Chas Ptrs.
Where is the dude showing off his money, busted ?, what a rat. Instant karma is what they need. The kid shot in the hand prob. had a gun hidden and wanted to use it. Give them all "short" notice before they turn on you. Store keepers should have better protection, like a doz. bulldogs behind the counter. 22.6.17
Midnight Black
There is a phenomena happening in the United States, and its not a good one.

I'm sick of criminals being hailed as heroes and martyrs, and cops being called criminals. And I am sick of the demonization of the race that brought freedom to the world, and the praises of a race that has only created third world carnage and destruction. Enough of the backwards bullshit.Put ALL these criminals in the ground.

God bless Latino's and Asians...THEY haven't traded in their humanity for political correctness in THEIR countries. We need to start throwing ALL these criminals, and the white Liberals who make excuses for them, and cover for them, into the Atlantic Ocean!NO MERCY for those who prey on others!GREAT video, as always!
الوعد الحق
Islam says , :who is he killed any innocent soul , will be killed him self , . WHY KILLING BECOME A WAY TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS ! , what a huge sin !, i feel shit daily for this wild bloody world , how can someone kill this amazing creation of god , 9 months of pain , and pregnancy , and years of rising up ,learning , contacts feelings , relationships ,friends ,and family working memories , how can someone kill all this in one second , , i really have no comment more than feeling unsafe around people !.
Hardcore Jubul
stupid amateurs
Djms&capo DeMorais
Excrement robbing small guys shud be exterminated on the spot.
Hey, just a question, I'm in college and wondering where this takes place, like what countrys it's taken place in. Hello m from Canada and stole a few times. I'm just wondering where.
orangie 4130
good music choice
Stephen Howlett
love the one where the savage is counting his stollen money and then gets its nasty grin wiped of its face when the good guys turn up and teach him crime does not pay it yealds bitter fruit
That first guy in blue was obviously trained. Thank you 2nd amendment!
JJ Holmes
haahhaahaa.. so fucking funny..........
Diamond Star19
im 11 why am I here?
willie peppers
guys in helmets are not to be trusted
willie peppers
dont u hate wen u try to rob soneone and they shoot u in the head
Da_Aussie_Duck 69
I love how this is labeled "entertainment" 🤣🤣🤣
Balon Zoloz
poor quality
John Kern
Anybody know who the song is by?
A1 Madddoggkilla
vevre pour la revelution

think thats how u spell it
Tracy James Tavares
Six adds for a ten Min. Vid. , no thanx
kinda sad to see that all those videos are here in Brazil
Choice or No Choice
Having the CRIME of your LIFE...
...and that LIFE is now Bye bye! : )
Brazilian police officers should be making about $250,000 a year. Fuck!
ntents ntents
upside down side ways blurry. pass on this vid
Kyle B
the one where the black dude is showing off. hahahahahahahaha. fucking dumb piece of shit.
joel collins
Thank You for The Video, Nice Collection!
Random Snake
Whoops I'm nit a adult
Jason D
So much dead fill in this video! If you'd cut to a few seconds where the action was it would be a 1 1/2 minute video.
SahDude SnD
I hated the one where that kid got shot in the hand
SHUT OFF THE GODDAMN MUSIC ASSHOLE! it makes everything unwatchable with that insane racket.
You know its gunna be a serious vid....
When the disclosures in spanish XD
Clindon James
Was that a known thief that the guy with the gun made him hold out his hand and shot his hand?

Is most of this on Brazil? Do South American countries allow concealed carry?
Bruno Bedore
Muitos brasileiros infelismente
This video makes me truly happy
John Kern
Music's tight.
ضيعه ء
They deserve what they deserve
Wise Wises
Getting what they deserve !
Gotta love them happy ending stories!
Pothead Mike
be aware, of your surroundings.
Wow, that first one was one hell of an accurate shot.
Ever blazing ever blazing
yung totoo ingitero ka
FIRST keep it up bro
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