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Kids join schoolies with singing and dancing on the tune of scary shark song
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Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Kyla Avis
Christina Carter
You should change that to even scarier
Ángel leon De Jesús
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SuperLego ManFan
why does my brother watch this
Ramesh singh
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jagan suyambulingam
Dina Shalan
..lkezx. Xx. Cxxzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaazzazaaqqweer ft. Try. Hey uiiop. P rewwrgghhhmmk,lzzzź
Timana Yuriani
Jayne Houston
This is awful and shouldn't be listed as a children's video!
Huong Tran
How could they come up with a scary flying shark? btw the creepy sound at the beginning was good!
Jhing Ancheta
dddfgz d d. ccqvsfbf by. ccvB
Андрей Чупин
Fack You
Андрей Чупин
очень детский канал!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nebal abdulla
WTH why they want to scare kids and have them not to sleep by their own😡
Bandita Raut
Deisi Fornazier
Audely Lawrence
Dude please stop this what the fuck is your problem do you know how scared my fucking bro is right now
Kennedy Offord
stop it.
Paula J Brooke
You can't run 🏃🏻 it's Halloween 👻 night
Paula J Brooke
I love ❤️ my sister and momma
darcey wilson phillips
Vikas Charles
Little Kids Learn Colors ABCs & More
Great Video !!!!!
محمد شادي ياسين
Meera Alkous
Indra Karki
esther lago collazo
te te r
Kids SlowMotion
Schoolies | Scary Shark | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs | Stories of the shark
This is a very good video click Likeeeeeeeeeeeee
Lucy Mayer
logi eswari
Ftima Sehili
Nn. Un nouveau.
This is stupid I got my arm ripped off by a shark do not like this plz for the Navy plz
Kids Fun Party
Very cool made video! We love it :) Nice!
sevinç arslan türköz
your mummy area dead
sevinç arslan türköz
scary flying shark shot up
Julius Traquena
bonar kasihan baget
HeavenEzok - Roblox
Not Scray None Scary Not True Fake YES
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Aikosh Rakhimjankl09
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Dextyn Labelle
Areeba Sohail
Mundo da Gaby
Jesus Urias
pu CV BC,
Big Super Hero
Fantastic video!!!
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