Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Claims “World’s Fastest SUV” Title | Land Cruiser | Toyota

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The 2,000 hp #LandSpeedCruiser just claimed the title of "World's Fastest SUV." Visit to learn about the iconic 4x4.

Land Cruiser, Toyota’s iconic go-anywhere four-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle, has earned myriad accolades and records over the 60-plus years it’s been in production. And now, among them: the title of “World’s Fastest SUV” thanks to a record speed of over 230 mph.


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Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Claims “World’s Fastest SUV” Title | Land Cruiser | Toyota

Abdullah abdullah
let's go places
Xiang Fan
good job, well done, even with that stock steering wheel, lol, fastest and most reliable SUV
Abdul Kadir Duke
Hit like Toyota land cruiser vs mercedes amg g63
Juan Reyes
Let's first talk about the f...ING oil leak....WTF
LeX Workout
8300 rpm
Prince Makked
I am from india that amazing
Oh Ohzayum
How about Dodge TrackHawk ??....
Muhluri Nkuna
Should of set the record with a Lexus
then you guys should see the Nissan Patrol that ripped apart Bugatti in Dubai ... youtube it.
Matthew Marcum
Toyota is weird
Cyril Matthew
which engine this car uses ... generally its a diesel 5ltr + v 8 diesel ....
How about that suv the Arabs built with the gtr engine?
With all seats removed it's no longer an SUV
Soo, you can build this useless SUV, but cant build a new Supra.
Bender Anglesmith
Look like a coal mine inside too.
Zaid Ajlouni
It's not a production car
And why ur lying it's not a land cruiser it's just a body of a land cruiser i own one and i know how exactly the land cruiser sounds
This at least have 4 turbochargers
Zozek Amedi
Did i hear a CVT transmission?
Rich KID
The real fastest SUV is in dubai
Its a 3000hp nissan patrol
jj kc
God, I wish Toyota would do something like Range Rover did with the company restoring a vintage vehicle for some loyal customers! That video was awesome and the factory showed some great PR on a customer appreciation video.

I currently own 3 Toyotas; 2015 Camry, 2015 Tundra TRD Pro and a 1980 FJ40. Other vehicles that I've owned during the past decade were a 2007 5.7 regular cab sport Tundra, a 2011 Tundra Texas Edition, a 2014 Corolla and a 2014 4Runner. That's a total of 7 Toyotas. Hook me up, Toyota execs, make the FJ40 new again with some sweet 6H9 paint!
Mustanglvr007 -
Upgrade and tune a Bentley Bentayga to around 1100 hp, with all the safety stuff and you'll be going at least 250 mph.
Toyota! Lets bring back a Land Cruiser built for a true off road experience in North America. My FJ80 is the last of an era for the Land Cruiser. This video, although awesome, does not depict the true essence of what the Land Cruiser enthusiast loved about this vehicle.
Sergey Khochay
Toyota LC can not the fastest SUV, simply because this is not stock truck, heavily modified . I believe MB BRABUS is the World Fastest SUV as you can own one and it is available for sale. This one is just pimp-Toyota on the steroids.
but i think bentley bentayga !
Phi Hoang Channel
Good Video.
Badar Uddin Ahmed
this speed is in mp/h or kp/h
G-briell XD
My escalade in nfsu2 is faster
Mona Sharma
Probably Markyracing
Doesn't seem like the espace 51
что в нём от лэндкрузера?
Saeed Algamde
The World 's Fastest SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 2018
Daniil Isakov
Bentley about to destroy this speed
If all the parts is factory ,and can be this performance, We will talking about this"world's fastest SUV", OK?
obie sario
filp flag lol
So Tesla is not the fastest SUV?
dom nagovski
Lets Go Places
Nerdy Bird
LOL, my tesla model x p100d can beat this in gaining speed but not in overall speed.
Ayomide Abejide
WAS THAT DIGIHUD?!?!?! 00:10 to 00:22
faisal mehmood
I just hate the brand. No safety at all , no luxury whatsoever. all Toyota and Nissan looks the same.
Their body is shit like a disposable teacup. whereas American muscle looks tough and they are tough.
Toyota and Nissan are for people who spend their lives being average
Hunter Shaw
That's not even the real car, they rebuilt the whole engine and ripped out most of the interior... I'm pretty sure that if any SUV company gets together a team of mechanics they could break a record too.
Gareth T
If only every car in their line up got a TRD upgrade. I would not mind paying a premium for less fuel efficiency and more performance. Imagine the light corolla with 250 or 300 horsepower with a manual gearbox. Make Honda run for it's money.
Pretty useless...
Nawaf Almuraikhi
Bentley bentayga is faster
halo lim
dreaming, SUV is for more comfortable, safety car,not for racing,if you want make a sport car,pls upgrade ur supra..
Ahmed Shahwali
what a graceful car
Allen Miranda
But Jeep Grand Cherokee is still more dope
Min Htet Oo
Yeahhh love it!
You're gonna go places when you lost control at that speed...
kavin kumar
wr r u Bugatti......😂😂 u got a race...........
tbh I like this car
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