Rally Islas Canarias 2017 - CRASH TOMASZ KASPERCZYK


ابن الاهدل الهاشمي القرشي
السواق جته ام الركبه😅😅😅
Alex Phipps
am i the only one here from ricegum
Bob The Builder
Ricegum anyone
milosz lech
O kurwa
Alejandro Gómez F
ahí se demuestra cuando un país tiene estructuras de calidad gracias a magníficos ingenieros y arquitectos y bueno también, bien por las personas que montaron bien ese quitamiedos.
Fallo al meter las ruedas en la zanja y se fue al carajo!
what's ok?
Александр Ерема
Повезло что спас
I love guardrails. I LOVE GUARDRAILS!!!!!!!!
Dan-André Skretting
ah miss the roads in western Norway
who pays for the damage?
Cody Koala
better than licking creamy stained dried discharge Panties
Robert Powell
Guardrails are cheating. They need to learn how to drive.
D Hope
I'd expected him to have been wearing the brown pants...
2 things:

1) didn't get it the first time, can a get another instant repeat please?
2) are thy OK? The big OK-sign was a bit unclear to me :)
Wrappingage Pmavroidogonas
Ok.. this is out of my mind.... what to say about these people???
Mada Fakaru
guardrail deserve pay raise!
Polish guys
Drunken Hobo
Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea.
Arvian Ordonez
Hi There,

Great vid! I work for a Daily Science News show called Daily Planet and we were interesting in possibly airing this for today. E-mail me if you're interested.I can be contacted at arvian.ordonez@bellmedia.caCheers,Arvian
Anto Moto
Now where is the onboard? My pants aren't brown enough! 😁
Ducati Kozak
I love the sticker in the back window 0:55 ! More irony than possible!
Maciej Newholland
Douglas S Barboza
O kurwa. A gdyby bramka pękła ;o
jairo j grau r
No era su dia!!
amazing camera work amazing...
Abi Austwal
🚧 😀😇
Thomas Ballew
It's a good thing for the driver that the suit he's wearing is made from a fabric that masks brown stains.
why OK?
Fabricio Ortega
Gracias a Dios está bien y no pasó una tragedia
Tito57 XD
0:33 , when your mom ask you hows exam going
sure they've proved they've got talent ;)
When god still loves you
Josh Bacon
0:21 - The barrier didn't give way so Tomasz didn't tumble off the cliff to his death... I am disappoint.
Niezbyt dobra reklama opon michelin.
Not too good Michelin tire advertising.
Nova 22
Visit my channel
Skilder Twoo
Lekcje u Kubicy?
O kurwa!
Joselillo 420
valla una mierda de vallas pero por lo menos al piloto y al copiloto no les paso nada
Terry Reynolds
porque este vídeo está en un top?
Besoffener Kameramann productions
It works
Best metaphor for health care I've seen yet.
The Placebo Effect
Wtf? The picture in the thumbnail looks way more dramatic !
Gory Guy of Glory
Talk about a close call...
Abc G
Thanks God - steel is ductile
That Guy Miko
soooooo thats why there are always those railings there in the mountains!! omy god!!!
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