WE NEED HELP!! ( This is BAD )

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Yesterday's Vlog - https://youtu.be/_tHwt1nqrfI
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Today Brittney and I returned out rental RV (Camper). We also attempted to battle the skunk smell out of our dog flash. I tried to land a new BMX bike trick too. Overall we had a great day full of wins and fails :) Thank you so much for watching :) we love you. 

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun!

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Seriously, Hit that like button if you actually watched this whole vlog :) Thank you so much! We love you see you Tomorrow :)
Vanessa Webb
Tomatoe juice works
brad stewart
U know roman used rich when he has a donkey around
Mia Flores
u should use tomatoes juice it should workπŸ˜‘
Chloe jane Burnie
I love guys
Chloe jane Burnie
I love you guys
Tracie Johnston
use tomato sauce
Madison Moffatt
You should give flash a bath in tomato juice
Monster Man
if you hold your dogs snout gently when they are about to shack and they will stop
Fiona Currie
Use tomato ketchup to get the smell out πŸΆπŸ…
Alex Roman
no it's not that tomato sauce that works
Mariela Ventura-Ortiz
The door opens
Mariela Ventura-Ortiz
At 0:15
Liz Padilla
Use tomato πŸ… jucie
Jayla Dohring
The amount of games roman get me to buy πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚
Mayra Mireles
tomato sause
Matt Smith
Did you see the door shut in the camper. it was kinda funny because it was in the backround.
Mason Ziselberger
what happened to zus
Maloney Girls
when are you having the baby girl
Jose Cruz
hi roman
Gabriel Acevedo
tomato juice
Lambo Fan13
0:15 is that a ghost closing the door? 😨😱😨😱
allie beltran
you need to wash the dog with tamoto
christina cooper
You have to use tomato juice
Bibi In The Wonderland
My record is 45% level one
Nicole J Grimes
Try tomato sauce they say that's works for skunk smell
Korbin Out Loud
lps pollypocket
13:40 did he just say she was gonna wait for the baby to Cook?!??
tbh that game i did the hole entire level without looking first try
Scott McHallam
Our dog was sprayed by a skunk and we used Odormute, and works great. Just make sure you follow the directions.
Janelle Langford
my kid beet the game
Courtney Rich
Have you tried using tomato juice?
kaylee Gibson
temato soup
Avery Husack
Tomato sauce
Reagan Garrett Denver Johnson
0:13-0:18 ghost closes door
dav 567
where is zeus
Armando Mata
you shudidt pudet tomato sals
dylan k.
i have that game and my favorite one is chaos
roman and his family are seriously beautiful human beings <3
Olivia Carpenter
i have that game
Alexa Ayala
I wish Roman was my dad not because he's rich or anything it's because he spends time with his kids he does everything with them just like the one with the giant inflatable hot dog on the big mud hole
dcrowsn1973 Crowson
Amy Schwenk
Use tomato juice.
Hunter Pietrowski
use tomato sase
Kasandra Llamas
u have to put flash in tomato jucie
Kyle Hurd
I got 49% on my third time overall and my first time trying it without looking.
Art Crusher
use tomato juice to get the skunk smell out
Faith Herriott
abdullah saleem
Use Tomato sauce
Megan Fox
I can't even do it while looking
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