Etihad A380 The Residence Complete Flight Review

EtihadEtihad AirwaysA380The ResidenceEtihad The ResidenceSam ChuiFlight Review

Complete review of Etihad Airways A380 The Residence from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.

This is a truly unique and bespoke travel experience.

The epitome of luxury commerical travel in full privacy.

This video feature an in-depth review of the exclusive Residence Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport, in-flight service and product offering with the Residence.

For complete review, please visit my website

This is NOT a sponsored video. Making travel experience video is a passion of mine.

anila kosri
Peter Van Chau
the negativity in the comments are concerning
john Sarkis
who is this Sam Chui and who cares about this shit
Scottx125Productions - Spiffingly Serious British Gaming!
This is amazing, make sure you enjoy it for all us who can't afford this stuff :).
Bob Evans
and i'm just sitting over here eating kraft macaroni and cheese and struggling to pay my car insurance
truely amazing.
Furqan Baseer
And then you land at the asias biggest slums ..irony ..
3,000 dollars? well ive checked the price and now its 14,000 dollars lol
this guy has to much money on him ... not saying that's a bad thing
I wonder how life feels with all people smiling at you for having much money to offer them but not for being such a nice person !
I can't tell if the music is from harry potter or minecraft
if the inflight chef is supposed to be able to make any bespoke dish from the ingredients in the menu, does that mean there is a fully equipped kitchen on that flight??! how does that work
Dylan Baseraba
No windows?
Dylan Baseraba
And it's costs around 100K estimate
Darren Maguire
Waaayy too over the top. That is ridiculous.
Larry Lee
I was gonna buy a new car, but fuck it! Let me buy that ticket
Having a big mac at that lounge would be real luxury
The Life guard
Did you go through security
Miķelis Baltruks
Wait. Just 3k for all of that? This is ridiculously amazing! Movie-like experience. And all the kind butt kissing from the staff xD
Miche Miche
all i want to know is if the plane goes down will all this save me
Elmo Gamer
That plane is gorgeus
ulan bizdekişasa bak biz binriz bi tuvalet zor yetiyo bi koltuk bidepencere başka bişey yok bu arada türkler elleri görelim :d
Cherry the Skrublord
3:59, the irony on the TV
Ich Bin Deutsch
Can you also get a free hand job?
Handy CT
Make your donation !!!! Don`t lose your money in "First class":
one of most workless in the world :)))
Louis Calisse
that wasn't an audi R8 :')
I dont understand this kind of luxery. Thias si sooo unnecasary
salty sel
This is how extra I want to be as an adult
salty sel
Everything is amazing I love the lounge and the music that you played thank you for sharing these moments with us Sam
how 'rich' people live I find really sad. How much did this cost ? The one thing about posh people, they must be malnourished eating such small portions of food.
Rob Leyland
Easyjet benidorm boom
This is some Bruce Wayne shit.
Van Anh Nguyen
at the way from car to plane Hello Good Morning or How are you ? 😂
the music made it feel like a disney fairytale castle dream :P
what a great flight man! and what a load of butt hurt people in the comments. like they ever done anything good to this world, all they ever have done is complaint.
manish verma
get the fuck off baldy I want to enjoy luxury
Dulce P
have you ever seen an airport so extra damn how rich people be living life
Christian Scott
What is it with people who come from largely poorer backgrounds that feel the need to show off their new found wealth?

TBH it just looks... a little sad. It's nicw that you have money now - and I'm happy if you're happy for it - but you don't seem to be happy with being wealthy as much as you seem to be by showing it off to everyone else.

And that is a little tragic.
seung ki Park
money is good.
who is this man ?
Look at all the smiles money can buy
mihir Panchal
money can buy happiness 😁😁😁
dragonslayer f420
I never knew there were so many commies in the world until I read the comments section..
Michael Froelich
So with enough money gotten by putting others into servitude even a short, ugly little asian man can be waited on hand and foot by tall, blonde, nordic looking women who wouldn't otherwise give this little toad the time of day. Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.....from one muslim, arab hell of slaves and masters to the filthiest, dirtiest city on the planet. Have a nice trip little asian man. All the money in the world won't make you taller.
Taha Essam Taha
LOL 7:30 that guy was eye fucking that flight attendant
As he walks into the first class private lounge, a tv news channel covering war, firefight, and carnage... Oh the irony
Vinny Carrocia
It's not a sponsored video but he didn't pay for any of this. If you did pay, show us the total.
joshua fernadese
Isn't it a bit ironic that on the tv they were showing some sort of negative incident ? I find it funny lol no matter how rich you are you can't escape the reality of life.
Cameron Kay
Another Rich Guy Bragging about his money.
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