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It's not what you expect. 
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Sound: Mike Harrison

Aidan Hones
Did anyone notice the girl dancing wrong
josiah longe
All this time I thought buzzfeed was an imaginary place in disney.
Rida Bade
lol this was friggin awesome. #subbed
Jack Dingle
Shit, buzzfeed is losing everybody
Trojan Man
who TF is this dude
Jayden Campbell
mr jeeseeks

robbin smdlgbd
wooah. this was sooo coooool i cant wait to see future content and that little clip at the enddd!!! 😄
Payton Messina
Reminds me so much of Jason Lee 😍
Beach! Bitch?
so now we know why buzzfed are running out of ideas.
I hope to see the dynamic duo back at it! Chris+Brittany just work well together.
Kathleen Rose
the best Why I Left Buzzfeed video so far haha. clicked the subscribed button even before the video ends.
Love, Sophie
All the good ones are leaving
Maura Benson
are we just going to ignore the fact that this was all in one tape
bxby chimichanga
wow this was AMAZING 💕💕 it is the only "why I left buzzfeed" video I was actually able to watch all of. it was so creative and the sly way that you made fun of buzzfeed was genius 👌
SUBSCRIBED after the 1st video ☺
eyu larebo
Why does everyone keep saying that they left Buzzfeed to make content? Something isn't adding up, everyone has the same reason. I don't believe it. Maybe by their past contract, it states that they can't say anything bad about Buzzfeed. I feel like that's what's going on but I could be wrong. Can at least one person say that it has to do with the racism and sexism propaganda they are creating?
hi Chris you're adorable
this is so good!
emily bowling
Anushhka Thakur
He was always my favourite
subscribed..because you are great at advertising yourself.
Diddy Did
Dear god you are so annoying. I can't stand Buzzfeed but there were times I'd click on a video and any video with you in it I automatically had to X out of. Everything about you is awful from your face to that nails on a chalkboard voice you have.
Edgars Pavlovičs
Nobody cares, you ugly fucker
Skyler C
Hope Buzzfeed is getting the message. The amount of videos of personal testimonials on YouTube on why certain employees are leaving Buzzfeed is staggering.

Oh well, hope this type of shoddy "journalism" disappears because no one wants to consume or make media from/for them.
This was the best "why I left buzzfeed" video. hits subscribe
Johnny Ji
Thank god everyones leaving BuzzFeed, that company needs to die already
Fadia Lev
Chris, I love you. Give me Brittany's cell number please. I understand her sexual preference. Its well documented I just want to ask her to hold me for a bit.

BTW will you hold me for a bit.
I'll keep an eye on you Chris because the content I saw I liked, and because advertisements work real good. But, I do wish you guys would give some credit where it is due. These recent-ish videos of ex-Buzzfeed employees telling us why they quit often seem kind of entitled, because they lack acknowledgement for the opportunities and experiences they (probably) collected from working in a large media corporation. No one says you have to love the place you work for, nor stay there forever, but painting them in a negative light simply because what you want/can afford to aspire for has changed, is kind of annoying, to say mildly.
Siva Nova
best why I left buzzfeed video
Clarissa Diaz
man i really wanna join buzzfeed now that these sell outs are quiting a fairly stable job for fairly stupid reasons, being shockec at working at a big company. Then ill quit, use my skills i aquired there and ironically use it to start my own videos ONLY TO DO THE EXACT SAME CONTENT AS DONE IN BUZZFEED :) "Taking a piss at my exes house" "dressing up like drag"
its funny how just about everyone from buzzfeed is leaving and making way better youtube channels
Josh Hilton
better then buzzfeed
Buzzfeed is the corporate/capitalist of youtube. They stand for everything what youtube wasn't meant to be and I hope youtube won't ever be. If youtube does plan to go to that direction naturally because the lure of $ is hard to ignore, I hope by then there will be other medium I can go to watch independent videos
Hammering Hank
No one cares
Tena Gordon
3:20 s*xual violence
Sonya Velez
subscribed before i even look through the rest of your channel. this is quality shit!!
Rats and sinking ships comes to mind, hope you drown anyway.
Jose Rangel
the best "Why I Left BuzzFeed" video I've seen
carebear 1
I absolutely love this please more
Giovanni Lorenzo
Holy shit this video is awesome and creative!
Radiotubetv Media
Cheryl Horne
great job!!!!!!!!!
Samantha Bennett
Mario G
I'm still not buying the "what do men think about during sex" video, when you talk about women and that Daniel Tosh mocked.
ehhhhhhhh I feel like scripted/polished stuff only works when you're REALLY good at it, otherwise it's kinda more entertaining to just watch people joking around
kyla bunny
fuckin gnius.. u win my vote!
Ryka Bhuiyan
Everyone good left buzzfeed! Why?!
Does anyone know what "future" Chris said as he got pulled away?
Joy Lee
This video's creativity was so perfect in explaining why he should've left a long time ago
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