Women Try On Vintage Bras

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We asked some brave women to try on old-time bras and corsets. This is what happened.

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Creme Brulee
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Vintage wallpaper seamless
Katerina_Dmitrieva/ Thinkstock.com

Jacob Brassiere Patent 1914/ WikiMedia Commons

Warner's French Pattern Health/ WikiMedia Commons

Patti Page 1955/ WikiMedia Commons



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Morrigan Miller
"What do you mean, what's wrong with my boobs?"
Melanie Morales
I miss Gaby D;
Chloe Hall
I love daysha's (probs spelt wrong) hair!
Catherine Venier
it looks like they had everyone try on the same bra/size... of course it's going to fit terribly, it's like if they had everyone try on a modern 36C the girl that liked the bullet bra was the only one it looked like it fit... and an actual corset should not be gapping or have space at the chest, they have great support >.>
Phoenix North
y'all crack me up
mayesha chowdhuyr
bullets bras are so comfortable
george lightheart
why not have used women with actual boobs? these look like they are 10 years old.
Lilly Lockett
I miss gabby🙁 glad she has her own channel with Alison
error : /
Why did I watch this
The "bullet bra", when everybody was madonna
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
You look thick.
brittany ouldcott
I believe that the corset is the victorian (1800s) undergarment. The 1500s undergarment would be called Stays and they were far less restrictive than a victorian or modern corset. They had the purpose of giving shape to dresses( not an hourglass shape more an inverted triangle) not making the waist look tiny.
Jacquline “Jackie” Ard
The corset would be more antique than vintage. Also, the style of the corset would be more mid-1800's than c1500. There were other major types of corsets that could have been shown, and they would have been far more uncomfortable. There was an interesting transition in corset/brassiere looks from the 1910's to the 1960's. In less than half a century, women wore completely different undergarments (and everything else, really).
Grace Mac
Daysha looks fucking fly in a corset like the colour of the corset looks great on her
Merp_ Is_Life
"It's kind of slimming" it's a corset...
archii bags
Gaby is so funny !
Rick Sander
The 1914 Bras are hot!
Katie Byrne
100 years into the future, women are gonna be so weirded out by the bombshell bra 😂
gxj jdjd hxh
lol!!! " Where's the beach?"
cries, that's not a real corset. real corsets tie up in the center, not the top or the bottom :'^) a shame, because it looks like a cute pattern.
try vintage tampons/pads... how hasn't that been done... or maybe it has?
Tumi Hi their
My mom accidentally got the bullet one 😂and when she put it on it was hilarious 😂
Daniel Pfender
I miss this buzzfeed
Molly Cowan
Poke an eye out with what they call "party hat bra"
the cuz vlogs
did you know they make steel bras WITH built in nipples
Nadegda Цепова
вьы китаёзы
Jomana Ahmed
2:24 THIS IS SO FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dagger Thorn
Who else saw the purple haired girls tattoo, it's of an Eric Clapton album
amazing lol
I don't think that society should force me to wear a clothing item I don't want to wear men have niples AND THEY DON'T WEAR SHIRTS so it shouldn't matter if a woman has no bra.
Kitty Cravens (iMEWZem)
okay, corsettes are supporsed to be waaaay tighter then what they had. THEY GIVE YOU THE BEST SUPPORT AS FAR AS BOOBS. But they're dangerous cause you can faint from them and they can feel like they're shifting your ribs.
Diana Of Themyscira
Gaby being so happy bout the bras give me life...
Talar Asdourian
that's not a 1500s corset! that's a Victorian one! the 1500s ones were just pieces of boning laces in the back!
1:14 Oh hey, it's twinkle bell.
Sophie Grace
now i know wat anime girls wear... xD
Sarah Nasrawi
I'll POINT out the obvious
Ayye Nena
tell me where the beach is!? "😂😂😂
Dank B
I forgot what the brown girl name is but I think she lost weight. You look good girl(:
Dank B
The Asian girl is cute
Zabcia Zabcia
The corsets they wore were no where near how constricting they were in the 1500s. Corsets would literally lengthen your rib cage and shift the ribs inwards. They caused terrible damage to the body.
Yancy Alex
Guys ask me where the beach is!
It's that way! turns around with bullet bra on
Nic Connors
Words of wisdom at 2:00
Mya S
maybe kim possible wore the 1950 bras
Weißer Wolf
I am both turn-on, and very confused at the same time..
E.R. Elbaum
isn't it cors"it" not cors"ette" ??
Tatyana Kirchner
I'd rather wear a corset then those other two
Карина Зайд
Armani Nguon
LOL "which way is the beach! It's that way!" Omg she is funny.
Just a Girl xD
I can't stand cone bras
who is the girl with purple hair
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