Women Try On Vintage Bras

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We asked some brave women to try on old-time bras and corsets. This is what happened.

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Creme Brulee
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Vintage wallpaper seamless
Katerina_Dmitrieva/ Thinkstock.com

Jacob Brassiere Patent 1914/ WikiMedia Commons

Warner's French Pattern Health/ WikiMedia Commons

Patti Page 1955/ WikiMedia Commons



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Jake Mansfield
it would help if they had boobs
Little Paws
Why did they look good in everything yet if I tried these on it would look like someone dressed up wet bread.❤😒
Planet9isgeorge and other random stuff
Who else still wears corsets?
ana Yeoreum
wtf why would someone wanna look as if they sharpen their boobs
and they say our generation is weird 🤔🤔🤔
Emily Carroll
this video made me appreciate gabby so much more...
Cara Beckett
The corsets don't look like they're laced properly since there's no waist definition
myrto mr
"This bra is hilarious.I could wear it every day"

At least pick cute grills to do the bra test
Marie Valera
Misa Gaby :(
Stephanie Micken
women had smelling salts with them whenever they wore corsets so if they were about to pass out or passed out the smelling salts would wake them up
Barry Happy
"there's no way people could stay virgins in these bras" um since when do you have sex with your boobs
The line that took the cake was "If my boobs had a face they would just be like [insert crazy eyes here]" LMBO!!! I literally cracked up imagining that
yeah wear it everyday
Gamer Wolf
Mu mom had a bullet bra and i found it, shes an a cup im a dd. My boobs wouldnt even fit XD
Haven A.
That is NOT how you lace a corset!! Corsets get laced top and bottom to middle, so the bow is in the MIDDLE, not the top or bottom. FFS...
Lindi Benton
lol I died when she said that her boobs whould poop out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yuri on ice #viktuuri
I love the comment section
Plane Speech
There was literally no effort on fit in this video. Disappointing effort level.
Is it just me or do the bullet bras look pretty in a sweater
Ireallyreally Hategoogle
Seriously, the white one isn't even as good as a bikini top.
It's like they weren't even trying.
it's all about the decades and in that time, small girls like no much of curves were sexy, that's why the corsets as the princess of disney, and then they went through a phase were pointing boobs were sexy, you guys think now a days bras are prettier because that's what society tell you and those round and firm boobs are considered sexy now, but let's be honest they do not "embrace their natural shape" if you want to embrace natural boobs just join the no bra movement or wear braletts
Notch Has Joined
i thought it said "Vegan Bras"
TheLegend 27
Who else expected boobs yet knew they weren't getting it and still clicked on this video
Alejandra Salas
there fucking madonna😂😂
Nova Pride
I loved everyone's reactions to the bullet bra
Selfie SoooKawaii
2:11 i like the bottom part
Samina Kagalwala
Kian Cupcake
Omg the last one...I came up with a. More accurate name of it
Titty Missiles 😂
Kid legend GG
BuzzFeed is anal cancer
babies are not dishwasher safe
And I thought that Cherry from Studio Killers had pointy boobs...
Looking at the bullet bra... suddenly some of the outfits in Star Trek: TOS make a lot more sense.
and i thought ms. briggs had pointy boobs
My moms teacher wore Bullet bra's.
Kassidy Kretchmann
part of me wants to try a corset
Adrian Is Now Online
I have the 50's bra because my grandma gave it to me XD
ADRIneline Rush
The fact that not one of them said "Pull the lever Kronk." During the last one just made me a little sad. But at the same time I laughed throughout the video.
An Be
Hi, the vintage black bra is a Bullet bra with the cupped conis? Do you know what this cupsize Bullet bras for sale. Also for the large cup size?
Haha the pointy bra reminded me of Lara Croft in the 90's
Ericka The Vampire Witch
not right for corsets they changedd in time and you ave them moderstyled corset so no
Angelle Cuccia
0:31 Awe I wish she lifted her arms up all the way ;)
Lady_Luck _101
The girl with blonde hair has scars on her stomach or am I wrong
Jenn Cardona
omg Gabbie
did guys really like the bullet bras??
How bow no bra?
Sophie Riegler
I would wear a corset every day
Karen Ladd
THAT'S A REALLY AWFUL CORSET OH MY GOD they couldn't have gotten something nice with real boning??
Martina Angeletti
The bullet bra is for basically when you want support but you want to look bra less
Kimbre Thompson
Kmsl " guys ask me where the beach is? That way " 😂😂🙌🙌
Symmetra Online
Does Gaby have an Eric Clapton tattoo on her arm?
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