BREAKING: Eric Trump Is Staggeringly Stupid

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Did Eric Trump actually think wealthy Russians were dumping money into his dad’s golf courses during a recession because they’re big golf fans? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Eric Trump on Sunday denied the claim of one well-known golf writer who recalled Trump had told him three years earlier that he and his father “have all the funding we need out of Russia” for a $100 million golf course project.

That golf writer, James Dodson, recalled to WBUR on Friday that the remark came during a tour of the recently renamed Trump National Golf Club Charlotte. By then, the Trumps had been given the cold shoulder for years by American banks wary of their record.

Dodson asked Eric Trump and his father, now President Donald Trump, where they got funding for the North Carolina property. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia,” Dodson recalled Eric Trump saying. Trump added, according to Dodson: “We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.”

Eric Trump denied saying that in a comment to the New York Post on Sunday.

“It’s a recollection from some guy three years ago through a third person,” he said.

“We own our courses free and clear,” Eric Trump said, calling the story “categorically untrue” and “complete garbage.”

“We have zero ties to Russian investors,” he said.”*

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BREAK NEWS! You programmed! Brain hard do to. Turk scum. Die in chemical fire.
Deja Voodoo
No nothing? What about Miss Universe asshole?
Arapaho Sundancer
of course, goes without saying.
Why are we surprised ?? The apples don't fall too far from the tree ...
Wolfgang H
He looks like a cannibal. Same goes for his insane Daddy.
Thank you for calling this out, I thought i was the only one who noticed. The whole brood are deficient.
Only the mentally ill still watch these moronic gatekeeping assholes.
It is called Money Laundering!!!!
jesse di maurizio
Every time I see Cenk's face while he says "Russia", it makes me want to vote for Trump again.
The Russian mob is big in NYC. Just saying
Du pezzo di merde.
Trump definitely needed Russia to win presidency.
Ted Dow
Anyone who agrees with the title & theme of this video is staggeringly stupid.....
Theresa Smith
you people will be soon looking for a new occupation you bunch of fake news are a threat to American people .
Alexx H
Donald Trump stupid and ugly means that there will be an ugly and stupid kid, in this case Eric Trump
byrum katie
After the drump fiasco is finished, eric will find fame as the star in new phantom of the opera movies
rusty shackleford
hail trump
The young farts, specially Cenk, are staggeringly stupid......didn't he call the election for hillary?.......what a clown.
Donoso Demaistre
This video reminds me of TYT's priceless meltdown when they realized that Trump's won the election. The more they try to undo the election the more we all gloat over their pathetic sobbing --- Get over it, young turkey, you lost.
Donna Luce
it's a shame how a father teaches his sons how to rip off people and then look stupid specially when your dad is a tiny president well the whole family is daughter who is a dipsy blonde who isnt real smart
if she was her dad wouldnt be in charge somebody else would
a bunch of
chicken shit hillbillies
Robert Kautz
So if you put money in a Swiss bank, does that make you Swiss? You're logic is pathetic and short sighted.
Natty Bumppo
Cenk Uygur is an isiot,he was wrong a year ago and he is wrong now,i thank the young turds are part of the cnn wingnuts.
- -
I have some VERY stupid people in my family, I'm just glad I don't get judged by others based on the stupid ones.
Also, yall should rename the channel to The Old Turks, i'm no youngster myself and this dude is at LEAST a decade older.
Simple Sims
count how many times he says umm and uhh
Jeanne Eberle
Narcissists gave very poor memories! That's just how you get-when your entire life is based on LIES!!
Chris Cruise
Cenk calling someone stupid is like Cenk calling someone fat... I'll let you libtards figure that one out. Lol the world is laughing at you. Try winning an election, any election you washed out beta male bitches.
Another Anglo male who will get away with a crime. Nothing will be done about any Trump criminal action.
Beitrag Falsch
Not one for self-analysis, are you Cenk? You can only dream of the day you achieve the lofty standard of "Staggeringly Stupid".
Grandpa the Grey
Forget the millions President Tweety may or may not owe the Ruskies.....I'm beginning to wonder if Vlad the Impaler, a former Colonel in the KGB, has video of T-Rump getting peed upon by Russian trannies. The American people deserve to see these pee tapes if they exist. Evidence of a tranny urination fetish would explain the administrations adamant denial of a Russian connection..... IF such evidence exists.
David Caron
How come Eric and Trump Junior doesn't have to fight in the war that's bullshit
Contagiously Awake
USA USA USA USA USA,, no more waisted energy on hate, who cares who the president is anyways,, remember they are all just puppets......
Captain Obvious
Why does it say this came out yesterday. When this came out on May 8th?
banm bonrap
It's not surprising that tyt is pushing that Russia conspiracy theory. You guys need to get over it and stop crying because your lady lost the election.
Roy C.
Russia or Saudi Arabia, pick your poison.
The Young Tards calling other people stupid.... now that's rich.
Janie Straub
yeah he's very stupid I don't know who's worse Trump or his dumbass son
John Lared
lmao duh!!! they all are,have you seen giraffe neck Ivanka during any interview,she tries too hard to sound intelligent,but she comes off as a moron
Mikayla Bansie
meuller better be following the 💰 money, there's been a lot laundering. we all know how loyal drumpf is to his bros.
Marys Mik
Organized protesters-rioters having been paid by Soros against Donald Trump show me that Trump did the right thing. Then all the easy-living people incl. NGO got angry loosing influence and money pipeline. Their easy living under president Obama has finished.
edyta trojanowski
Cenk is missing his tin foil hat lmao.
Shannon Anderson
You're an idiot.
He's still a thousand times smarter than any with these fucktards on The Young Turds
Barbara Jackson
why it took yawl so long to realize this!!!
Pamela Maus
Trump 2020
joe hotae
how much longer will we let this dummy play president
Banana Nice Cream
Why would that be breaking news? He's Pighead's son. What would you expect?
How much were you paid to puck this up?
Jaime G.
Bring him on your lame ass show.......let's see who really is stupid.
FACT: The Young Turks Are Staggeringly Stupid. There, I fixed it for ya. You're welcome.
yong lee
cenk uyger why don't you stop bashing and report the positive things that are happening to our country. your just like cnn. I can see why you don't have a show on television anymore. whether you like it or not he's the President. and America has voted. did you not see the polish people shouting trump! did you not see them chanting USA! did you not see the French President leave his post to stand next to Trump? why don't you talk about podesta's Russian ties? and what the hell does a golf course have to do with anything? you have no proof. clapper already said there was no collusion. your making a fool out of yourself.
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