Game Theory: How Bendy Will END! (Bendy and The Ink Machine)

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BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE is by far one of the most interesting games of 2017. It's full of mystery and drama – Chapter 3 is out and we still don't even know why any of this is happening! Or do we? I think I've just discovered the answer to the game's biggest question: Who is Bendy? But it turns out there's much more waiting to be uncovered, Loyal Theorists. Much more. 

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Audie Playz
If I create a famous horror game I'm gonna have the main character named Henry, Mat, and Pat
After my favorite youtuber and this theory and the other theories I like so much

Have a nice day Mat Pat!
Popplio The Popplio
Teoh bader
Should i be that guy and say that the chapter 3 short was a spooky scary skeleton meme
napstablook___music ___
Bendy Not Alice
Jaime Guignard
Alice Angel.
Hayley Bentley
both bendy and angle face x_x bla
Antonio j
How Bendy will end:

The fandom will kill it off, duh
I REALLY like that intro!!!
Lynette Miller
Alice ink machine (Alice + bendy)
Anahi Hernandez stuff
Did you know that in a video I saw, there was a bunch of souds of what they used for bendy, before henery runs into Boris, you hear bendy says "let me in" it's cool
Anahi Hernandez stuff
Scary People Productions
Chronos Roland
Rosario Garcia
Chris and Kendall Holmes
Nubia Redrovan
Wait look at the wheel chair there's a inky puddle and when the skeleton is a animated character but dead by water and when you look closely at the note there's a b for "bendy but when you are upgraded you are good to go anyway when it's boss time with bendy anyway wally Franks is boris but who's sammy = to sammy -_- there's something wrong with the ink machine it's a good machine but we need to run away from bendy why is bendy evil and why we betray him well it's a good thing if you visit me in this episode video/2166/horro
Whynter Wright
wat about boris
Martha Martinez
tim kaier
She studio is called Sillyvision.
Spooky/Nutmeg/OaklyTrix/ Rosewing/Apple
Silver 759
Shannen Swartz
So.... I am afraid to tell you you were wrong about the leg the skeleton grabs the opposite leg that is sideways. 😄
I told u bro I told u about the stairs
I feel really bad for Mr. Polk. He did nothing but work at a dusty factory, and he gets turned into a heinous monster. I mean, he has a projector for a head! So, killing him isnt murder, its putting a man out of his misery. Poor norman...
Ividez E
Whoo hit 9 million
Chriatian MendezHernadez
i have a question maybe alice wanted boris since he knows how to control things_ alice may not want you to escape by takeing boris the only mechanic to prevent him from helping you escape
carter napier
Jason Acosta
Lucerio Torres
Jacoby Harris
flufer mufins
Daniel Lester Straight of the bees teat
Bean Bendy 😄
Alice Playz
The Chemical Crybaby at the Disco
endy the bendy
Marissa Hernandez
Christopher Kirkwood
Babyt and the ink machine
mis Legacy
So okay so we're on Earth there is bendy and the ink machines characters plushies and I need one and the clocks the Bendy clocks
Galexy Melody Animations
Amanda Saunders
Bendy because Alice took Boris!😢
little Victor
Why is there ink humans things trying to attack you
little Victor
I hate the music
Mariah Wellington
Epic Oz
fishy bear
Alex Carulli
Samuel Hamilton
I think that when we save Boris we get Bendy to help cuz Bendy hates Ales and like Boris
Laura Torigoe
Patrick Grant
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