Two spot octopus found in a tidepool


While exploring the tide pools at my local beach I discovered a two spot octopus hiding out under a rock waiting for the tide to come back in. I of course pulled out my camera and had a little fun interacting with it.

Charles Ivan Aceveda
He did not know how to caught an octupus simple take uff the rock and get his head done
Gloria Malt
Gloria Malt
Muffin the Legend
Pick him up!!!! He's harmless ;-;
Are they venomous?
Raptor Gaming
i cought one in the ocean off of Florida their not pleasant to get off of hooks. their in the family as squid.
That octopus could've been a delicious hardy meal.Throw him on the grill with some seasoning and lemon. Yummy.
rachel bonert
can you hold the ocktapoos
V Bruno
does anyone here watch Brave Wilderness
kcmbtoys i love toys
Wow amazing!!!!!
Janna Jabi
Wich tid pool are you in
Jessica Grace
Summer Clevely
you sould of braght net for the octopus
A Schock
Freemyapp Helper
marley Farinas
that star fish is partik XD
Creeper Universe
Why is he getting so much hate?! He's doing nothing wrong. Just cuz he's not considered a professional, that doesn't mean he should stop being with nature...
Elli Nelson
This is a beautiful video of a beautiful place, but by touching and poking this wild animal you are stressing it and probably contaminating it with bacteria from your hand.
Please don't do that.
aisyah asyiqin
Oh! Fish!!! That's freaking huge than I caught!!!!!
cherazade kylie M. espinosa
o my god it's huge
ChlorGeist The Great
i like how you're just playing with it, meanwhile it's fighting for it's life
segadrive csgo
Nice vid
Levi and dem boys
mmm tako poke
Jayden Thompson
what is this beach its really cool
BeastElFlaco Gta v weekly
Octopussy :)
the octupus are kind of big sam sea star
fame rain
Do not take vans with you tide pooling, you will fall and break your ass. Shoes with a firm grip are recommended, Gortex boots are the best.
Nutella uuuhdict
I love this kind of videos! my dad found a baby octopus on these tide pools but he shook it off because he was so shocked with its sucking power. hahaha thank you for uploading this! :D
S Ann
wooow! this is so awesome. I still haven't run past an octopus yet. you are soooooo lucky! you have no idea how cool that is to see...well, to me it is
Christine Tolhurst
Where is this on the coast?
Lourdes AMES
be carefull
Really cool footage, thanks for uploading :-)
little fucker lol
Supabolt jay
Where is this? I want to go there to see an octopus I live in wa
RushAndGun! [Rashinggan]
i found one and i want its sintifiq name of it
William Prevost
Then he jumps up and sticks to your face :)
That's amazing
go back there see how it is today and take video please
Mlg Doge
Normally when i find these i think of sushi
What beach is this?
Deborah Leopo
awww lucky butt!! im a tide pool docent and im on the search for the two spotted octopus!! looks great:)
Alejandro Moody
Where do you live?
Santasgifts2011 MC Minecraft
Y u no pull it out for calamari?!
stephan schultz
holy shit that look fuckin creepy
i really want to know what kind of Anemones those are you can see in the footage. Are they the common emerald anemone or something else?
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