The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

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One of the most chilling cases of demonic possession of all time.

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Screenshot from "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" by Sony Pictures

Exorcism Tape Audio from Father Arnold Renz.

Made by BFMP
Father Gary Thomas

Alexander Jones
i feel so bad for people who have to go through exorcisms, cuz in real life they're clearly suffering from something serious that is hurting them, but people are like "nope, exorcise em" and it just puts them through more strain and suffering
Ella Brinkworth
I think this is the scariest episode of buzzfeed unsolved 😖😖
Mohammed Rowdi
This by far is the scariest unsolved episode.
Vekneswaren Murali
I hate shane.At least he could stop complaining and denying all the fact eventho he doesnt believe the existence of ghosts
I died at “ “it’s all- I ran out of evil people to think of... uh...” “ XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD no joke best joke I’ve ever heard XDDD
Q Mafia
OoWeE Comics
I've seen demonic possessions and exorcisms personally, there are churches that specialize in that, so this isn't so far fetched. The videos you see online are actually pretty true
"What is the root cause for the suffering of this individual" obviously is a restrictive catholic family.
Lydia W
she was probably epileptic and anorexic with shizophrenia and other fcked up stuff
You guys are all I listen to at work—if you ever stop I will seriously kill myself 😂😂😂
Samantha Hodolitz
Please do the Watseka Wonder
Kidly Cats
I love these videos the unsolved ones it get scary and then it’s funny 😁
yo can anyone tell me when any scary pictures or jump scares are before i watch??
monique nguyen
I'm dying
.. skeletor is in here!
Bella Toran
i know father thomas
Erika Lad
sleep paralysis
Ghosts aren’t real demons however are
Sarah M
I like how y'all still don't think she was possessed even though they mentioned her having a power than not any human can have. Not only that, they said that she destroyed crucifixes and religious stuff which literally describes a demon because we all know that demons hates christianity or pretty much every other religion. also, her not sleeping or eating for many days but still remained alive how is that even possible? U can only live maximum 3 days without water or food in addition to her not sleeping. I can tell this has been happening for many days and years because they said they performed 67 exorcisms or 69 and that's a lot.
Harri B
watching these to keep myself up so I can do work 😂😂😂
Breanna Kimberly munoz
😂😂😂 you guy's are going to regret being skeptical and mocking them🖒
She makes hitler, communists, nazis, joker, mr freeze, other villans and satan pretty good people apperantly.
Rinshu Manu
I'm not scared of the video but these guys are kinda killing me*
Rinshu Manu
glad these don't have jumpscares..
Also why would demons fear or dislike things like the cross. We as humans invented these symbols and gave them their meanings, they aren't divine they are fabrications of human imagination. So many holes in this crap you could pick it apart to the point, you'd have to be so stubborn in your religious beliefs not to have them rocked or broken.
Funny how it's always religious possession, you know people who already have knowledge of hell, demons etc. Why can't there be a possessions where the person has zero knowledge of it, as it would be more convincing albeit still fake.
Charlie Downey
CuteGirlyGamer :3
Such a poor girl😔
CuteGirlyGamer :3
Nylie S.
Father Alt Ctrl Delete
Your demons😂😅
Brett Reyes
BuzzFeed 0
Bee 2
That Nerd Girl
I can't take the audio seriously because I'm just imagining a girl who is doing these voices
Agust D
What if The Try Guys were to host this segment?
Niki Laura
Had to stop & watch the commercial cuz I got too scared!!! Lol
Ellana Randomness :p
Do you two have nightmares often?
RenataThePlayer EY

Me: dies of laughter
coocoo motherfuckers
these supernatural videos i feel are literally just ryan trying to convince shane
Leticia Rojo
I could listen to Father Gary Thomas talk all day....his voice is so relaxing!
I didn't know the devil spoke German, Perhaps lessons from a certain man...
Bandy Brown
"I guess I'm demons!"
I'm german so I can understand everything the demon was saying c;
Imperator Furiosa
@ the thing about her having no way of knowing about the Fleischmann dude, she was pretty deep in religious studies right? Like isn't it possible she could've read a snippet of it in a book or something?
👉👌 Idek
Rebecca Jones
She was not possessed. Poor girl had mental illness and her family killed her by not getting her the help she needed.
Simmy Lillies
This is fake. Annalliese was real but she is German so it's not possible her demons knew English. Also there are a lot of pics of real annalliese on Google. So why didn't you use real pics not drawings? She became uglier long nose also middle of nose lost. YOU DIDNT MENTION THAT????
You can’t not love Shane, he’s there going “have you had your fun? Yeah, I’ve had my fun.” 😂😂
rainbowtacos _
great, now I have to go get ready for school. thanks.
destaticsrampage real
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