The Dumbest Riley Dennis Video So Far

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SOURCES: People who accept homosexuality by country:
Muslims in the UK polled on homosexuality:

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Blaire White
New reality show: Blaire and Riley Take Saudi Arabia
O'Bryan S
I personally believe that Riley needs a vacation in the Iran......
Nowah Kylie2
here is the deal I dont agree with blaire in some of her videos including this one but that doesn't mean I completely disagree with her because she says good points sometimes for an example in this video she said not all muslims hate gays, I'm muslim myself, from the middle east not from the ksa tho for a fact here we dont kill gay people and I defend the lgbt community because its a matter of human rights not to mention that I am bisexual, I was a lesbian for 4 years and I have a trans boyfriend and my family would hate me for that but that still doesn't include the whole nation ,thank you for not saying that all muslims are homophobic I respect that.
Brad George
The tea is being spilt tonight 👌🏻☕️☕️ mmmm hot!
In Berlin women's rights activist and lawyer Seyran Ates opened Germany's first liberal mosque where women and men pray together and gays are accepted. She got death threats for it. The egyptian institute representing Islam called Dar al-Ifta al Misriyyah said women praying together with men and without a veil is incompatible with Islam. There can also not be a female Imam according to them. Seyran Ates needs constant police protection.

Islam needs a profound change. In Germany there are many people like Riley who will go out of their way to defend Islam in its current state. By shutting down the discussion about it, Islam will never be forced to change in order to be accepted into society. German politics in immigration and integration matters concerning people from muslim majority countries (i.e. demanding very little adaption to our western belief system) seem to me like a big fuck you to people like Seyran Ates.

Also there is no such thing as wearing a veil of one's own free will. Either your brother will kill you if you don't or you've internalised the islamic ideology so much you actually believe it's your free choice to wear a veil. I personally consider the former an insult to all the women fighting so hard against the veil and what it stands for. Along the same lines, Riley's words are an insult to all the LGBT people in islamic countries living in fear of their lives.
You islamphobic! Islam is a religion of peace!
Trap Soul
She fucked him up lol
Ray Salyer
I finally found a new channel to binge on.
P.S.: Baire, guuuurl, you're pretty. If I were a girl, I would totally steal your hair. omg
Jennifer A
Riley I'm assuming is a trans mtf and if I'm right wouldn't he prefer the she/her pronouns? I'm so confused by this Riley person
TheShinyLunatone 396
Blaire they do not pull rules from the quran. there is nothing about stoning in the quran, ever,
vaby lala
The passages you read are not from the Quran 😂 I've read the Quran in ARABIC and I'm a Muslim who is from a Muslim country lol what Riley said was right about the passages and honestly it's more of a cultural thing than a religious thing
Adam Adam
most Islamic law comes from the haddith...which doesn't speak well of homosexuals
Charizard Senpai
Im a white girl in America but... CORDIS DIE
charles ryanlee
one minor correction, getting a sex change operations doesn't really change your gender, at least fully, if you understand how it works, then you come to know that it only changes how you look, and doesn't really change anything.
A Lord
I have an Islamic friend who moved around from Egypt to Saudia Arabia to the US and she said that it is horrible over there. She hates how they treat everyone and wants to change her religion but if she does she will be disowned and shunned from her family or worse. She can't even show a picture of herself without a heavy filter on if she doesn't have a scarf on her hair. Its horrible. Her family is nice enough I just feel like the religion is horrible and if it wants to survive then it needs to change. There are good parts of it but the bad parts imbalance it
Logan Berlew
A lot of people fail to recognize that most christians don't follow the Law set up in the Old Testament of the Bible, just wanted to point that out, ironically jews still follow the Old Testament law
Graham Holder
Also do y'all understand that their are gay and trans Muslims?
Graham Holder
Nigeria isn't a majority Muslim country its almost half Christian (Protestant) and half Muslim(Sunni)
Never heard of you. Randomly stumbled on this video. And as soon as I heard that roast on onision 0:43..I subbed!
too many people do not acknowledge the difference between the religion islam and the islamic countries.
jim smith
I served in Iraq in 2004-05 and they do kill gays not a bad thing for them
Potato Mofo
No. As a muslim, I can CONFIDENTLY tell you that it doesn't say - ANYWHERE - in Quraan that we have to kill gay people. LITERALLY nowhere. It says that they HAVE been killed in the past but it doesn't TELL US to kill them.
Patrick Stancil
OMG Riley Dennis is the stupidest person I have ever heard. Jesus...
I hate to say it but they would throw his ass off a 10 story building. If he thinks he would be fine hanging out in a muslim country, go hang out as a trans/gay or whatever in a muslim country.
I love her
The Lil' Redhead !
Where can I buy this merch. Must buy merch
fuck you, riley is a wonderful girl
OMG, Blair, you're pretty fucking hilarious in a catty, shit talking way - love your videos!
I am Rose
You have intelligence and facts Blaire :) This Riley person has a made up opinion lol.
Samar Saeed
I hate to admit this but as a Muslim Riley Dennis is kinda right,
Killing gays or trans is not from the Quran but it is from the Sharea, and huni sharea has been manipulated and twisted so many times to fit the governments fucked up desires,
In the Quran being gay, trans and having sex before marriage is a sin, but for around 100 years or so the extreme punishments executions started to happen, I understand that the Islamic community nowadays is hostile against LGBT community, which is true and unfortunately this kind of hostile behavior has been labeled as Islamic but in fact its just bullshit and people are foolish enough to follow it without thinking.
Any religion is bad in uneducated countries, because uneducated people are prey to fundamentalism. Look at Africa, the countries there are christians and because they are uneducated they fall prey to fundamentalism. Islam is a violent religion, no doubt about it. To be a good person and muslim you have to ignore much of the Koran. The homophobia is a mixture of lack of education and islam. muslims who were born in the west are leaps and bounds beyond those from the middle east because any smart person will not believe every word and take it literally from the koran just as any smart person will not take every word from the bible literally.

I don't have much against muslims in the USA who have been assimilated into the west. But immigrants who have spent their life in Iran or Saudi Arabia or even Somali muslims come to USA and they have the exact same attitude towards gays and such that people from their home country have. So why liberals think thats a good idea, bringing those muslims in is beyond me. Work on assimilating the current muslims we have. The immigrants want it both ways. They want the western freedoms and luxuries but want to keep their radical islamic ways and if they had it their way the us would be muslim country and then just become the same shit hole their country was.
Star Moral
Leviticus Law was basically canceled out by Jesus himself. Hell, He canceled out the Ten Commandments with two phrases!

"Love me with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself."

Mary Magdelin. The adulterer, was saved from being stoned. Why? Jesus loved her.
opn hafiz
I'm Muslim cuz I just love God I know he will be with me no matter what!!!! I dont believe so called prophet or his book...I'm transgender my self nd I see hate just hate for us in Islamic world
Your boobs are amazingggg

Gah why do my boobs have to suck 😫
Caleb Acosta
"The Westboro Baptist Church are made up of, like, 30 inbred hoes"
Yeah pretty much
lauren mungaray
kissing their asses ain't gonna stop them from blowing up buildings etc.
Jen Larson
Riley's voice annoys me SO much. I can't even watch
Lottie Lameko
Hey Riley, send me a postcard from Prison if you ever go to Saudi Arabia. Well that's if you're not STONED TO DEATH!
Pagagahagaga >:D
Dopamean otmic
Alternative education? Idk where the hell did he come up with this stuff?
rodrigo silveira
Youre Wrong, in Saudi Arabia youre not Stoned for being Gay.....
Youre Beheaded.
John Banks
Daaamn, that Onision burn... 😂
When she said"Fuck outta here Riley" that killed me😂😂😂😂😂
Kev Ronkie
I love this girl
jayme mok
Blair has mastered the mannerisms of a female this riley dude talks like a man
Storm Hunter
Okay. You do realise the government can rewrite the quran? Cuz they are the government. I'm a Muslim sitting here with my quran like wtf is Saudi Arabia doing
Froggie- Senpai
I legitimately almost peed myself laughing at the Tshirt thing oml
Sean Kouznetsov
Riley is such a fucking lier. He'll be safe in Pakistan since he not a lesbian
sophia shokraei
I haven't come out to my Iranian family yet about me being bisexual. Most of my American family knows but I am afraid that my Iranian family will hate me. When I came out to my dad he told me not to tell anyone and to "try and like boys better". I don't know what to do 🙁.
Sean Kouznetsov
We need a second crusade. Show no mercy
Emily Young
How can you use a trans person misgender another trans person?? I don't like Riley, but I think we all need to respect her pronouns.
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