rita bryan
Racist Bitch
Serguei Serboz
she´s beautifull....but she forgot to put her waist this morning when she woke up....
Marcelo Costa
Wait.... America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antartica...... =6, where is the 7th?
Rhonda Collins
She is built like sponge bob with tits
Michael Pietrzak
.....is she retarded?
Nina Khakpour
Colbert's shaming her .... she's gorgeous, beautiful body and there's no shame in showing that
Frank James
Tuck Raph
in some countries the wedding is all about drinking
Lisa K
If she didn't have them boobs she would be much of nothing cause she's really not that great looking..
oliver cook
She is so fuckable
Roger Davis
Not sure about the tequila. I'd think I'd like to be stone cold sober so I could enjoy every moment of the wedding night with Kate once we hit the sheets!
brad fiser
Stephen Colbert looks and sounds like a news reporter not a late night comic.
•Chickens8 •
"For the fashion"

More like for the FAPhion
game of war learn how to gamble young
Bad_Ping God
so boring...stephen was trying so much but she just had nothing to offer
Adil Y
title : when nerds talk to hot chicks
Maan Okay
Stop wasting so much time showing us pictures! The real Kate Upton is right there!
Hard to believe she used to be a he.
Am I the only one who hears them massively mispronouncing antarctica?
that looked like the most uncomfortable interview
Sparky Robinson
I think it's crazy that shes only 24
Worship Skobbels
He was trying so hard not to look at her tits
XxSliver xXx
lovely Kate :)
what's with this Stupid Stephen Colbert!! what an idiot!
he can't really make a good interview with his guests smh
Pamela Jensen
Let me preface this with, I love women, I have two girlfriends that are way hotter than Kate Upton. I just don't understand what the appeal is about her. She does not seem to be terribly smart and her body is about average, it doesn't look like she puts much effort into being fit... I realize I sound like a sexist asshole but she could be a lot hotter and smarter if she put some effort into it.
Can't tell if she's a little stoned or she's normally crazy but holding it back for the interview...
Death Knight
well, I guess I should start reading sports illustrated
She's so much hotter when she isn't talking :l
Winston Xiong
nice tits
WHO is this guy blowing to stay on tv. #talentless
this interview is so awkward, like honestly couldn't watch it
Chris Touma
that lucky hourse
Rick Harrison Pawn Shop
definitely smash her
Megan renee
she looks like hillary clinton..
King Mufasa
3:26 South Pole to take some Pics? Why not PhotoShop?
she is hot and all but Stephen is DTF
Markiso Wickstorm
Stupid stupid poor girl
lee pinder
I'd give her a pearly necklace
Lian Bitar
Well Id like you to ride my horse it's a very big horse of Jamaican pure race
The fat face isn't nearly enough to put me off fapping.
Stephen Espinoza
Yeah ... I came twice
Antarctica there is a t in the word
Lost Under the Sky
God Stephen Colbert sucks as a late show host. He was better when he was with Comedy Central. Hell James corden and Craig ferguson are better. He is horrible
john Baldock
So There You Are Young ladies! Forget Tallent/Education/Morals , Just Get Your Tits Out! Disgusting!And Im A Man.
Hector Herrera
she's chunky by model standards
It sounded the hell like Pink Floyd in the end
so no one is going to make a joke when Colbert said "So you can out RIDE him." Well fuck it i guess i will, I bet she can out ride a lot of people ;). Or Shit if she rode him too much can i get next? Okay last one Excuse me miss your flotation devices aren't supposed to be out when you are riding the horses. Nah sorry i got one more If she's riding the horse then who's he riding?
bowwave Paul
She needs to have my babies.
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