Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!

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Hi folks. The guitar is tuned to open D. D A D F# A D. For the record: the 4 chord is on the 5th fret and the 5 chord is on the 7th fret. I get confused. Can you tell?

I am deeply appreciative of the good vibes this has caused and am deeply in your debt. Thanks so much!!!

Here are some more open D crazy lessons!!

Slide Blues Lesson In Open D made especially for /r/guitarlessons.  I love you guys. In this lesson Messiahsez attempts to capture the essence of the blues.  The blues is a cold heart shaking chill.  It's something you feel and then it comes out of you.

Here is what I said!!!

0:00hi-yah it's tomorrow so I thought I
0:04would just show you the basics of what
0:05is about to happen
0:08okay so first of all you take your index
0:12finger and you're playing on the 5th
0:14string 2nd fret and you play first open
0:20then you play the 2nd you save up to the
0:507th back to the 5th and then on the 5th
1:14now listen to me listen to me right the
1:19fuck now that is the basis of the blues
1:30that's it right there bungo bungo bungo
1:36I want you to understand that when
1:38Stevie Ray Vaughan was gone inside it
1:43hit his goal and then he would go up to
1:47the five chord and he will go it's the
1:50same damn thing stays going that's seven
2:00and the fifth that's right that's all
2:09that's it right there
2:11open D running guitar finger-picking
2:15slide and fucking insanity that's all
2:22why Dada Dada
2:25using this one oh and then I use a
2:31little bit of eyebrow
2:56yeah I'm barring the fucking thing okay
2:59and then up I'm just going and you don't
3:12have to do dontoh there you go
3:35my wife is that's what the blues is
4:08about it's about your life and what's
4:11going on and what's going wrong
4:43so that's the blues so this is for slash
4:47are slash guitar lessons it's Friday
4:50it's not Friday actually it's Thursday
4:53but I'm going to post this on Friday
4:54which is my slash are slash guitar
4:57lessons day and it's open D sounds like
5:40that's all I really hope that helps you
5:43know cuz like it's it's like because you
5:47know old people they lose their purpose
5:50in life they're just old and the end is
5:52coming soon and they try to do nice
5:55things for people and hopefully every
5:57once in a while it works

Axel Noyes
It does work, thank you this lesson has helped alot. :)
Akshobia Bear
This guy is just so brilliant! I love him.
Braenn Smith
"... so that's the blues."
Michael Erickson
Dude, you just taught me to play the Blues! I am playing the Blues right now!
The Dudd Spudd 706
You are amazing!
w.. why does his beard have a watermark that says BARN?
That's a sexy katana, I can appreciate a man with a good... Katana...
Chevy lover 01
didn't know dumbledore played guitar
Joseph Jacobs
Awesome guitar!
not anyone
nice katana
Alexey Tikhomirov
Лёва, заканчивай ерундой страдать. Напиши лучше продолжение "Войны и мира".
gregory panagiotopoulos
Who are you? I love you
peter olsen
And that's why the blues is tedious.
Brabra Duncan
Best guitar video out there
Christophe Fragassi
Merci pour ce Morceau de folie ;)
George Downing
Best channel 😂
The Cynical Martian
how much Agent Orange did you inhale in 'nam?
Tim Rustige
you crack me up!!!
Cody Dillon
I don't think I've ever seen a guitar tutorial so bad. Congrats. You've ruined blues for me. 👍🏽
olivia ann
I want to be friends with him more than anything.
Don Slipper
I watch this at least once a week
solara clarke
you missed the flying saucer back to your planet you silly old prick turned you make peeps vomit with your stupidity dik head
Shoot...I didn't know Leland Sklar had a brother... jk...I've watched this like 50 times 'cause it cracks my shit up...
Angga Dwi Julianto
"My wife is hard working, you better not talk to her~" LOL
Max Maheu
Thank you !!...think Im gonna get some insanity going here
Just uploaded a new vid
Stephan Semerad
Damn You cool!!!
Kathy LaFollett
Ya, I refer to your riff and lesson as It's The Same Damn Thing, when discussing it. I'm embellishing and renaming it It's the Same Damn Thing as the Last Damn Thing. (This is a positive comment).
Why is there a Katana?
wurst brot
loved that stevie vaughan imitation.
Christiaan Bezuidenhout
Professor Dumbledore... is that you?
Tacoma 55
Thanks man, I haven't laughed like that in a long time. 👍👍🤣
Reptilian Spider
at least he is straight forward about it
The samurai sword in background lol
Matthew Donovan
your the f**kn man and i love your videos. thank you for posting youve been helping me alot with learning the blues slide
Dariush Asadi
Awesome lesson! I can see the passion, love it! XD
Out of interest, what's your fave Johnny Winter song?
One of my faves are HEY YOU and Find My Baby :D
Juan Federico Rojas Gelvez
cool lesson!
Stefan Carey
Genius, exceptional communication skills. You really got the message to sink in.

John James
1:55 is where the bluesgasm happens
Pablo Marques
Peter Pirker
Thank you, Sir - it most certainly works.
craig goldman
best teacher by
Karen D
+Mess! - no non-sense basics - yay. (whas in that lil yellow bottle on the table? tried to read the label. could it be 3 in one?)
AK 420
your look like old cheech and chong :D respect for your blues peace
Best explanation of the blues rift ever!
Ronald Robins
Can blues like you do be done on standard tuning?
Colin Gilbert
HOW!!!??? He say's 5th string but he's plucking the 6th string but damping the 5th???HOW!!???? HOW THE FUCK HOW!!! Insanity alright!!!
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