BREAKING: Eric Trump Is Staggeringly Stupid

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Did Eric Trump actually think wealthy Russians were dumping money into his dad’s golf courses during a recession because they’re big golf fans? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Eric Trump on Sunday denied the claim of one well-known golf writer who recalled Trump had told him three years earlier that he and his father “have all the funding we need out of Russia” for a $100 million golf course project.

That golf writer, James Dodson, recalled to WBUR on Friday that the remark came during a tour of the recently renamed Trump National Golf Club Charlotte. By then, the Trumps had been given the cold shoulder for years by American banks wary of their record.

Dodson asked Eric Trump and his father, now President Donald Trump, where they got funding for the North Carolina property. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia,” Dodson recalled Eric Trump saying. Trump added, according to Dodson: “We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.”

Eric Trump denied saying that in a comment to the New York Post on Sunday.

“It’s a recollection from some guy three years ago through a third person,” he said.

“We own our courses free and clear,” Eric Trump said, calling the story “categorically untrue” and “complete garbage.”

“We have zero ties to Russian investors,” he said.”*

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I always thought Eric looked like Gary Busey's illegitimate child.
Jocelyn Jones
Eric Trump looks inbred.
Ruby Begonia
I wonder why I don't like your show. Is it because that's what it is ? A Show ? Well come on guys. . Give it to us. Bounce that Ball. It's getting Bloody Boring. And you're just Coasting along. Get wit ! the program ! Lol Lolol
Eric Trump, Low slung ears, I don't need to say anymore.
Still my favorite tyt video
Goodgulf Wizard
Eric Trump also looks like a rodent!
Midas Touch
Young Turkeys are Staggeringly Stupid...nice if they would seek the truth on BOTH sides.
Jef Damen
Tick tock tick tock. Keep calling them stupids, your funding might be retracted. Since it was stolen money.
G Hughes
So... these Russia/Trump rumours died a death.
I love Eric hate turds
Joseph Ducreaux
Can't be dumber than a fat piece of shit like you, Cenk.
I can’t say anything politically correct about the disgusting child that kills endangered animals. Stupid/retarded or plain evil? Hard to tell
Death From Above and Below
White and Jews of the Democratic Party, USE Blacks to Lynch Asian Males . Because AM are NO Minority, Beholden to No one. THEY created Every LAW Against Asian males. They crated the WMAF nonsense in the past Decade. For all you Asian females in the Democratic party...Who RAPES, ASSAULTS. Murders Asian females? White, Blacks and Jews of the Democratic party. No Asian, Male or female belongs in the Democratic Party..They are OUR Mortal Enemies.
Look at this mentally ill cow. Don't believe a word coming from it.
xerakis, this is sooo meaningless ...YT are the typical "useful idiots" that the Left speaks of. Lol... they are consumed by President Trump and true Americanism!!!
brian tierney
Mmmm....why are Trump supporters, semi-literate, uneducated, sexist, homophobic,misogynist, amoral,ill informed, v confused,lying,moronic, low brow,half wits?
Answer: Coz they voted in the worst President since King George was kicked out!
Keli Mcvean
Anyone notice how unusually quiet Trump's tweets concerning the multitude of sexual misconduct cases possibly pending against many of his friends and colleagues!?!
Standard answer, "It's gonna be great!!"
Tony Callahan
Eric is a shit off the old block.
James Baugher
wow Eric Trump and Kushner look like brothers
jacob edwards
Nah he has deals with all the dirty Jews and Muslim terrorists!
Silly Putty
If it is legal for Trump to do business in Russia,why is he denying it ?Seems odd
BREAKING: Young Turks Is Staggeringly Stupid , could there be a more hateful title ?
Bmk Bmk
intelligence..... must remember to use spell check ....dyslexic, the same people will say I am stupid?
Bmk Bmk
he can't be that stupid.....trump senior is a multi billionaire?.... making billions and stupidity is a contradiction since most people want to make more money,as for this obese presenter his come he cannot control his weight with intelelegence?
Louis de Lange
You are such a dumbass
Rj Jackson
Son like father
Allen Clark
it is fake news. and the reason we believe it, because its true. Its people like you that support that way of thinking. nothing that comes out of your mouth can be believed. Sad thing know it.
Allen Clark
The young turks. Probably the most ignorant liberal progressives that have nothing more to do than trash trump and call his followers idiots. Its a bitch to be wrong.
hirkimer wilberfart
Anus chaff around the neck and Stanky Stanky Cenk , you do have the Libtard market cornered.
hirkimer wilberfart
Speaking of "Dumber than hammered Dog Shit", you were a dog humping judge is that not correct Stanky Cenk ? Must make your family members proud, let alone bad mouthing President Trumps son. Stanky Stanky Cenk "Dumb'ern humpin' dog shit" ! The Man !
Tlc Tlc
November 2017 . . .featuring "Romper Room" family member Eric Trump 😂
Kristina Winter
It creeps me out to think anyone could sleep with or sire a Trump.
Melissa Mosher Hanson
The Orange turd is done......tic toc
Kathy Edwards
trump is a idiot
Kathy Edwards
trump is a idiot
Bush Jr. + Sarah Palin =
Trump Sr. - (common sense of career criminal) =
Trump Jr. - (common sense) =
Eric Trump
I accidentally selected a young 💩video. Anytime that happens, I hate you and your face even more. You're probably have one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard. You are poison on YouTube and I hope you stop blabbering someday especially about nonsense. I do believe in freedom of speech, so carry on freak.
Bernals 9
He defiantly looks pretty stupid but then again have you seen the grand wizzard
Out of the mouths of babes.......
As the old saying goes, "Like father, like son." As the new saying goes, "Don't like father, don't like son!"
Ockie Ditchbank
Inherent stupidity - like intelligence - is recessive. If I were Eric Trump, I'd change my name so fast my signature would leave sparks on the paper.
Captkirk Richardson
Fast forward, Nov.5.2017, the truth is coming out !
Josiah Stellhorn
How can you guys believe this shit. It's fake news
SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine
Staggeringly Stupid? Who is surprised by this genetic twist?
Maureen mellon
That alleged statement show up in May 8, 2017. If it had any truth about it how come it was not reported during the campaign? Sounds like it is just more resentments to me. How much did the Hillary campaign take in? And from who appears to be questionable too. Hell she had up to 2 billion in funds correct? Face it folks both parties are extremely corrupted and we are responsibility about it.
Distr. Atrny.
Yes this lil boy Eric takes being an IGNORAMOUS to an all new high. All the while, his dads rating r going down, down, and down.
Mike Sokolow
Almost as dumb as Muslim Obammy thinking we have 57 states in the USA. I love this humor.
Daniel Diotte
Liberal bullshit
Amber U
When i see Eric I can only imagine is him in a white sheet.
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