Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!

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Hi folks. The guitar is tuned to open D. D A D F# A D. For the record: the 4 chord is on the 5th fret and the 5 chord is on the 7th fret. I get confused. Can you tell?

I am deeply appreciative of the good vibes this has caused and am deeply in your debt. Thanks so much!!!

Here are some more open D crazy lessons!!

Slide Blues Lesson In Open D made especially for /r/guitarlessons.  I love you guys. In this lesson Messiahsez attempts to capture the essence of the blues.  The blues is a cold heart shaking chill.  It's something you feel and then it comes out of you.

Just A Paper Bag
i came for the blues slide lesson, stayed for the refreshing insanity. I am never getting married.
I just discovered blues... then I came to this guy... and he is the fuckin best guitar teacher I've ever seen!
casual samurai sword
Jeromy Pollitt
Wonderous, You Sir are a wizard!
Dante HXC
can u actually record the song u playing with your lyrics? i think it's really cool
Richard Prutz
Great Lesson - Don't Need the FOUR LETTER words.... Thank You,
Open D, resonating guitar, finger pickies, slide and FUCKING INSANITY.
Marty Jean
the reason I rarely like videos is so that when I like one like this it's more meaningful
Love it dude.
Random Stuff
Maaan this is the most punk lesson for blues :D :D !!! I like how you teach us these lessons good job maaan!!!!!
Andy Murkin
I love this!! Thanks new player, literally just picked up a guitar. Best kind of teacher fun and personality 👍🏼 cheers mate!!
F0S The Wasp
What is the name of the original song???
Hey, Mez! Can you tell me what strings you're running on your National? I currently have John Pearse 13's on my Republic Highway 61, but was looking for a little lighter touch and was considering moving down to 12's. Thanx!
What guitar do you have??
PS: Your videos are awesome Keep going ;)
Dave Pudliner
Love this!
Rastavadil Te
Hosea Octavianus
yes sir. i listen to you
David Harkness
the world needs more true inspirational teachers like you
Gondes Dargombes
marco giambalvo
the papa noel blues ....
Steven Rawlings
Possibly the greatest guitar lesson ever posted from the craziest sb I've ever seen. I love him!
:O I've gotta try this. Don't have a slider though.
2333 4444
this is the best thing I have ever witnessed, I want more
Donovan wolf
thank you.
I cuss just as much as the next guy, but you seem to do it when it's entirely unnecessary.
Christian Burkey
this is a perfect example of one of the MOST FANTASTIC HUMAM BEINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Love this guy!
matthew waldroop
would I be able to play this on a regular wooden acoustic? I'm wondering if it would sound any different.
Best teacher ever
Sir, you are a hero and all the things I want to be when I'm older
SOul OdiLe
messiahsez my good sir, to play like a lunatic is also my philosophy
Miles Middlebrooks
and then you do a rito....SHIT ee, ss, qquaaad is it get!!!
the words (letters maybe...) behind his beard were mad trippy
I didn't know what the hell was going on haha you are funny as fuck
Stephen Donahey
This is badass. You rock.
What do you say at 1:12? I can't understand you.
Руслан Айтбагин
BABABABAABBABABBABAPP!)))))))))))))))))) Thank ou so much, sir! You are very great!
Joe Jackson
I love this and the first time to sit don proper and practice, thanks so muchOpen d slide guitar Hope the Chinese went well
I don't even like blues or rock but this shit has me hypnotised
Jim Davis
Are you my grandpa
4:07. Now thats the FUCKIN' BLUES right there! Hats off to you, sir!
Kaja Jensen
This is beautiful
Arjan Sangra
Is that a fucking samurai sword next to him?!
love this geezer!
btw i think he is playing dust my broom by Elmore James or Robert Johnson
Magic Gryszun
You are mad mate!!! Loves your work!!!
Nylander Kloxx
Where's this blues riff from, it sounds very familiar to an old song?
Danny Lau
What if Duane never died he just got head trauma and now this is his life?
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