Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!

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Hi folks. The guitar is tuned to open D. D A D F# A D. For the record: the 4 chord is on the 5th fret and the 5 chord is on the 7th fret. I get confused. Can you tell?

I am deeply appreciative of the good vibes this has caused and am deeply in your debt. Thanks so much!!!

Here are some more open D crazy lessons!!

Slide Blues Lesson In Open D made especially for /r/guitarlessons.  I love you guys. In this lesson Messiahsez attempts to capture the essence of the blues.  The blues is a cold heart shaking chill.  It's something you feel and then it comes out of you.

Mane n Tail. for the beard?
how is the song played called?
Ozzy Jon
Fuck you, i'm not getting old, give me the shits and i'll turn it up to 12 mfkr
see how you like that - ha
Ha! This just helped me figure out Gary Clark Jr's - My baby's gone. Open D slide 1-4-5 progression! Awesome! Thanks man!
Drew B
"Hi. Yeah. It's tomorrow."
Michael Freeman
awesome man!Would love to jam out with ya one sunday!
Vanessa C
Well, I have picked up a slide and I'm on my way thanks to you man!
John Louise
Hi messiahsez! Can I ask if there's a title for this song?
Rodger Haagen
I love that u got a samurai sword behind you while u play guitar.U are totally my hero!!! much love.JB
Rohan Black
this is why musicians stick with music, because we have legends like you keeping the scene alive 🍻
Matthew Kelley
Best video EVER!!!!
You have the perfect voice for blues
Hind Jj
what the fuck are you trying to teach old hag?
Woodstock Survivor
Eric Chamberlain
Tofu FTW
Siddharth Srivastava
that's really cool.....thanks ...
Arron Dunn
dude you are fucking insane I've been looking for a video like for a long time you make it look so simple. older is wiser and there's never enough time to learn everything from the old ones. as a wise mab oncr said may I live forever, but may you live forever and a day. respect to you "old timer".
WOW super entertaining and fun! You are a great teacher man thank you so much for sharing this video lesson!
El Pierrot
Bo Reynolds
HAHA!! That was AWESOME! Thank you brother, I appreciate it very much!Bo ReynoldsWHWY RadioDestin, Florida
Kyle Jacob
what fret did you slide up to?
Sir you've just made a new subscriber XD
Wellrose17 or Wellrose1 Nathan Harris
you fuc×king rock. my father is was a blues musician & he lost touch . bills, wife me etc. he is incredible as are you. he should of been famous growing up I used to go to his shows. can you give me a response to him to reinvigorate his sense of purpose. the best man I know beaten down by capitalism
thank sigue asi me encanta su personalidad y su musica gracias por enseñarme un Abrazo Maestro...
Amazing the best, saludos desde Santander Cantabria (spain) y aprendiendo mucho con usted, gracias amigo.
Richard Williams
Que se corte la barba y se le acaba lo mágico con la guitarra :p
Edilson Batista
That crazy, Santa plays Blues and speaks bad words in the other 364 of the year.
Garrison Peters
It was said that after Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Primary, he picked up his old hobby of blues guitar on a National.
Ari Maher
How is that 6th string can endure such awesomeness !
and I thought my ex wife was mad as a fish
Darcy Roberts
You my good sir are a fucking legend
isak selberg
What's your guitar called? i want one :D really nicely played
coolest grandpa ever. And if you dont happen to have kids. You can be my grandpa and we'll have a fuckin jam session.
Richardo Boyd
Thanks for channeling Stevie...You're the real thing bro and you made this old man happy....
Corey Lindsay
Entertaining video. But one of the most explanatory. Thank you sir, for teaching me the blues.
Andrew Gregory
Neil Chapman
Kyle Aldryn Cabral
how about doing a katana video where you cut fruits and stuffs with your katana
joshua fisher
this guy is great love it
this guy is sexy
I have never been enlighten as much as this video did!!! My god!!!!! xD
Ravenal Ravine Gaming Vlogs_Roblox
Your beard is made for wizards, ma'am. Usually I played a resonator guitar before. I just played the Metallica - One intro, Slipknot AOV solo, and Metallica - Fade to Black intro. It was satisfying. And I might wanna do it again, somehow.
haha saw this on FB and searched it up to see it from the original source. Very funny
Nokia 3310
I typed the "messiah plays the guitar" this came up
Logan Garrett
I too use Mane and Tail products. Good shit.
jose luis Vittar
Kyle Kurek
"AND what's going on, AND what's going wrong"

Yeah just about everything but watching this video lol
Old School Gaming
He looks like Trevor from GTA V 25 years older.
Charles Sinnheart
😂 i must meet you
Zullbruck Raqosta
Бешенный дед!
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