The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far

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SOURCES: People who accept homosexuality by country:
Muslims in the UK polled on homosexuality:

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Blaire White
New reality show: Blaire and Riley Take Saudi Arabia
Jonathan S
Somehow I stumbled onto this page and am now dumber for it.
Emily The Weird Potato
I'm a stupid 'SJW' who sexually identifies as a potato and I'm very offended
Emma Stoner
Russia is such a Muslim country. wow. I never knew that. you're so smart
Emma Stoner
wow ur so smart. it's a good thing America and the UK never ever were shit on LGBT rights for religious regions.

isn't it also cool that our governments, economies, and class systems are so similar to middle Eastern countries.

this is the SMARTEST video you've ever made. yay you!
Kepler Kitten
"Islam is about as compatible with homosexuality as Onision is with girls past their 18th birthday"You just triggered about 4 different types of people in one roast. Nice. #FuckingSavage
Z Blevins
That Onision comment killed me 😂😂
you should debate with him live lmao
Jessy Ellen
I... cannot... take Riley seriously.

I mean, I'm all for trans rights... but i'm not all for Riley Dennis, know what I mean?
Michael Young
Miss Blaire White, you are spot on.
Riley looks like Kristen Stewart which I know isn't fair but that makes me like Riley even less
The world killed homosexuals for most of its human history. Religion owes modern day values (homosexuality) nothing. Homosexuals may think that lifestyle is acceptable and they may have a few homosexuals in government lending it credibility but most of the world doesn't. It's just not a cause worth fighting a civil war over. And the only reason it's acceptable now is the guilt trip politics we have been subjected to for a long while now. Islam doesn't and never will accept the abomination, and there are billions of Muslims. Muslims aren't going anywhere and they aren't going to accept your rules for society. Deal with it. To get to the core of issue if you want Muslims to stop throwing you from tall buildings keep it to yourself. Do not try and propagate it through society like it's normal and mentally sound. It isn't. Its a mental disease and one you choose to partake in. If it were not by choice then should a pill to cure it be presented you would willingly take that pill. If you chose not to because you like partaking in it then you would be choosing said lifestyle.
Antonio Jutronic
Homosexuality is an abomination for Islam, period
The Rock Reviews
Oooooohhhhh Riley you stupid stupid MAN .
you know if Riley here is quoting from Leviticus, he should've taken a glance at the book of Romans which one of the parts it teaches is (shocking to Riley boy here) Tolerance.

what a concept.
The Rock Reviews
Riley needs sharia , and a flight off a roof
bitter sweet
okay well I'm muslim and I don't think Saudi Arabia represents islam in any fucking way, and I can give countless examples to support my opinion..
that being said you're still right the majority of Muslims ARE against homosexuality, hopefully that changes though..
jacksepticeye's lawn mower
you're my fave YouTuber! you don't care what people say! your point of view, is mine! You know what your talking about! just because you're trans you still don't act like your a big deal and should be showered with support, you accept the fact some people have different point of view. you know what's up, you're awesome!
"Inbreed hoes" LMAO
Nicholas Kazantzidis
You are awesome
Zack Peterson
I'm sorry, Blaire. I'm sure this video is insightful and all, but I just can't look at that "woman"'s Adam's apple anymore. I made it almost halfway though
Boring this is like watching a mid 30's thot with a camera filter pretending to be in her 20's talking shit about idiots who don't even deserve the recognition... like very high school era content here... sucks!
Lexy Leaderman
I have very mixed feelings towards Blaire's YouTube channel.
John R
gays align with Palestinans who despise gays and hate Israel who welcome gays. Yet if you were a gay palestinian you would be allowed into gay bars in Israel. Are there any gay bars in Palestinian territory at all?
Allow me to explain this new "alliance" that the LGB community has with is islam is very simply: They foolishly believe that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"...only problem here is that their new "friends" will turn on them and cut their heads off the second their "mutual enemy" is defeated. Its like believing a lion is your friend because he drove off the Hyenas that were looking to kill and eat you. This is all based in a deep rooted hatred of all things Christian that liberals, LGB's, and muslims have.
Marcy Stott
he isn't even gay. he likes females. what a moron
Evil Bastard
I really love your messages. You're one of my favorite youtubers, and you smashed it again in this video. I would really love to hear your real voice, instead of your high octave feminine voice.
as an indonesian muslim you are right
"Transgender" people are sufferers of tragic mental illnesses that relate to identity and sexuality. This condition is severely worsened, prolonged and promoted through a narcissistic and egocentric "progressive" culture. Because of this, crippling mental health issues, which regularly lead to genital mutilation and hormonal procedures with horrendous results, have become a topic that we cannot question in society without being labelled as oppressive or bigotted. Wanting to help these people is career suicide, while promoting and worsening their condition is praised.
The Queer Punk Barber
Leviticus is old testament. thats the difference between the holy bible and the quran.
The Queer Punk Barber
JDVIII of Inveon
Ok, cool, if that retard with mascara (Riley) is a girl, then I'm a fucking orc warlord and tomorrow you will all be ruled by my ring of power tomorrow.
lol I love you best video of my night 😃
Siavash Masrour
iran was progresive when we had a king
but right now no just no they are barberic islamic pigs
chad alvarez
I'm in love! I hate
Jeff Kwakye Jeff Kwakye
That Leviticus law doesn't apply anymore. That was the Old Testament.
btw people can transition as much as they much
Ismael Ismael
You have more common sense in your pinky than that dude has in his whole body. Thank you and im a new subscriber!
Johnny Davidson
Jesus Christ, Riley Dennis.

Adam called, he wants his apple back.
Feral Fanatic
Yes Riley, you talk shit about Christians so they're not gonna be as as nice to as a Muslim whose dick you've been sucking...duh.
why can't all trans people be as smexy as you
BigBlue CoconutCrab
In fairness, you're very unlikely to be stoned to death in Saudi Arabia for being gay. Decapitated yes, but not stoned.
Pedro Guilherme Almeida Carvalho
i think you need to see his last video.
Dominick DelliPaoli
Muslims are hypocrites. Homosexuality is rampant in islam. It begins at their madrassas(imams raping kids and the older kids raping the younger kids) and continues at tent gatherings(thursday night club) and Bacha Bazi's(young males cross dressing and dancing in front of old men who bid on them. Guess what the highest bidder gets to do with them?). They try to keep it hushed up but it's a hard thing to do on the internet.
Olivia Margs
just bevause you have fake boobs pushed upto your chin doesnt mean you can hate on another transgender person because they may not have done as much as you? who the fuck are you to call someone else out and be a rude dickhead because they havent gone as far too look like a plastic doll.... you're meant to stand up for a fellow transgender just because you have more surgery doesnt mean you're superior, and evidently your shitty and judgy personality is not superior to an accepting one.
Italianjosh Reacts
wow i would have never thought you was tran
inllageM soliT
I will make a video about Riley. I already know the title: "The most annoying sound in the world".
Marino Mazzei
Congrats, you've got a new subscribe.
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