Spicer only keeps his job because nobody else wants it. That and Trump delights in the press being distracted by Spicer's fuck-ups instead of pressing the hard questions and doing real investigation into Trump's corruption.
Mike Peterkin
check out the trump burned portrait i did. it's handsy!
Anonymous Rated
I prefer Trevor Noah. Trevor is actually a transgender to the many that are unaware of this. I knew him in Johannesburg before he transitioned into male. Its a breath of fresh air to us in the LGBT community to have a trans like Trevor growing in popularity.
Sean Spicer deserves some kind of medal for PTSD or something. I don't know how he doesn't have a stroke, or go berserk.
Zahra Zee
1:34 - 1:39

Just when you thought Colbert could not be more dry and to-the-point....
Sandra S
"Spicer is a wonderful Yuman being"
Phil Robertson
Please, please - put Trump out in front of the press every day. It will all be over in a week.
Rienk Kroese
I feel sorry for Trump. He clearly doesn't know what to do. Poor guy.

Imagine you going to your job, but you have NO CLUE what to do and everybody was constantly looking at you for EVERYTHING.
Richie Rich
"She doesn't have that certain je ne sais what?" OMG he fucking killed it 😂😂😂
"You're a bad president, please resign"
ADV: America's Dankest Videos
Gregor Hast
Who told you they will take Sean from you?
Stephen's been skewering Trumpanzee from day one. From Australia, love you Stephen, you ROCK!
"First of all: You're a bad president, please resign."

Me: dies of shock
D Rusk
I love colbert but why do they allow that nitwit in the band to keep tossing in his crap?
Herge Tintin
Jackie 371
Thank you, Stephen! I've been calling him "The Idiot" from the first day he "won". And, thank you for just putting it out there, plainly & humbly that he's a bad President & needs to resign.
Cassandra Moore
"first of all, you're a bad president, please resign." HAHAHAH
Game Fro
Stephen's Other Plea: 'Lord, make me funny again.'
For once Trump is actually telling the truth, his communications department can't keep up with him because his bullshit and lies seem to change by the hour.
Muriel Cohen
Really glad Stephen started getting political like This. Great for his ratings.
Stephen Colbert I love you #savage#trumpresign
" Are you so good that no one is able to keep up wit you ? "

The same thing was said so many times in the Egyptian media about the president Abdel Fattah Sisi but the difference is even Sisi, Who's one of the most wicked and weird presidents Egypt ever knew , was humble enough to not confirm that thing they said about him.
Matt T
So sick of this guy. Same shit every night. Proof he has zero talent. Can we have Dave back please?
Rebecca Peters
Rich narcissistic bully who only won because he had more money than anybody else running for the office even though he is totally, totally unqualified!
jayla morris
destroy apparent bad truly independence swing helpful increase produce emerge.
Samiul Haque
good show.
gloria barton
Colbert, kiss Trump's ass. you fu g idiot
douglas carpenter
This guy isn't funny. He has turned into Letterman. A once cutting edge comedian turned political shill. His job now is to entertain idiots while misinforming them.
He's Jon Stewart's itchy left nut.
Juan Martin Reyes
incident choose along sake respect discussion afford promise.
u know its like we got almost a mix of scrooge, mayor quimby and B.P. Richfield from Dinosaurs as president but i still can't help but think Clinton would be just as bad, if not worse!!!!!! idk if anybody seen the way she changes her stories probably almost by the hour and lies maybe even more then Trump and on top of that the people she fires may mysteriously end up dead........if only Clinton didn't screw Sanders and Putin/Trump didn't screw everybody haha!
YF Zhang
stephen being sick is so sexy
leonardo o bello
Breaking.. the dramatizing lefties killed Seth Rich who gave all DNC info to Wikileaks...the Russians appear nothing to have do with it
Zulu and Food
I agree 100000% to what Colbert said
Henry Fanelli
when is this little weasel going to shut the fuc* up? your not funny unless your a Hebrew. you better hope that the president is in office for 8 years, it's the only way your horrible non funny no talent show will survive douchbag.
Doreen E
yes. please Mr president, please, please resign.
"trump bad" "WOOOOOOOO!"
fake audience 2:14
Andrew B
Trump is a nutcase and needs to go YESTERDAY!!!
Vincent Knight
oh my god this is so hilarious
1:35 mins the best
Diamond Tiara
pretty sad that the government doesn't believe that it has to answer to the people.
Gee guys... maybe you should have just voted. Maybe you shouldn't always believe what CBS says... (remember how they reported the polls? did you guys really believe that stuff?)
You suck, and your not funny !!! just think, with out Trump you would be kicked off the air for low ratings.
Stephen Colbert, Thank You. :')
commedy of errors
Is she on her knees?
A better choice: Getting Doug with High | Wednesday May 17 @ 10:15a PST
Trump is a fucking lunatic.
The facts are for all to see, but ignorance knows no
bounds. Meantime is sad to see that this President is slowly undermining
one of the greatest democracies on earth and sadly to the point of no
this guy is so high on himself. All these butthurt liberals. You can tell because they're so focused on bashing the president.
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