Josh Matthew Calleja
can I have the iPhone pls
Raghav Barnwal
I want a old iPhone 7 plus at less price and good condition
Baconface McGee
I'm pretty neutral about it.
They definitely should have kept the headphone jack or at least have usb type C headphones with adaptive sound like the HTC U11.
Rasha Kamel
Can you give me an iPhone 7 please i cant afford it
Hello random person going through the comments, hope you having a good day ;)
Ronan Jhin Tetsu is MY LEGAL name btw
1:59 Is Nazgul the name of the blade?
Tirtha Dinda
it's hurts me a lot!!!
Rahul Nair
People curse Apple for just one reason... that is its price!
Andrew Fritz
Im kindof glad that they killed the headphone jack because on my iPhone 6 its gotten to the point that my headphone jack doesn't work right, i have to turn the male end of the headphone to get full sound, it prob doesn't help that i just my phone over with a tractor a few days ago, but still the lightning connector it very strong and creates better connections then the old headphone port and it did this before i drove it over on accident...
dat boi
I have the same color but for the 7+
apple tech geek
my i[phone 7 home button cracked... its 2 months old
Elated Exorcist
you are debil
Анастасия Тумашева
Мне страшно на это смотреть!😱😱😱😱😳😳
Connor Gunning
How about u try dropping it instead lol
vova jgd
Кто русский?
Pedro J. S. Campos
Can I get that iphone even if it is scratched please?
i keep my razor blades in a separate purse, too X""D
Sagar Kumar
same mobile same modal same colour i am using right now :) and i just love this phone
Alex Gru T Logs
dont want then give to poor ones
Fanboy channel...
aa mep
I die a little everytime your scratch the phone 🤕🤕
nokia 6 is better
mohamed Gamal yakout
Why do not you give me a phone from them instead of destroying you destroying all my dream phones😂😂😂
Rice Cat
Y'all can argue over Apple and Android but we can all agree that Windows Phones are shit
Samantha Rodarte
Ooh the cringe!!
jerry fuck anything :D
The Great Green Banana
No headphone jack. Smart move Apple.
Luke Triplett
i will pay you to read books to me at night until i fall asleep
james m
Lmfao you got your finger stuck at 5:25 hahahaha can even hear you say: "Fuck!"
Mikeman Motovlogs
5:02 poor iphone it bit you in order to stop flexing it :'(.
Fuckboi Jonson
This is why I keep my razor blade in a separate purse xD
Gaming Box
Dear sir please help me I need iphone 7 Please donate me to 1 iphone 7 do not i have money to buy it I have to restart the gaming channel, Damage will also run in Please Help The answer to this comment must be sir You give me a comment I will give you an address Please help thankyou
Princessmagicflower Cicciavolleyballlove
Fare una cosa del genere ad un telefono che costa 800 euro è uno spreco assurdo
Michael Robertson
I put my phone on airplane mode and I threw it and it didn't fly
alex gregorio
Some kid pushed me and I had my iPhone 7 on my back pocket, ended up sitting on it and it got bent
Mahela Dimuth
I bought a matte black iPhone 7 last month. Its matte black colour is chipping of from phone. Idk why is that can someone please help me 😒
Abradolf Lincler
Why all the dislike?!
This nigga does the same to EVERY PHONE.

Or is it because he hurt your feelings?
Gary Oon
Bro, I cringe whenever u scratch the phones....
Tejendra rao M
sir can u please do the same test for lenovo zuk z1
Zach Cozad
I think both iPhone and Android users can agree the Windows Phone sucks
Cargo Shorts For President
You know keys don't scratch them but your key ring will
samurai zero
Stupid with your head seriousiy
Slovak Gamer
imagine a all glass iphone with sapphire front AND back. my god.
Bryan Dobson
Downvote for use of the word "bendgate" and that removing the headphone jack is a bad thing.
Watching this on my matte black iphone 7. I'm literally scared af
Wizmoz The Gamer
Press It Pls 👍
Efrain R07
anyone notice that he gets a lot of dislikes on his durability tests on iphones
Máté Mozejko
Nazgûl screeching in the captions XD 1:55
Was just watching some of your older videos to pass some time, it's crazy how different your tone of voice is in the more recent videos... You sound a lot happier 😂
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