The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far

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SOURCES: People who accept homosexuality by country:
Muslims in the UK polled on homosexuality:

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Blaire White
New reality show: Blaire and Riley Take Saudi Arabia
Boston Anderson
Wait... "I'm not a Christian" Since when? You've said more than once that you were. I'm sorry to hear if that's not longer the case..
Darth Shartstar666
Intelligent, strong and gorgeous to boot! So happy I've subbed to your channel. Keep kickin ass!
Erika Butler
Very good points, Blaire!
Hello There
When is Riley Dennis going to visit a Muslim nation so he can prove us all wrong?
"But there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. That's a lot of people, way too many for them all to share the same beliefs and principles."

Except for, y'know, the fact you're talking about a specific religion.

Think very hard about that. Harder. Harder. Did your brain break yet? Harder.
Senna Bouâzzaoui
I feel so lucky with my family. Im mixedrace (Morrocan/Dutch) and Biseksual and both sides of my family supported it always. Never ever was the bible or the quran brought up stating that im an awfull sinfull humanbeing and should be trown out of the family (or worse..). Its really up to luck how familymembers will react. But I can tell from knowledge about both religons that its NOT acceptable in the slightest. Im not demonizing my families religons (Muslim/Roman Catholic) but its the truth and blair is right. I hope it will change in the future, but try to change peoples minds who've been taught like that for thousands & thousands of years.

Sincerly With Love ♡.
Artorias The Abyss Walker
For some reason, her top lip looks kinda strange/stiff. Is that just me, or does it look that way to anyone else?
"the WBC is a bunch of 30 inbred hoes" 👏👏👏👌
Monkeywrench Productions
i couldnt stop being creeped out by riley's massive weird bug eyes
Mega Man
Wow, I've never heard blaire sound so pissed before
Murray Mclellan
But I've seen lots of Arab men in Bangkok on Soi Nana a red light area picking up ladyboys their hate for them I think hides their attraction and all holy books promote hatred towards those who are different.
Misha Boo Onision is with girls past their 18th birthday. SLAY. I'm dying!
Misha Boo
Blair, you are my new Queen!
Blaire, it's pointless to argue with someone who is insane.
Darren Ung
"about as compatible as Onision is with girls past their 18th birthday"

subscribed + bell thingy
Nicholas Scott
If Muslims are nicer to you online than Christians, that's because Muslims online will HIT ON ANYTHING WITH A FUCKING PULSE.
Nicholas Scott
0:50 Ha! Savage.
Trinity Elena
I just found your channel and I absolutely love you!!!!
Taylor Manning
they follow the laws of their bible the same as a christian or catholic person follows the rules of the bible the only difference is muslim people folow their bible to the tee, like live and die by that mother fucker soooooo yeah riley take a trip to afghanistan on iran or indonesia and please tell us how your journey went id be shocked if they let you leave the airport
Taylor Lynn
Religion in developing countries is backwards, regardless of what the religion is. People in more modern countries slowly get more progressive with these issues over time. Given that a majority of muslims are in developing countries or are 1st/ 2nd generation immigrants in developed countries, these statistics aren't surprising. I know plenty of moderate muslims, but they've integrated into western culture so its just different. The same could be said for Hindus in America, it is just different than if you go to India. Provided that Muslim kids keep going to school in the West and try to have non-muslim friends, hopefully cultural integration will happen. Everyone gets stuck in an echo chamber of beliefs, it is exposure that makes moderates of us all.
Gerard LeBunn
Okay just like really quick I wanna say when I heard your political stance I started watching you wanting to not like you or what you had to say. And it didn't happen at all you're so down to earth and you make excellent points and you've really helped me be more open minded so thanks keep being awesome lol
Danni Garland
thank god for you in america blaire these ppl are utter idiots
oh no
God I want to be that straw
Ania Maria
wtf?is this person even transgendered? or .... wtf, by the way Blaire, you're awsome
PolyTicks Comics Official
2:03 I thought you said, "Well, right off the bat, you're giving fellatio!" I had to rewind it for a double-take, lol
Jacquelyn Galliher
OMG...thank you so much for all the videos you do against this guy. He is beyond clueless and is just insane.
Luke Essman
Fucking queen I love you so much
Marlon Davis
Riley is a troll, i refuse to believe he's serious.
Donald Trump
The Saudis won't stone Riley for being gay because he isn't gay.
Jacey Newman
you make me laugh so hard omg 😂
Ahto Est
There's one exception to this rule and that's Turkey. Muslim countries persecute LGBT people on various levels ranging from lashes and fines to death penalty (9+1 countries have this on the books; another source indicates 14 having this on the books and 5 actively imposing). So Riley was not totally wrong on this but he downplayed it a lot.
Silver Gildaran
i am muslim girl (not hijabi) i am north african and i will say yess in the quran it says homosexuality is an abomination but u dont kill people only god can judge
I apologize if you have already, but you and Riley should have a live debate. You would CRUSH him!
Bulwark AC
Can anybody start a kickstarter for Riley to visit Saudia Arabia
Madison Kempher
i really didn't like you bc of onision and i never watched your videos and i really regret that bc he's a dick and you're fucking hilarious
RE Mcbilly
He be defending Muslims until they beat him and hang him from a fucking noose.
Even though in comparison to places like UAE and Saudi Arabia, Russia is a moderate country towards homosexuality, they still do have extremely anti-gay laws and are also a majority christian nation. However, your point still stands. Russia is more of an anomaly in comparison to other predominantly christian nations, such as the United States. But it is probably worth noting.
Kim Jong Soo
Dude i'm indonesian and in the most conservative region, they fucking have public punishment for gays and transgenders and like in history books i have ever read, a lot of people will "watch" it with a big smile on their face, cheering like they have won something when they see gays being caned and she still fucking got the nerve to say that it's only the government's will. Fucked up man. Don't even mention the word "tolerance" and indonesia in the same sentence, because there is little if not none tolerance in indonesia.
Jayde Archbold
Spartan VII
I'm ex-Muslim. I can tell you Riley don't know the first thing about Islam. Jesus why don't he put some research into the subject before he talk and make himself a dishonest ass.
Walī Abdullah
craycray rayray
AND serious this creature needs to just disappear
Dayzee Gee
I hate the fact that I find Riley weirdly pretty. He's such a retard.
Dan hates the man
no more Botox young lady.
Claudia Marigonda
I ship Blare and June of Shoe0nhead. Come fight me.
Jadis White
have a big fat like!
Khan David
There many people on the Left who actually believe what this guy is saying.
Dakota Erina
Ask Riley what camera does she use, and buy it.
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