10 Celebs Who Gave Up Fame To Work Normal Jobs

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Celebrities who quietly work normal jobs.
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Living life in the spotlight, having millions of adoring fans, and seeing your face on the covers of magazines and billboards sounds like a dream to most people. But then, there are a group of Hollywood stars who lived this same lifestyle, and they gave it all up without any hesitation. 

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Hey guys,
What topics do you want us to cover next?
kingfisher Entertainment
They are true man 😊
kiara Cunningham
My mom actually met Frankie in Hawaii at a grocerie store 😂
Temes Aurel
Shay Mc Cormack
Hardly call any of them normal whatever that is.
1:34 you used cole instead of dylan twice... #triggered how dare you. senpai's face must be used correctly
Geoffrey Wan
8:00 "one lucky commenter might even get a reply from us!" LOL. how much do you think people value your comments?
That girl that played in huge left because she realized that know matter how famus you get you'll still be called names. Most popular overwaight actors no this and that's why they quit or they get put on embarrassing movies or commercials or TV shows. It's true but sad.
Some of these people just want to be normal. Not no saiten worshiper.
Holy shit I never knew Jughead was one of the twins lmao.
Celtic Hero
cause hollywood is run by pedophile
Moritz Jankuhn
I've never skiped so much
Aaron Nodwell
Steven Lawrence also played the mayor in Horton hears a who , you left that out.
Luis Ramos
Wise people cherish the simple things, like time and freedom
Valentina Sry
not surprised, ordinary is cool
Michael Bergeron
This isn't a normal fucking life, they are still fucking millionaires and their money allowed them all to do whatever they do.
ItsZoe Bro
You can’t give up fame!!!!!!!!!!If your famous people will always want pictures so............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivelin Hristov
Couse they are smart enough, to understand that Hollywood is absolutely full of a shit.
Sean Bailey
3:01 mad that’s were I live liverpool
Para Jay
I could care less if you reply to my comment talko
Tom Hudson
Susan Boyle didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent.
steven john
sussan boyle came second
Nick Boronda
Yeah because they didn't want to get sexually molested...
Brittany Rose
Frankie Muniz is on Dancing with the Stars now. He is in the finals!!! I love him
Sooo many incorrect information, susan Boyle didnt win Britain's Got Talent she lost
Dylan Sprouse is acting in a movie. Called: riverdale
Linda Bitwayik
Good for them sometimes we need change
how could anyone recognize beans?!?!!??
Justin Elliot
Weirdos in Hollywood they was tired of getting touched
Person of Earth
Oh come on they gave it up because they couldn't get work anymore.
Jen D
All wise meadery is dylan's own business, he's not just working there
Unknown User
I get a better chance staying in the fame then work normal jobs where your half of your check is missing or get fired all thr time or get treated like shit ect
Have you heard of agents? You can't just audition for a great acting gig. A) they fucked over their agent or B) they didn't like being a puppet anymore.
Beverley Gamor
Don't click read more

You cheeky monster.
Don't follow me on my Insta:belle.ame25
You probs weren't going to anyways but it was worth a shot
Vanilla ice basically started Death Row Records. suge robbed him blind.
Shimmery Nessie
3:11 LLAMA STOOOPPPP!!! Does anyone see issa twaimz?
lilly pink
After watching the Documentary Open Secrets and hearing how those children were abused and molested I don't find it shocking that people walk away from Hollywood. Take the money and run. You don't have to keep sleeping with those pedophiles for opportunities. Take the money and RUN!!!! By the time they have you do it it's too late. To keep doing it is definitely a choice.
De Unicorn
The Sprouse twins used to always be by my middle school
Random Stuff and ye
Soha .H
Isn't 7 pounds an hour alright why did you say only
Evelyn Yang
I don’t see what’s wrong with this, or at least the title of this video is a little misleading. These celebrities just wanted a simple job that payed them so they can support there selves. Just because they are a celebrity doesn’t mean that they can have a NORMAL job or something??? I mean if I was them I would try to live a normal life rather then making money out of drama:/
Sartre Camus
Jumper was really good tho Hayden
Gaza Slim
Those arent regular jobs
"10 times the Talko didnt get any good ideas for a list."
Ørothôn XIII
Did you just call it Edinburgh!!??? It’s pronounced “Edin-Bruh”
GamerWolf Playz
I feel bad for these celebs, especially Dylan and Kevin THEY WERE SO FAMOUS they should’ve never given up of acting but it’s cool Kevin got his back for his family
Jay Flo
Never forgotten after the mist vanishes they were an allowance to grow.
Meliedys jb
Dylan is actually gonna be in a movie called dismissed I think or dismissal
Alexa O Reilly
Who came here after seeing jughead of Riverdale 😂😂
Spasoje Kulasevic
The guy working at the brewery, hahaha!
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