IT'S HUGE! Giant Black Slug!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote sets off on an another aquatic adventure with Tide Pool expert Aron Sanchez in search of some monster sized Slugs! ...seriously, these giant black slugs are HUGE!!

Weighing up to 30lbs the Black Sea Hare is the largest slug in the world and is found in abundance along the Pacific Coast of the United States. 

Aptly named Sea Hare due to their rabbit ear looking appendages, these creatures are truly a primordial wonder of the ocean. Who would have ever thought a Sea Slug could grow to the size of a small dog!?

Get ready to get up close with one BIG, BLACK, SLIMY, SLUG! 

Special thanks to Aron Sanchez for making this adventure possible. To learn more about Aron's amazing field work please visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram @waterbod

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Uno coolkid2007
Maybe that was the slug that was hiding inside a log from shrek.
Mercenary Gary
A friend showed me Coyote and I couldn't be happier
Janice Greene
How do you do that WOW 😲
Kaylin Hanna
Can u find all those creatures in the rocky outcrops of Maine like old Orchard? Im going there in August and would love to find one
Slowtoons Slowpoke
It's slimy alien looking and cute
Gaming with Zach
"These guys are vegetarians" Its called an herbivore
vow big are your balls?
CraftingSpad 3
Why doesn't he have more subscribers?!
Gerardo Alvarez
I have the same last name as Aron Sanchez , Gerardo Alvarez Sanchez!!!! :O
lapras universe
you need a TV show or channel
Roderick Bywater
Is it edible?
they look like the baby great ones from bloodborne...
nyan pittbull
Gaming Pro346
Yes u are right about the jagged part I was 8 and was at the beach with my friend and she pointed out that there were rocks and when we were there she found a sand dollar and I found one to but when I was gonna get the second one I found I slipped and my entire hand got badly scraped to the point were I had to go to the hospital and have surgery to remove the tiny rocks and they had to stitch my hand up
Claudio Vargas
I agree with you guys that he should have a tv show but the writers would kill the authenticity these guys bring if they went on a tv network.
BabyInc Jamz
I like what you are doing but it's dum man
Sarah Mathieson
it is so big yuck
Angelina Vazquez
Thats a
big black slug no kidding
Benjamin Pineda
he's got crabs lol
Katelyn Chan
And I don't like normal slugs
li li
What would happen if you put salt on it... Considering the fact that it literally lives in salt water
Elaine Crenshaw
you should try kmodao dragon
Glitter Sparkles123
Or chopped
Glitter Sparkles123
He needs a brake of getting stunk so often
Lightning Trick Shots
he has got the best intros
It looks cute to me
renato reyes
That's what he said
white people...
Your Neighbors Favorite Farmer
Tay's life Life
It's ugly af like if you agree
Neekie Brothers
What is a slug
GamerLisaXopink GoodgirlLisa
Speck Productions
My brothers words when I showed him this video: "I wanna touch it!"
Joyce Pacheco
Dude you are so cool you should start your own YouTube Channel
Emily Alexander
CUTE!!! 😍😍😍
Maribel Nilsson
The slug is about 3 feet.
lps izzy 51 Thompson
you should have a TV show on animal planet
Raising Four
WHY DO YOU DO THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?
3:52 is when he finds the slug.
Uthie Wakefield
that is a big slug br oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Kelsey Johnston
Not gonna lie that slug is freaking adorable! Omg I love him
Here, hold my baby
Jeanette Benoit
hey he has been doing this longer than you and he sayde 3ft and you sayde 2ft
Kakashi Hatake
He's holding a big black diiiii
Ramzi Zarou
Just Put Salt On It!!!
Amy Sigmon
The slug reminds me of a puppy when he holds it for some reason
Billy Bob 123
"Beyond the tide" explores tide pools
Lol great video
Robert Siavii
This guy always catching Pokémon's
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