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Batman Rocks
I really want to see that
Isaac Gamer2009
I hate this
Union Jack
Mike puru get out of my house
jaesani Ali
crake me up
Mighty Mufasa
Dats so fckn GAY!
Phoebe Gardiner
It's great how you make your own Batchelor. LOL
Nookie Cookies
bad bobby jo
Roimata? !?!
Al-zein Kusmantoro
Laura Daniels looks mean.
Shavaughn was hilarious, that was the best part!
Ashley :D
Rickstar Revolution
"Mike puru get outta my house!" Bahahahah gold👌
Ill-Tempered Mutated Sea Bass
I hate those door to door rose selling bitches, always starting shit
James Russell
Shavaughn Ruakere is so hot! Always thought that since the early days of What Now :D LULZ
Maia Boyd
julian wilson
This one and the Star Wars toy one wasn't that funny. I liked the 10:00 one better, but still #1 fan right here.
Pinballso !
2nd yay
De4trex De4trex
GG Wilson
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