BREAKING: Eric Trump Is Staggeringly Stupid

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Did Eric Trump actually think wealthy Russians were dumping money into his dad’s golf courses during a recession because they’re big golf fans? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Eric Trump on Sunday denied the claim of one well-known golf writer who recalled Trump had told him three years earlier that he and his father “have all the funding we need out of Russia” for a $100 million golf course project.

That golf writer, James Dodson, recalled to WBUR on Friday that the remark came during a tour of the recently renamed Trump National Golf Club Charlotte. By then, the Trumps had been given the cold shoulder for years by American banks wary of their record.

Dodson asked Eric Trump and his father, now President Donald Trump, where they got funding for the North Carolina property. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia,” Dodson recalled Eric Trump saying. Trump added, according to Dodson: “We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.”

Eric Trump denied saying that in a comment to the New York Post on Sunday.

“It’s a recollection from some guy three years ago through a third person,” he said.

“We own our courses free and clear,” Eric Trump said, calling the story “categorically untrue” and “complete garbage.”

“We have zero ties to Russian investors,” he said.”*

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Bad genes.
Kitty Centauri
Didn't you guys report this exact same story months ago.... Are you just reposting vids /stories now? :/
Sandy Flenory
Product of his environments. Doesn't take brains to be criminal. That is what the Trumps and GOP are.
Machi AveLli
Like father like son...both idiots
Linda Lori
I would believe there is a fairy Godmother before anything this moron reports. And I can't stand Trump.
Robert O
Daddy is stupid too. He ended up in the white house. Eric is another a-hole to be feared.
Bob ap Bob
Мы любим сына Трампа тоже. Также целую семью. Наши любимые друзья.
The kids are addicted to lying too. Not surprising. Weellll......I guess it's not really a lie if you believe it. It's only a lie when you fail to convince your followers, otherwise it's truthiness all the way. Yippee!!! Another day at a full trough.and no ones yelling - Porkchops for supper.
Sherry Adams
I'm a Trump fan. Seriously?! People do make up lies and they twist the truth. This video proves nothing.
J. Muller
So long as people watch crap like this they will never get off the dem. plantation
Well amazing how Eric is a billionaire and his Father President Trump is running the country right now. Get used to the brainwash Media which is DNC. President Trump will be President for a very long time. Hillary sold Uranium to Russia and you hear nothing about that. Trump will never get impeached so deal with it.
Stevie Jongh
Eric Trump is indeed staggeringly stupid but he is also staggeringly creepy. Scary
ty gable
well i mean its 2014. he didnt know that it would come back on him.
thadeus Mmari
Trump have employed many people in the U.S including TYT without him their is no news they could not report with out being anti-Trump they could be in streets. The reason they get views is because they talk Trump in a reliable manner and Brand
Comtessa de Metoncula
Oh, so you noticed! The bad apple does not fall too far from the sick tree.
I wonder how many times he's jerked off to naked pictures of 'stepmom'.......LMAO!!!!!!
One of Trump's sons is stupid? Talk about a chip off the ol' block...
Jeffery G
this is stupid, just bashing people
david daniels
Trump is worth 10 billion. He's an international conglomerate! Let's talk Russian collision. Hillary sold %20 of our Uranium for a few million to the Clinton Foundation! Podesta opened a small company with 3 employees and Russians invested 1billion rubles into it a few weeks after it opened. that is proof of collision. Not the fairy tales you tell. I bet my house you won't report that!
"Staggeringly Stupid" lol I dont think anyone beats the moment you guys lost your shit when donald trump won. HAhaha
I am finally convinced that the head of this country is ran by a low iq depraved and greedy idiot
Terri Avery
fake news........................jda
Daphne Burke
Well that was an easy observation...he LOOKS stupid...he and his bro could easily get a gig on SNL...Beavis & Butthead live...Redux!!
More brain washing from the young turks pathetic.
Misty DiCaprio
i thought he was Don Fernando show, a spanish show.
Misty DiCaprio
we don't care what stupid people comment about the family Trump. That commentator looks middle eastern maybe the Hindu descendent or Hispanic and his show is boring and quite fake.
This shows you cant trust most people!
Nada Karam
Alia Chinkz
Like they say The Apple doesn't fall from the tree.
Antonio Montgomery
Funny story. My ex owned a Donald Trump Mattress. Had a lot of fun it, some of best sleep I ever got. Of course she got rid of the bed, after he won the election...
Janice Claypole
it's SO UNBELIEVABLE !! How stupid is this family ? Extremely! And then they make up something so stupid believing we are so fricking stupid we might believe it. NO WE WON'T YOU SICKENING IDIOT. MAYBE YOU AND DADDY CAN SHARE A CELL !! WON'T YOU LOVE THAT HAHAHA
Catherine Murphy
Surprise...........Surprise.....................he looks STUPID..............
Bernadette Daley
These are the things the media should have been pushing during his campaigns instead of the ridiculous crap they focused on. Immediately after he refused to show his tax returns they should have started digging to find out what the heck was he hiding. Shame is what is driving them now ... smh
Golden Voice
It wouldn't matter if their were a tape of this conversation...Trump has an ability that most people born rich don't have....The ability to pretend he understands the common man.
Was this tabloid article on the weekly fake news mag?
George Costanza
Cenk and the Turds are desperate cry babies... waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
It's clearly a strain on this guy to string together a coherent sentence. Why is he in this line of work if he is so inarticulate???
This is why you wont be seeing trumps tax returns...
Eddie Castro
The Russian mob have been using trump's company to launder money for quite sometime now. This truth will eventually come out.
John Davidson
It's in there dna, STUPIDITY
well that is NOT breaking news. Its all known just new and different ways he has chosen to show us.
Three thousand + people who gave this video a thumbs down are Staggeringly Stupid
Robert Trail
To use a golfing term, sometimes you end up with a poor lie. On a side note, does Eric remind anyone else of a vampire? All he's missing is the cape.
Tita tita
Dee Bone
And Genk is an obese syrup drinker. So here's that.
No he is not stupid...I don't like Trump policies...but Eric and his sisters are pretty smart. Jr. not sure about.
Ash Phillips
and Trump sired a retarded inbreed Barron. Surprised much? His whole family is white trash linebreeds. Trump also fired all the heads of science departments.
imma X
"Eric Trump Is Staggeringly Stupid"

Like father like son
Robert Ciabattoni
The thumbnail pic had me laughing hysterically ....
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