The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far

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SOURCES: People who accept homosexuality by country:
Muslims in the UK polled on homosexuality:

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Blaire White
New reality show: Blaire and Riley Take Saudi Arabia
jon goy
For the record lev20:13 is in the context of the promised land. In the diaspora with out the Temple no one should kill any gay person.
Fears Here
Omg! I didn't know she was trans until now! Jesus Christ xD also, you're gorgeous!
0:46 WHEEZE.
Chloe's Gaming Channel
she's a she!!!! shes a transgender woman and transgender women are real women!!!!...
they are quick to bash Christianity but are quick to defend Islam when you say that sharia law is bullshit. it's almost as if they are....scared.
Sorry Blaire, but the genital preferences video is dumber.
4:26 "30 inbred hoes" is the name of my new country band
Josue Uriel Ebenezer Gutierrez
4:39 to 5:16 ☺️ Riley went too far...
Hey Riley, Levitican law preceded the birth of Christ by thousands of years, so WHY are you suggesting that "Christians" adhere to the old testament?
Is Riley REALLY this ignorant? If so, he doesn't seem to realize it...
Richard thiede
He brought up Leviticus as a comparison. I will only speak for myself and not all Christian's, but I have always been led to believe that while old testament has relevance and should be followed to a degree, especially the commandments, with the new testament and coming of Christ we live in a era of grace instead of the law. A lot of those old testament laws really no longer apply in the same manner as they did in the old testament nor do I believe as a Christian it is my place to convict or punish someone for their beliefs if they differ from mine. My place, I feel is to love others and leave the judging to God. I don't feel I am out of line trying to convert others to my belief, but point out anyone who has any political or religious belief that doesn't try converting others. sorry for the rant, new subscriber, just had to get that out.....His videos are kind of enraging aren't they.
Jordan TRusso
Saudi Arabia is a theocratic, autocratic, authoritarian country where church and state are fundamentally interconnected. What the hell are you talking about, Riley?
Girl ily 💛✨
Angela Sinclair
She is obviously trans, just like you are so I don't understand why you're using masculine pronouns to refer to her.
Nadine Santana
I don't agree with all of Blaires videos but sometimes she has a point. 😭
john kimmel
what tf is wrong with ur mouth! oh and that dude Riley yeah that dude is fucking retarded. oh but u need to stop with the plastic surgery. ur starting to look like a cat😉 meeeow!! lmfao!
Kanaya Hummel
"Queer, trans, gay person" ... Uh, correct me if I'm wrong but how can you be all three? I thought queer was a separate identity for someone's sexuality or an offensive catch all term for LGBT (it's still a slur in my opinion) that's some how more difficult than being LGBT? This literally doesn't make sense. "Queer person" or "gay trans person" is fine - but using all three in the same sentence is confusing me. Like, I'm bisexual but I'd not say I'm queer bisexual... I'm just bi. Or is queer in this context meaning something else??
Le Ralle
"Where is the lie in that?"

That Riley is lesbian
Where's the merch 😍
Think I just fell in love...
Athena Brown
So now, I've not kept up with this, and I'm only just now seeing the dispute... but you're referring to Riley as "he" when Riley identifies as female? You might have explained this elsewhere... but do you mind explaining it to me briefly? Aren't you supposed to say "she"?
whenever a non-Christian quotes Leviticus, they've lost the argument.
walid bakir
And Uganda a christian country, punishes gay people,
walid bakir
The second verse isn't even in the Quran!
walid bakir
No where is the Quran are gays punished by death 😑
Matthew Tingle
Typical Riley video. Zero research and zero education. Blaire you should do a reaction to her video on having no control of your weight. Its horrendously horrible. lol. Still smoking hot too Blaire White!!!
I'm no scholar on the subject but from my understanding of Islam is that there are a lot of contradictions in the Quran (yes, the Bible has this issue too - I'll get back to that). To deal with this, there is a "rule" that followers of Islam use that indicates that newer verses are considered "more correct" than older ones. In the Quran, much of the more extreme advise is in the newer verses making them "more correct" than older verses that teach tolerance and forgiveness. Riley points out some similar extreme messages in the Bible and points out that Christians don't follow those scriptures in most cases. This is because Christianity has a similar way of treating contradictions in the Bible where verses in the New Testament are considered "more correct" than those in the Old Testament. The New Testament is the one that focuses more on forgiveness and tolerance (The phrase "turn the other cheek" comes from Jesus's teachings in the New Testament). Just for reference, I'm atheist, but I was raised Christian.
Nicht von dieser Welt
Riley is really that kind of grade A+ stupid like all SJWs today. They think it is a thing to defend all kind of emotion minorities, hence anyone who feels emotionally oppressed and be in a minority. But oh hell are Muslims not a minority and even less all happy about non heterosexual people in their Islam infested countries.
Christians have a thing called the New Testament, which calls for love of all, islam doesn't, and repeatedly calls for jihad and the death of dissenters, gays, and "infidels"
Margaret Sanchez
"30 inbred ho's" lmao I love you blaire
Muhammad's teaching is Islamic teaching and there is a Hadith that says that gay people should be killed or men that emulate the behaviour of women.
sashalikespotatoes _
First video I've watched of Blaire's. I already love them. I'm subbing.
raspberry muffin
Riley argues it's wrong for people to assume all Muslims are anti-gay, then assumes all people judge Muslims based on Hollywood movies.

"Psychological projection" Riley, read-up on it.
1 Seife
this dumbass obviously never was in a muslim country
i am half arab and i lived there so i would know
Inglorious Saints
You should get a better quality webcam. This video quality is gross and IDK why you have been doing youtube for so long and haven't upgraded yet.
Lora Minkif
Send Riley to the Middle East!
Devon Platipus
also Leviticus is old testament aka not Christian
Devon Platipus
Islam is different from islamists, there is islamists that don't follow all the scripture. there's catholics that fuck b4 marriage as there are islamists that are okay with gays. in ISLAM HOMOSEXUALITY IS A DEATH SENTENCE THROUGH THE SCRIPTURE
King Faggotron
Riley: try going to Arabia, they'd stone you for being gay!
Blaire: Where exactly is the lie in that?

where he said he's gay
Riley should prove it by going to muslim countries, heck I'm sure tons of people will fund it. He should put his money where his mouth is.
Hawk moon
You use the expression SJW as if being socially progressive is in itself a bad thing when obviously it isn't. You confuse Ultra leftists like this idiot Dennis with the left in general. Do yourself a favour and stop this right wing generalisation of the left, you undermine yourself Blaire. As for Ultra leftists I can't stand these fucks they're possibly worse than the right wing who if they had their way would put you in a mental institution for being delusional. Criticise the Ultra leftists they deserve it but don't side with the right they are your enemy and I shouldn't have to point this out.
"30 inbred hoes" xD
Jennifer Pollitt
I think riley has sniffed to much paint this time ..😂
Airam Avilsa (S.)
Islamic “Shariah” law, which draws on the Quran, does call for the execution of people who engage in homosexual acts. The mandate is deeply ingrained in Islamic law and has been affirmed by many prominent Muslim scholars.
Sgt. Pepper
you can be trans and reasonable. who knew
keep on
"about as compatible as onision is with girls past their 18th birthday" LMAOOOOOOOOOOO REKT
John Miller
Well, I'm a Christian, and I (along with most all christians) condemn the notion of killing lgbt. That's the biggest difference. Muslims accross the board won't condemn that as an act of violence. We will.
Nina SdU
Most christians haven't read the Bible, and mostly only conservative christians are homophobes. Not even, jesus I'm bi and my religion teacher barely blink when I said that I was (in a freaking catholic school)
0:56 Shoe0nHead in adult clothing... Heheh
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