K Lor
You have over 21 million views. Don't worry about the dislikes. Great job and my kids love the video.
Caden Ortiz
Your best
Games Review
NOW my son was no about blippi and garbage truck
Alair L
I love this
Jon Betham
So much to learn about its gonna make you shout blippi
Digger T
subtitles are very useful for understanding vids and studying English TYSM
Candace Marquez
We love Blippi in my house
The embarrassing part is that I learned something
My kids LOVE your videos ! Your enthusiasm is epic too !
my bother likes you Blipi
Fadli Hashim
yz lau
Lộc Lê Thành
dance cool man
Али Гейдаров
e cbc.
C Arol Walker
Siva Shankar
I'm b.
Joshua Edelston
I love blipping for my kids
Liz tenenbaum
Ø off FB. R tbnns
Christelle Joseph
Indra Khadka
A Google User
Is he aware that the glass bottle smashed to pieces when he chucked it in the bin??
Diixa Patel
Hwee Leng Goh
Karla Rachell
ya'll my 3 year old cousin can recite this entire video word for word
Jagaa Jagaa
Ariel Raquim
hi blippi my brother likeyour vid
David Williams
phuong my
Funny dance
Glenys Aponte
Anton Postolache
' @ @
roy castro
0 full fledged shop to
Lps Savanna
My brother watches your videos every day🚓✈️
Diamondxfile gaming
thanks my sis love the song
Roman Ranj
Gaming Bunny
hate him
Engozi James
Engozi James
u act stupid
Bhncvbnbnbv. Non nnnnnnnnnnnnmmmnehsv. BAdne.
guli warda
my son only 2 years old. He just started talking few words. One of the world what he saying dayli it's "Blippi track ".
He loves watching blippi,s video. And he knows all the tracks . Thank you Blippi
Markéta Proske
Aram's Toy Train Reviews
Hi guys! Please check out our new toy train review channel that my son exclusively made!
Nabella Tiara
Gec Lim
William Marshall
Helle Skov Mogensen
John der traktor
Brother Kingdom
I'm on my brothers email I like your videos and keep making more truck videos please
Lucia Bellotto
Jacqueline Lau
U must work as a garbage/recycling what!
Julie Dapper
Dark Warrior
2 months ago
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