send your money to the top 1% riches Americans and to countries that sponsor terrorism than feed your own, give health care to your own.
In MY humble opinion, it's time we voted out of office those white rich men and women that do not care one twit about you. The same men and women who are only in office to promote their own wealth through bribes from corporations. Who vote to keep Monsanto poisoning our crops and having farmers arrested for NOT using Monsanto's seeds.
Either we take a stand now or the next civil war will end the Republic for which we stand.
Emilio Murillo
those Shawn Spicer tweets look like the are tweets to the Russians identifying the CIA moles in Putin's circle and the place to get the cyber warfare stuff of the CIA
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