Women Try On Vintage Bras

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We asked some brave women to try on old-time bras and corsets. This is what happened.

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Creme Brulee
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Vintage wallpaper seamless
Katerina_Dmitrieva/ Thinkstock.com

Jacob Brassiere Patent 1914/ WikiMedia Commons

Warner's French Pattern Health/ WikiMedia Commons

Patti Page 1955/ WikiMedia Commons



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Jenn Cardona
omg Gabbie
did guys really like the bullet bras??
How bow no bra?
Sophie Riegler
I would wear a corset every day
Karen Ladd
THAT'S A REALLY AWFUL CORSET OH MY GOD they couldn't have gotten something nice with real boning??
Martina Angeletti
The bullet bra is for basically when you want support but you want to look bra less
Kimbre Thompson
Kmsl " guys ask me where the beach is? That way " 😂😂🙌🙌
Symmetra Online
Does Gaby have an Eric Clapton tattoo on her arm?
Caitlin Klose
Omg Jordan's hair is sooooo long
Ace3rdStar 47
who's the woman with the purple hair? she's hot
Renato Piereck
The modern bras accentuate the shape and make you look better, but then they get offended if we look at them... smh
Emoji Queen
Where the beach is?
Yeah that's nothing like a 1500's corset, they had a lot more strings really cutting off circulation, those new ones are nothing
Thelma N
Pug Lover
Was Kim Possible (cartoon) from the 1950s? coz her boobs are pointy all the time
Maggie Alegria
The corset wasn't accurate. In the times those were worn you would get a corset fit to your body size. All the women in the video wore the same one.
Mericans are suts pruuts!!
Katlyn C-M
Hmmmm. The bullet bra look like something Kim Possible wore because her boobs were pointed. xD
Exho Noir
Torpedo boobies!
Rice Ball
When buzzfeed use to make awesome videos✨
It's The Kat In The Hat
I love Gabby so much
Marika Salovaara
OMG!! 😂 Those bullet bra's!!! 😂😂
Jaquan Bonner
I will tell you how some women would surprisingly stay virgins in that bra... they were ugly asf 😂
Daysha, corsets are in fashion. Well in the goth community.
Helium H
"Madonna" With them pointy bras x'3
That corset is a really cheap imitation though. Get a real one, with real laces and you'll see breast support. It wasn't even laced in...
binge drinking
"Theres no way people would stay virgins for very long in these bras" approved feminist
the girl with the short hair is so cute and giggly aw
only that the corset is NOT accurate. Had they tried corsets closer to original, they prob would have hated it...
Sophisticated Bourdeau
This will be alit better with Jen but it is still good
Ashley Wilkes
Those bras are obviously not the right size for all but one of the girls. No bra should be baggy. Even in the 50s bras were. not. baggy. They. fit. But the ladies were charming and lovely as always.
Mr Rogers
God i hate buzz feed so much but i cant rurn down a chance to see boobs
Who else thought of Lara Croft when the bullet bra came up?
Gareth Alford
Kaitlyn Watts
I like the corset the best.
Kerry-anne Ashworth
If their boob's have no support in that corset it is laced wrong
Morrigan Miller
"What do you mean, what's wrong with my boobs?"
Melanie Morales
I miss Gaby D;
Chloe Hall
I love daysha's (probs spelt wrong) hair!
Catherine Venier
it looks like they had everyone try on the same bra/size... of course it's going to fit terribly, it's like if they had everyone try on a modern 36C the girl that liked the bullet bra was the only one it looked like it fit... and an actual corset should not be gapping or have space at the chest, they have great support >.>
Phoenix North
y'all crack me up
mayesha chowdhuyr
bullets bras are so comfortable
george lightheart
why not have used women with actual boobs? these look like they are 10 years old.
Lyllith Lockett
I miss gabby🙁 glad she has her own channel with Alison
error : /
Why did I watch this
The "bullet bra", when everybody was madonna
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
You look thick.
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