Vet Ranch
Thanks for the love and support!!! PS, who loves bulldogs!?!?!?!?!
Samm Olson
the boss
how much for him
Merrillee Cook
So cute
Nick Motsarsky
"Bulldog Can't See, But Then......."

Ugh. Not clickbait titles from you too...
Julie Watkins
=( =. (
david sandlin
I think that dogs been hanging out with Cypress Hill and Snoop Dog a little too much. Lol. He looks like he got into the brownie stash over at Wiz Khalifas house.
Valeria De Dios
He is so cute
Ella Ciolli
I hate watching the videos because they are sad but I love watching them because they help the animals
Andrea Gonzalez
They look like my dad
he's adorable! he's super outgoing and cute!
so this dog is like an Asian he can only see a little thing
VinnyBlockz - The Ultimate Gamer
really youtube
Jason Chaos
hes just an Asian bulldog.. why surgery
PopcornAddiction YT
I have English bulldogs. A female named Harley and a male named Barkley and they are the cutest turds you will ever meet!
Just a girl
Vortex Dragon
there's gonna be one Asian joke in this
Fluffy Awseomeness
Why is this age restricted?!?!
Batris Waniah
I was scared 😣😶
Privileged White Male
Simon Garner
Give me y our money.
This is age restricted I'm pissed off a lot my brother Is learning from this so am I
If he ran into a fence, I don't think he can really see
Diet Cola
For some reason, I'm not squeamish for humans but for dogs I get a LITTLE squeamish.
Addy Conte
that would suck to be A blind my cousin is blind he was born that way and he's 22 years old
Griffin Mcutchen
He's so cute
ssuo ben
ehh these breeds that have multiples issues making the dogs life hard should be made illegal like a comitte or something should test breeds soo if they have defects or not in a certain persentage of their offspring
Heather Martinez
what is with all the homeless dog huh
Kyle Hooks
What's there PO box
He's such a cute dog!
Brit B
When he played which one is the eye and opened up the actual eye it def looked like some kind of gross vagina
Eating salsa while watching... lol
Hehe. ReVISION surgery.
WD Films
The fact that 380 people disliked this video makes me sick
ok, what ever keeps on flagging these videos needs to stop. if you don't want to watch the video or are protecting your kids, stop. people watch these videos to learn about real life and people who want to be vets
jumpoly time
a www so cute
selene Hays
Sees a dog in the thumbnail, clicks immedeately without thinking
Tj Collins
Nothing wrong with an asian doggo
Oscar Weber
It hurts when u get an eyelash in your eye, so I can't even imagine how much this hurts
KaylaTheGymnast 101
Kazoo Kid
Me: (Watched something depressing), alright time to watch a kitten be saved on bet ranch
Such a cutie😍❤️❤️
Felicidad Paciona
i love him
Jean Calabresi
Jack Hubley
Play with dat eye like peekaboo
Sel koff
Matt you are real men from Russia with love
Abbe Bladon
What a cutie! Awesome dog, it's really bizarre as he looks exactly like a British bull dog but with long legs! I never knew his breed existed, so glad he has a new forever home xxxx
Tony Winters
Omfg. Seriously?!?!?!?!?! NOW AN AGE RESTRICTION?!?!?!!!!!!!! WTF YOUTUBE?!!!!!! Ugh. >:/ This is why people aren't happy with this platform. They allow games like COD, CSGO, and all the other FPS games, with so much violence and graphic content and whathaveyou, but they fucking block shit THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS?!?!?!!!! (If VetRanch themselves put the age restriction on, I apologize for the rant. If not, then there is no apologies) This has as much graphic content as the fuckin games!!!!!!!!
Jason Cano
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