Aleksander Origami
true words,true words
iswan arpadi
Who dislike this video? Are they loss humanity? For me just like this video its mean i share my humanity,.
Russell Ramjean
Fuck to a lot of people. Rich for a few.
David Guest
Great experiment but I couldn't even bring myself to ask those homeless guys for some of the food your buddy just gave them. I'd feel terrible....couldnt do it.
SuldAn Pashir Ahmed
that is true man it happened many times
omer khan
Jonas Fræer
Hold nu kæft man blev sgu helt rørt da jeg så den Fuck en Fed video
Jack J
Get a fucking job you fucking low life begging cunt where is your family or friends what have you done so bad that they won't help you?
You and people like you are scum and a blight on the civilised world go back to you family you are there responsibility not ours,do some work
Anandhu K Thankappan
Ananda Zahra Firdaus
Orang yang mengalami nasib yang sama yang bisanya akan membantu
Haris H
Godt lavet 😜👌
Valdemar ophus
Kæmpe respekt til hjemløse der vil dele stort Like herfra🙏🏻
At tænke sig at danmark stadig har hjemløse med alle de reformer vi har igang for at hjælpe de fattige.
Fantastisk experiment :) jeg håber at du måske engang kunne se på om der var en stor forskæl på om man imødekom personer som var i grupper eller når de var alene. Jeg har på en fornemmelse at folk i grupper måske har en anden tindens til at afsky fremmede som kommer hen til dem eller omvendt.
Valdemar Vium
Respekt til de hjemløse
Sarveshwar Sharma
Generous people....Amazing to watch a homeless, much rich than many millionaires.
Lesson for us to make this world a better place to live in.
God Bless 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Liese Liese
Go fuck yourself, worthless, brown, burden. Fuck off back to the hellhole you crawled out of. Your kind ruins every place you infest and then you look around for another place to ruin. Kill yourself, parasite.
Alicia Walker
Dis just goes to say most rich people are poor on the inside
Popeta M
gooseeebumpsss!!! homeless people and those nothing to eat are good people and knows humanity...
Invisible ninjas cutting onions again in my room.
they made this in turkey
Maya Mahmoud
Så god video
Jeg synest ikke det er ioden i spørg hjemløse om mad når i bare kan tage hjem og tage noget ellers fed video
serolf games
WOW ("O")
Tipu Shareef
Jesus Christ blessed you My friend
This vid is 100% bullshit.. don't believe haters of our lovely country!
Cringeboy 3217
Godt lavet drange ❤️
Wayne Milam
God bless you
Sara kizilkaya
Det er sjovt at dem som har meget ikke gider at give lidt væk men det er mig som ikke har noget vil gerne give nul det er sjovt at dem som har meget ikke gider at give lidt væk men dem som ikke har noget vil gerne give noget
Lazy drunks and drug users
sharon allport
Asylum seekers get money that why noone is helping them
Daniel Madsen
Hold kæft hvor elsker jeg jer i er mine y youtuber i er så seje
If he walked up to me, IN America, whatever I was eating, I would give him half of it. I don’t care, WHAT I was eating, or any TIME I was eating, most people in America are obese and there are kids out there starving to death.
What a bunch of BS .
Problemet med conceptet er, at når man får noget gratis. Så det nemmere at undvære. De hjemløse bliver ikke fornærmet over det da penge ikke er noget de knokler for.
Glaucia Ladislau
So said we have to depend on someone that has nothing to give his all of nothing. This is why our world will perish, because of no humanity.
Umar Abbasi
Only sharing video is not enough, guys also help Poor's peoples ,
paramjit Singh
really touched to see this humanity captured and shown by you.. really emotionaly touched. i hope i can feel the emotions too and share a beutiful time with them
Dion Solomon
I really am speechless?
Waseem Akram
poor people know how it feel when one have nothing to Ramdhan..i felt it.
thats what islam trying to do not what isis and other creatures
maria emilia negron
A person that is homeless knows what it's like to go without. You also learn to be hopeful. They help each other because it's because they have experienced it on their core
Militaru Mihai
Two good things emerge out of this video:
1. You got the attention you craved.
2. Danes are smart enough not to get involved with bullshitters.
Santosh Rathod
Asshole people who don't give food to eat to hungry person . But the beggars are really awesome they don't get enough food to eat but they shared and also them remember to help each other this is humanity ........
Siva Nava
Well ... very well the real welfare of all welfares is to teach them about the value of the human life .
After many many millions of years of transmigration of the soul we have been blessed with a boon body only to be self realised and get out of the cruel life cycles .
The Science of Self Realization is knowing the unknowable who is responsible.
Why we are suffering ?
Is it only to eat ?
Is it to mate ?
Is it to learn?
Is it to earn ?
Is it to defend?
Is it to offend ?
A dog can do it . But can also dog understands God ?
Man to be a man must understand the soul cycles.
(What is the point of having the whole world while ignoring the soul? )
Lord Jesus asked alarmingly.
Oscar Stald
Aj prøv lige at hør her det der klippede pis er famne løgn! Altså for det første har Danmark været det gladeste land 2 år i træk for det andet bor jeg i Danmark og har gjort det hele mit liv og folk er altså rigtig søde mod hinanden. JO selvfølgelig kan de finde nogle idioter som ikke gider at dele deres mad med en eller anden fremede der går i helt normalt tøj, altså hvis jeg skal være ærlig så syntes jeg også at når han spøger om det lyder det faktisk bare som om han vil have noget af deres mad fordi de han skule lave en YT video... NÅÅR JA det skulle han jo forhælvede også...
Health is all we need
Denmark is a peaceful country. However, its approaching towards an unseen problem of losing identity which has been identified and came up with unique solution. Have a look
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