Dane Hotdogs
Why so many licksπŸ˜›
3 points
i dare you: kiss any dog
Darren C
7:25 that was so gay
Animal _Frenzy
why do u have condoms just sitting in your house
Brandon Ly
did u see sean's six pack
I dare you to follow me on Instagram Duhandrew and keep following until you die :c on ur main account too !
Pixel 13
I dare you to brush your teeth with hot sauce
Sudha Jayaraman
I dare you to cuzz the n and f word without censoring it and say fuck this shit niggers ain't allowed in thi shitty as hood fuck it white is right
Jason Sherpa
Sean looks like Manny Pacquiao
Symphony Yang
I dare you to trim Gregs mustache, put mayo on it, and put it in your mouth for 20 seconds. Double point's if you add anything else on the mustache hair.
Nacha Bro
3:39 Thought he said penis inside out.
Gaming With VickyRatan
I dare you to kick all members butt
viri flores
ryans hair look weird
this video was gay as HEck
Berry Best
Of course they just have condoms lying around the house........πŸ˜‰
Sergio moreno
Was watching while drinking water and almost threw up when Sean ate the butter
Nowah T2ylor
so many kids found out they were gay around 7:14
I dare you to chug a gallon of milk >:3
i am turtle
I dare you to dare someone on your left or right your choice to pick a dare from the hat
A name A name
I dare u to lick the oldest persons nose
Coolwolf 36
I dare you to kiss the person to your left or right while wearing hot sauce on ur mouth
Coolwolf 36
I dare u to call the apple company and complain to them someone ate my apple
Coolwolf 36
I dare you to put 10 giant marshmallows spinning on a rolly chair while saying chubby bunny
Ben Fethke
Stick a fork up your butthole and lick it
Jacob Crowson
I dare you to drink tooth paste with mustered and cechup
James fox
why do you have condoms ryan What have you been doing behind our backs?
Mac 99
Do a vid with Liza Koshy
ziad benamar
I dare you to suck a huge banana like a cock
The Lemonade
What kind of dogs do they have they're so cute!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aussie Sniper
You know it’s old when Derrick still is young
Grisha che
repeat the last dare
Albert Thomas Nymark Horn 7B Skovvangskolen
Dear Ryan. Can u make a challenge about that the most stinky you gotta have the most stinky person in the group's underpants on the head
Amayah Brooks
Having a bad day? Pause and go to 13:38
WoozyGaming Tec
Nearly throw up when he lick the bellyπŸ˜–πŸ˜–
melody markensen
pause it right at 13:38
the face sean makes.....
T Woodbury
Go Packers! Look at dog while Ryan is licking
Itz Vishal
Viewing this in 2017 Ryan has such weird hair
Shivani Anand !!!
Dear Ryan can you do a parody of any of the Harry Potter movies/books
Jason Plays
Man that stomach tuck in at 1:17
Crystallized Hero
The belly button one made me throw up in my mouth xD
Gravity Galaxy
Ryan looks beautiful
I swear they give points so easy when derrick did the rubber band thing i would have given max 1 point and when greg jumped the chair i was like yea thats like a one
Venice Alyson
dear ryan can you do the pie face challenge
Venice Alyson
dear ryan can you do the pie face challenge
Eggis 10
Give someone a Dick kick 10 Times for 5 points
Fahad Rizvi
I dare you to put peanutbutter on The most hairy arm pit then lick it (4 POINTS)

tomas budrevicius
Human catupult in to a dumpster
Nardo Madison
And the taatoo is a demon
Kim Princess
2:28 " bts boys" XD
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