3 minutes that will change how you think ( Denmark )

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So how come the Polish kids can all find work? Some of you are too gullible for words to describe.
Ahmed Ali
beautiful thinking
Bruce Long
The haves will burn the have nots will inherit the earth.
Random Things
if you know someones pain you can understand him better....pain connects us
Tracy Ciroca
thumbs up if you think " we have to take care of each other " is king!
The "i'm hungry" line is used by every drug addict and alcoholic in the country. Whoever made this video is embarrassingly naive.
Ruben Guzman
Some people are Financially rich but mentally broke
Zoran Aleksic
Everything's rotten in Denmark.
Stevan Nikolic
Unfortunately, that's where homeless people are richer than people with money. I was once homeless and know how that is
Some people do so because they think they are deceived, do not rush to judge people!
Amogh Gade
man man man
Mads Svender
Rodney Massihi
It's a sad world we live in.... love the video.
Bigs Mcgaw
the homeless didn't care about his dress code
they gave him the Burger because they could give it. how many of us right Now are wearing designer clothes but can't afford to buy 3 burgers at once
Jeetu Bhargav
I salute 👮
misti S
that's so wonderful there is still kind ppl in the world.it makes my heart break to see dishonest ppl.cuz the world is so full of dishonest nhatefful ppl .what ur doing is awesome hopefully ppl will open there eyes n see what's important in life .good bless
moe chacra
if you are in trouble,or hurt or need ,go to the Poor people .
they're the ONLY one's that'll help !!
The ONLY one's !!!
C-los M
Greetings from Alaska
simon christensen
AO 王
The people who suffered know more about how suffering could be.
Maegils Verden
If you have nothing you need to stand. is easy to stand with more people. thats why there share
peter n
He didn't dress like someone that is starving. Fail!!
Banana smasher
I'm rich I'm rich with food I'll give poor some food!
ashita tiwari
salute yu guys !!! learnt a lot n will do the same love yu guys
gazanfer goraya
they might be poor but they are rich from Heart
B Tolentino
The old guy said "we have to take care to each other". But those people who are rich they are the greedy one.
Omar ZH
Jeg kan huske en dag hvor mig og min bror skulle købe slik. Men så så vi en hjemmeløs så vi tænkte at vi vil give ham de 30,- kr vi havde. Han blev rigtig glad og mig og min bror fik god som vittighed.
Dson Sana
Do want to be like them
Dson Sana
make more and what ur doing is right cause what if u were homeless and have no food.What would u do
cheetah puss
I agree theres alot of scam artists out there.. take it from me.. i deal with alot of homeless people and the majority of them get paid more than an average wage! a true homeless person will never ask for money they are greatful for what they can get. I once offered food to a man who didnt want it and asked for money instead! Really?? Then there was another one who uses to hang around the local supermarket, i gave him food but those who gave him money noticed later that he was in the bottle shop and to top it off had a wallet and a mobile phone!
YouTube Comments Viewer
May Allah bless them and grant them Jannah
Abhijith As
does the homeless in denmark have id cards or something??
Ardent Fan
It is as Jesus said in the bible in Matthew 19:23......." Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. " Riches are a curse if it makes you all greedy about it. But if you are a spiritually wise man, you will use riches to serve both you and your fellow man who is in need.
lebolyon 69
rothschild of hell can't do same
only can do war and horror with their milliards dollars
Haaziq Siddique
wow.. these beggars are real humans
sofia callesen
Jeg tænker meget anderledes nu ihvertfald!!
Rick Ross
Biggest mistake from god was he created Humans....
Javier Cazares
get a job and you wont have to beg for food problem solved im jusy saying !!!!
Rafey Rehan
tænk på det de fattige der hjælper mest
og like hvis i ser den her i 2017
The EQaulizer
This is what we are supposed to be like as humans - caring, sharing & loving. Some are there NOW.. unfortunately MOST are selfish , ignorant pillocks.. They get away with it because - no one calls them to account !!
Bastian Lindhardsem
I er et font bukanb
toby daniels
love watching those videos. keep it up guys!
Raghunath Sarangi
mallikarjuna koppada
the one who takes also gives
Madina Ahmad
Iam same we had very bad time for 21 year we didn't had food to eat and just we found some thing dirty food or burn food or some water and just a bread and now iam alhmdulllha fine and I help people if I had 2 pound one I give to poors coz I know how u feel what u realy bring u there to ask for money or food no body want that but unless u are so poor so help people ahllah will give u more
Hassad Abbass
go back to middle East... cant stand niggers speaking Viking language. this is too much
Ed 5 05
God bless all who cares!!!
DaneZxArker DK
Det fandme iorden respect for du gør det :D
Johnson Balbin
heart is m0re important than m0ney
Shakes itoff
those who have the least often give the most. Greed is a disease.
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