Andy Serkis Channels Gollum & Caesar The Ape

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CONAN Highlight: The master of motion capture acting improvises a "Lord of the Rings" meets "Planet of the Apes" conversation.

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Gözde Üstün
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was fantastic!!!!!!
He's coming to my birthday party!
For Gollum: our audio app (12 voices)-
Mike90 susanoo
His acting is excellent!
Dalek YouTube supreme
What about snoke
Gajeel Redfox
Would love to hear Supreme Leader Snoke in that conversation.
Sark Kaunzen
1:07 when a Jew escapes Auschwitz
Smoker 1404
Hahaha Andy is amazing!!!
WTF? I´ve always thought Gollum´s and Caesar´s voices were altered with computer effects but it´s 100% real! Andy can speak ape languages too! UNBELIEVABLE!
1:08 İ thought The koba raided the studio :D
Nadim Mono
he is awesome... best actor working right now
Wow Andy's lookin' good.
Jacinto P M Da Costa
Jaya Prakash
Josh Ganz
I've seen this clip before, and liked it. Now, I can't even see it. The screen is black! Does anyone know what's wrong or why?
용시타 Baby
Andy love humans more than ape!
Why didn't it last at least ten minutes... =__=
Ratiu Victor
Genius. Absolutely Genius.
Ragnar LOVEbrok
I want a statue of Andy Serkis in my yard in Poland just to say him thank you every day. Is it weird?
Emmy Abe
Andy should received an Emmy for voice acting!
Rigiro Karuma
Im only here for Andy Serkis... Conan?? I'm not a big fan...
Tom O'Donnell
We don’t deserve Andy serkis
Andy Serkis is a Circus
I LOVE Andy Serkis! ❤👍
independence 87
his a legend better than other acting voice actor
Poly Nikes
No andy don't go full chimp
Poly Nikes
Cool! Now do Walken
Ian Tobia
anyone else distracted by his massive bulge... a man of many talents apparently
Gold Wolf
Smeagle and Caesar on the Phone is absolutely hilarious!
I kinda want to hear a back and forth conversation between the two and see what kind of funny banter they can get away with!
Engin Özgür Yavuz
He's amazing.
Hail King Cerion
Andy is a legend, Hollywood just give this man an Oscar.
Gollums favorite song: "if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it" by beyonce
Chintan Goel
Hahahaha, The reserved laugh from Andy richter on "But the other guy, what the hell is he doing?"
Dre Rmz
Get this man his Oscar already for Christ sakes!
ignis fatuus
Andy Serkis is precious.
Damy Poly
Truly funny! Andy is a wonderful actor!
Chris K
166 people are drunk, and clicked on the wrong thumb ...
Great guy Andy. But Conan with his fake laugh.... 2:00
Nick Uhler
1:06-1:08 must of your teammates when you play ranked in league
Peter Booth
I really hope this is the only clip that survives the apocalypse
Sohom Sengupta
what a talent... unbelievable...I doubt if some of the more renowned actors could do what he does with his voice and body.
Túlio Jannuzzo
Hahaha Andy Serkis fantastic!!
FURRYtie_Milk 69
Andy Serkis is awesome, when he started aping out I got scared 💀
Damn he owns his act
Micah Johansson
1:18 Conan when he has sex.
Lucas Santos
that was so weird
amine mk
He did Enslaved: Odyssey to the West main character "Monkey"
Bad Ape!
quem veio por causa do Omelete?
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