Railton Melo
i see you bebe rexha ...i love u mhoa mhoa
Na Ba
l love you idol
Luis Ed Contreras Campos
Just a comment, she is a wonderful singer but at the minute 2:14 she made a mistake, the same words twice, she messed up .....listen again and you can see the difference!!!!
Audrey iu
Omg I love her smile
Loisa Katt
Jag minns inte detta 😀 I dont remember this 😀
Bosanski ćevap
she's like kylie jenner but with an actual talent and a real body
Sky Perda
she trying so hard ... but i still like her voice
Shaggybro Covermania
I love that her lyrics were wrong
BABY LET IN &=====) in that outfit :)
ünal yılmaz
:D canlida karga
Rudmila Rusho
WOW ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
محمد فريق
she is so fucking hot😍😍😍love her
Gabriel Faria
O meu cu @Diogoparodias
James Berrier
Them legs tho
Ella KnT
she is so confident ahhhfhjsjejrjwne I love her
Pastel Drws
She looks like a mix of Kylie Jenner and camila Mendes
Shada Shabani Makila
Railton Melo
vem ao Brasil....
Frances Alips
She thick
Gray Fox [ROU]
Oh Terwin
Very far from her edited music vids 😂✌
Jalila Ghandour
Knighthoodقسيس سويس
Jeleen Ambrose
Still the best!!
Kaah Drew
O Meu cu @diogoparodias
albertina germanotta
look like marry the night
Melisa Dreshaj
sah mihr
Snehangshu Bhattacharya
I'ts really cute when she says "I got Wubbububububbubuuu"
Hicham XO - SQ
Bebe's body is everything 😍😍😍 that thickness tho ... ding it !!
I wish I were that guy who you got so so so bad
Amanda Douglas
Amanda Douglas
love love
Hamed Thqafi
I like her attitude
Zainab Shamim
Beb you are looking awesome😍😍😍💚💚💚💛💛💜💕💕💕👍👍
joel easton
the "you ooh ooh ooh" sounded of, sounded like she was doing fast runs on those notes (which was good) but didn't sound right with the song.
ред 21 только лучше
bere i love you
Wellington Ramirez
T I A G O.
the dancing was bad, but her voice, wow
2:40 😂😂😂
tiberio rodrigues
mariam ahmed
She looks like Alexa bliss from wwe
Ella Abrera
Me and my younger sis are just debating if it's her true voice or maybe autotuned. So I watched this and knew that she was really talented, and she's beautiful☺
"I'll take a shot for you, take a shot for you." It's okay Bebe. 😂 (2:12)
You are ⭐️🇦🇱
Torian Nelly
i like the song but definitely not live
Heder Vaz
beautiful lady
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