OMG! 10 Unbelievable Looks of Bollywood Actress|Before and After

Before and After

10 Unbelievable Looks of Bollywood Actress|Before and After



3.Deepti Naval






9.hema malini


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hey!!this is raj,
I am hereby declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google Search . I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights.

Manuela Munoz
Elles sont youjour belles que dieu les benisse tous le monde vielli elles vieillisses bien
Sam Romeo Tv
Tina was so cute
Nasreen Hosany
Why don't you people accept the fact that life is a cycle, you are born, then grow up and grow old. Let people live.
irfan shaikh
yaa not shabana azmi this is deepti nawal actors photos
Humaira Anwar
ugly kanjars
Rosemarie Kalloo
What OMG?
ppl aged after some time.
Jeez. Smh.
AJ HouTex
Give them a break. They're human too. Face reality
iqbal hasan
all ladies are still beautiful but l love hema malini. her beauty is mind blowing
Ziya Ghaswala
Umar hogi to frk to dikhega ap log to bologe ke hamesha jawan dikhe umer ke saath chehra to badlega
mohit thavrani
haa to umer ka aser to sab pe hota hi hy isme kya nya hy
Teja Saab Saab
it normal to get old they did they share entertaining us. We all change humans are like fruit we get old.
Aman N
Whats so unbelievable in this video? Everybody gets old, infact some of the actress in this video have aged very gracefully!! Nonsense@entertainment plus!!
Muhammad Usman
You are totally mad
Growing age can, t stop
They all are loking still geourges so don't make fool yourself or others
Deepak Demble
Most of the stars look beautiful even today ...... But you guys jus choose the worst of their pics n put them up here
Ena Saroop
There are still beautiful ladys love them all great 👍 ladys
whats the point of this video anyway? it does not take a scientist to understand the natural changes in physical appearance due to age
It is unfair to compare woman on their age ..
Woman go through a lot..through life....monthly cycles...pregnancy....breast feeding..etc.
I am a man..though.
All actress still look gorgeous...& wonderful
Antara Amonkar
Shabana azmi??? Dreaming or what?
SP95 ntR
.15 shabana or deepti? ?????????
SP95 ntR
Yeh Wada Rha. ......!!!!!!!
shakeel ahmed
in tamam pic me sabse zayada khubsarat dipti navil aur tina minim hi dikhti h umar hojane ke bawajood dono bahot hi khubsurat dkihte h
Vijaya Kumar Ragawan
NO one can go against the nature hence it's better to get old naturally.
delon a
So fucking what douche bag? They just aged,it fucking happens to all. They all look great,better then you will ,you cunt!!
Shifur Bokth
What a stupid video. We all age and people are just as beautiful in old age. True beauty is inside you dumb fu**.
Serita Albert
The first photo was of Deepthi Naval, not Shabana Azmi.
Norman David
I fail to understand this video. All the actresses look beautiful for their age.
raat kana
they all are still beautiful.... :)
Only Simi Garewal still looks younger! Not much change 👍
Kusum Verma
amazing bt first pic was big mistake thats not Shbana Azmi.
Praveen Som
enjoy karo bs life ko vrna fr ...
Supriya Mehra
omg what a useless video :-o
Jayasree Sreenivasan
Lol, right in the beginning, it's Deepti Naval, not Shabana! :P
Naznain Akhtar
what do you think after 45 year s 25 year old girl for sure looks like it this . this is believeable
Donita S
You are not being fair to the Ladies! You show their worst 'older self' photographs! Many have aged gracefully!
Kudos to Hema Malini, Dimple Kapadia, Neetu Singh, Sarika !
peter north
All are looking great
Navi caabca
Wrong title. Say young and old. and what do u mean by unbelievable. everybody hv to face this stage. thn why not to believe
Resma Thomas
why the actress can never be aged lol 1975 n 2017 is like too long whn they were acting Thay might be more than 25 that time lol.... u expect them to look 18.... like thr grand children's
Soumendra Mishra
Music is to bad
Shailesh bajpai
waqt kisi k liye nahi rukata..This is true..
what's so unbelievable about growing old???? ffs
Farhat Sheerin
Neetu Sing Kapoor is most bbbtttffflllll ...
fatmah Maudhoo Dhuny dhuny
neetu still looking beautiful.Anyway evry human beings has to go through it.Its natural.
Syed Niyamathulla
good collection with combination of music,
sachin nabatsing
who wanted 2 fuck them even in their old ages...pls vote now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sadik shaikh
why deepti naval to be called shabana azmi
Samita Dhungana
so what everybody gets old it's not a big deal.
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