WHO'S YOUR DADDY? ANIMATED with Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye

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Like! It helps me out a lot. It also makes me giggle and fart glitter.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waeR5S2mXXs

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Hazim Arif
Kit Kat
Darkest Passion
omg so good
rapidrebel zzz
Peach The en cermet
What is the song at 1:45
This is freaking awesome
Mary Udomah
Good job on Jack's Rock-Lee eyebrows XD
Kden Medina
i saw a green snail in jacks crib behind the green eye ball
Blaster 2814
I drinking chocolate milk for dinner!!!!!!!
jays spirit
CrazyGamerGirl 1300
I see that snail!
Riley Stiegler
watching to 76,099 SOMEONE SUB RIGHT NOW
Schyler Kai Robbynnes
Your style is great
boomstick bro
Goda Radžiūnaitė
ilike this
StarMarine Plays
Greatest Video I Have Ever Seen
Master Ryan
This was amazing
SkaterSlick 365
did anybody see the broken pewdiepie play button that's a reference
Did anyone notice that whenever pewdiepie is onscreen his beard gets bigger? Just me? Ok...
Mairin Santos
._.im scared that rose is watching this
Jacqueline Trieu
I watched this 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times I LOVE IT :3 <3 WHEN MOMMY COMES BACK IM DRINKING CHOCLATE MILK OR DINNER
Cartooon THAT
hey. i see baby markiplier. :)
Jade Simmons
I wasn't expecting that ending lol
Lauritz Elliot Mainz-Larsen AN 4B
Ennard's Exotic butters
Anyone notice that pewds beard grew over time as the father
MysticWolfiePlayz AndDraws
"I've trained you well, son."

-PewDiePie 2017
Alexis Freeman
lol lol lol lol
Burningwinter 11
yes I can definitely say no to that face XD
U did the right faces and bodies for them <3 It's so good! like the face pewdiepie had when he fell of of jacksepticeyes back, such a cute animation!!
Here for the memes
pewdiepie: "daddy, how can you say no to this face?"
me: starts singing how can you say no to this from hamilton
Brooke Mulheron
This is awesome!
Samantha Gonzales
pewds beard gets bigger like every second XD
Panic! at the Disco Fan
I laughed WAY too hard
so cool!!
Jade Wolf
What song is that?🎶
Preston Stanley
this got me laghing so hard tel, me if it hapened to u 2
this was the funniest thing ever
Chonia Echevarria
Im gonna crap on your pillow
Chonia Echevarria
why isnt mark in here
Nerdfox 777
Me- HELL YEA JACKABOY ......a dirty minded joke indeed
I like how when jack scares felix, Felix's beard grows bigger
that attention to detail at 0:50 is awesome!
This is amazing and hilarious!!
TrinityMars TDM
Good job!!! Really funny and it took my favourite parts to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!
Naruto Fan
TheLastOf Sam
That. Was. AWESOME.
How long do these animations usually take? They are so detailed, and amazing!
Robert Harris
holy fuck. baby jack is so cute.
Zorua Animations
1:45 Smooth animation, Choice of colors, and that one part though killed me! :D
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