The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far

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SOURCES: People who accept homosexuality by country:
Muslims in the UK polled on homosexuality:

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Blaire White
New reality show: Blaire and Riley Take Saudi Arabia
actually, in Iran they accept being Trans more than being gay or lesbian. I guess they have some weird "lesser evil" thing with it (and it may have to do with their interpretation of Islam).
Samantha Iacone
"note the implicit approval of sodomizing ones wife" ;)
Angeline Linardis
Now I know why Blaire acts like this Riley is such a tool. What a stupid, uninformed bucket of rocks. Oh and a male looking bucket of rocks at that. Dumbass!
Ertan Yiğit Özkaloğlu
I am a Turkish exmuslim. In my country being gay is legal. But because of the cancer called Islam, gays are severely persecuted with high suicide rates, vigilante justice seekers and all. So no just because you are not gonna get killed for being gay in a country doesn't mean the religion of the country is totally ok with it and it also doesn't mean that there are LGBT rights in those countries in the slightest.

To be fair, I don't support LGBT mostly because of how stupid, hypocratical and idioticly islamo-philic it is.

You wanna learn about islam? Ask it to a Middle Eastern LGBT, dumbass
Jessica Foster
Islam is very anti-LGBT. It's delusional to think otherwise.
Karmen Vega
Riley id like to see you react to this bc honestly i think youd shit yourself lmao
I just wanna say, I agree with you Blaire.
In Islam we are not allowed to kill. So killing gay's and such is not allowed. Those islamic countries are just too much.
I don't mind the (non-cringey) LGBT group.
Scott Robinowitz
You really are brilliant. Your arguments are wonderfully crafted and I enjoy your blog immensly.
Draven Miltenberger
That onision shade, though. THAT WAS PERFECT.
LMAO the Shoe shade.
Mikuo Hatsune
1st passage that you mentioned is from a specific story in the quran, you did not put it into context. it was a certain group of people that had that happen to them, and that was not their only sin.
2nd passage is only considered if there are witnesses of Intercourse, and ACTUAL Muslim nations back then have let people of all sexualities live amongst them.
Read the ayahs in context, please. Many Muslims in the US disagree with the Saudian government (including me) because NO, they aren't following the exact words of the quran.
Alissa Ott
I should do my homework, but I clicked on one of your videos and now I have a Blaire marathon. 😂
Riley Houston the Grammar and Spelling Nazi
The only islamic country that has legalized gay marriage is Sweden.
Anton Fuchs
not to mention Leviticus is in the old testament/Torah which is followed by Jews and most Christians myself​ included only follow the new testament I've read the old testament yes but I don't follow it so I don't follow Leviticus
Kennedy Lehane
The protagonist is the main character. Out of the entire video, that is what bugged me the most. The fact that he thinks they're is a difference.
Thank you so much for existing and being the way you are.
Paloma Harper
Wait why is blaire calling riley a him? Isn't riley transgender just like blaire? :\
This video of yours is bullshit.
Muslims are nicer to him because they're practicing Taqiyya. Don't get drunk on it.
LMAO I LOST IT AT: "Thirty inbred hoes." Fucking amazing.
Harlee Madison .
riley dennis blocked me 😂😂😂
Jack Cassidy
"So far" so that means there's more retarded Riley Dennis videos to come!
Kay Boogie
I lived in Saudi Arabia with my father as a kid. We moved to Chicago and thank god we did. As an ex Muslim, Rileys fucking delusional and he'd be attacked as soon as his feet touched the soil. the Quran is against gays. DUHHHHHHHH
Ikhwan Arif
+Blaire White Well, actually, the jurisprudence of the Islamic Law is determined by a scholastic council; which sometimes is open to interpretation and influenced by those in power but you're right; the consensus of council throughout the Islamic world, is that the verse relating to homosexuality is, what it is.

I am glad that you actually researched all your facts and they are on point. Without a doubt, homosexuality and transgenderism poses a conflict with Islam; and it should be admitted and discussed as such.

I like that male brain of yours Blaire; don't ever change that. Thumbs up.
Florida Skyline
Now, I've no idea why this piece of anti-feminist shit was in my recommended
Peter Petrelli
I'm loving your videos! You speak the truth... Riley is retarded.
I have never watched your videos before. This is the first time i've ever seen or heard about you. But just because of the part at 0:45 alone, I subbed and liked your video so fast that light ain't got shit on that speed. Good fucking content mate, keep it up.
im sorry but after you said "Islam compatible with homosexuality" i just started laughing. riley dennis isnt even a transgender. its a male pretending to be female to sleep with other females. sounds a lot like a straight guy with a pretty solid plan to sleep with lesbians.
kwalker7253 point proven
Steve Burns
rileys dumb
Cooljheez Jheez
so ur racist as well
Clean Bodies
Aaron Baronek
Does anyone in your community feel high jacked by that dude. He is EVERYTHING that people grasp on to and he used to make you all look stupid, self-centered and sex obsessed. He is the most irritable, P.C., and comical imposter in the world. You are truly able to absorb and dissect information and actually research your material. I don't know who the fuck writes for him but he is the one who makes the most irrational connections and it's disturbing that most people who listen to him are children. You have an adult audience and with that comes the expectation to maintain intellectual sanity while he is a comedy sketch. You better stay a bad-ass or you will let a lot of converts down.
Audy Mentari
I'm Indonesian, some people burn a transgender women alive a few months back
random person
yeah fuck outta here riley
People who have performed homosexual acts get the same treatment as an unmarried straight couple in Islam who has performed zinah. You can't actually call it unjust when infertile straight women or men who can't find a suitable spouse gets the same treatment as a homosexual person in Islam. Although Islam has strict rules regarding homosexual acts than sex between a straight couple, you can still be homosexual, because the concept of punishing people by the desire they have does not exist here. Nonetheless, you need four witnesses to be actually punished, so if anything there's probably a 90% chance of about a hundred million people in muslim countries humping each other, so claiming that the governments are oppressive is pretty much of a big stretch. If you still call in unjust, it's by no means my problem.

To muslims, you have already been told by how Muhammad spread Islam in 23 years by beginning his journey with almost zero followers, and gradually got power in Arabia, despite the fact the he could be easily killed off. You have been told how deeply engraved the arabs were to their religions at their time and they would not have left Muhammad got scot free, yet Muhammad still conquered them and basically founded a religion that the whole world is discussing over today, despite being an illiterate. If you think it's coincidental then not much can be helped.
Damn that is a whole lot of ignorance…
Tim Whitten
Fuck you Riley, FUck you! For whoever wants that job...
Ich Mustermann
Doesn't Riley J. Dennis just assume at the beginning of the video that the viewer isn't trans, black, fat and/or disabled?
Rachel Tania
How am I only now just finding this awesome, snarkbitchy channel? I'm now a fangirl.
Brian Stell
thinking about getting a Koran myself. it would be cool to read about all that murder and violence. except that I'm the kind that always try to complete stealth games without killing. hmm... I think I don't like death, I just like violence. yeah can't wait to start my own antitheist and anti-sjw channel. hehehe I'm gonna go ham.
Rob W
The multi gender T-shirt available in M or F... dying
Faze Chub
I hoped Riley goes to Iran or some shit and has a fun time HANGING out. As in a noose.
Dave Todd
the more I see of Riley the more I believe it's a paid shill. nobody can be that far off the mark on every issue and be that Clueless without doing it on purpose. it's statistically impossible
Rose Molyneux
Rose Molyneux
thankyou for saying lgbt instead of queer!!!!
michelle lyon
Muslims are nicer, yeah right, classic Taqyia!
dennis handt
blair you are so smart riely is so stupid i love your brain keep makin those vids
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