Vet Ranch
Thanks for the love and support!!! PS, who loves bulldogs!?!?!?!?!
Teresa Goebel
So sad
street parade
The Dude abides.
Elizabeth Fisher
I feel you dude I need a face lift too! Love you guys!
Rozu Gold
More like an Asian Bulldog.
Delyla Lundquist
I am happy that you are taking care of animals
I absolutely love your videos! I wish I could see more of the surgery. This one, I wanted to see how you did the 2nd eye. I've watched about 30 clips and I'd say your videos are very good for this to be the only one I have a gripe about. :)
Butter_ Freak
Umm excuse me but i own 2 American bulldogs and that right there is an English bulldog. (No hate)
Valerie Lynn
What makes me saddest is that this lil guy must have been owned by someone, they paid for his tail to be docked but once his eyes became a problem they decided not to pay for that and he was out of a home 😞
Kevin Kuyl
i actually drifted over from demolition ranch, but dude, your level of awesomeness is incomprehensible!
Veronica Crain
When the dog tried to jump on the camerawoman I literally fell out of my chair laughing
Kenzie Shepherd
Why age restrictions
Shy Song Covers
When their eye does this does the hair rub their eye and can it get infected if not treated?
Play a game of 'which one is the eye?'

I honestly didn't know which one was XD

Like Asians.

(Please dont be offended its a joke don't lynch me.)
Jeremy Young
I like him!!!! What a fun boy...
Gene Garza
I have an English bulldog she's fat like 65 pounds
Chompio Dicaprio
He reminds me of Brock...
Mia Villasenor
When he started jumping at the camera person <3 <3 <3
Up 6 m9
My dog gizmo had the same procedure
SimonaLyne Enderz
Dr. Matt isn't this an identical surgery they perform on Shar peis as well?
Jon Moore
Let's play where the eye his eye looks like pussy if you think about it
Cancaros Coaxing
It would be nice to have a before and after picture of his face : )
My springer spaniel needed this surgery years ago, and my sister's bulldog now needs the same procedure. I'm in Canada so veterinary care is more expensive, but I can tell you that this is not a cheap fix, especially if a revision is needed.
Thanks Dr. Matt, Dr. Kari, Dr. Dave, Dr. Lee and the entire Vet Ranch team for taking care of these animals, no matter how expensive, time consuming, or intense the treatment is. You guys rock!
Watchmecry Tearsofjoy
I have to say,,, I hope his forever family renamed him,,, lol

Tank or Buddy are better than Dude,,, lol (id've called him Tank 😋)

I'm guessing he's an American Bulldog vs an English one? He's way leggier than English Bulldogs are right? Am I wrong? One of the two breeds have super short legs I think,,, And the little "piggie tail" lol
Samara Lyle
The 391 people who disliked must have been crying so hard they accidentally pressed the dislike button
how tf is a american bulldog homeless
Nathan Kennedy
How is this age restricted
Lps Girl
Hope for dude to feel better
SmileMoreGal_MythicalBeast 2005
Srsly?!? Age restricted???!!?
connor anonymus
and this dude's name is dude .-.
Yarelis Rojas
"And he also has no manners" 😂😂😂
Free Byrd
Omg I want that dog
Grandpa Space Oreo
What if the American bulldog is Asian because it has small eyes
Nia Jacquetta
poor puppy
Gracelyn Kay
a v a
Age restricted :/
Irreverent Crawfish
Bulldogs are definitely the cutest breed.
Cooper Antone
love your vids
Nicole Aguilar
he is so cute
Nicole Aguilar
he is so cute
Nicole Aguilar
he is so cute
Richard Nguyen
Is that the bulldog from rio lmao
Lps Pawsome Katz
U guys are the best god bless this channel
Yonas Getu
"He's like a bulldozer" He didn't even notice that pun... Bull Dozer
Nicole nepper
Abby Ellison
I couldn't help but laugh when dr. Matt said that dude ran into a fence XD
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