Etihad A380 The Residence Complete Flight Review

EtihadEtihad AirwaysA380The ResidenceEtihad The ResidenceSam ChuiFlight Review

Complete review of Etihad Airways A380 The Residence from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.

This is a truly unique and bespoke travel experience.

The epitome of luxury commerical travel in full privacy.

This video feature an in-depth review of the exclusive Residence Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport, in-flight service and product offering with the Residence.

For complete review, please visit my website

This is NOT a sponsored video. Making travel experience video is a passion of mine.

Master LHM
Boom Shank
"I'll have a blowjob and a cappucino please"
6:14 did she offer the happy ending?
Tiago Gobbi
How good is to be the king? Even a shower in the private room, com'on!! I think those countries with a lot of oil are just surreal, they could donate some money for humanitary cause or something!! :/ :/
Arnav Dahal
you don't even have the courtesy to ask the butler to sit on the seat while talking with you, she is almost kneeling down....oh wait!! rich people..sigh!!
Swiss Cheeze Gaming
Thank you for sharing your experience with us it is truly amazing and beautiful and it is an experience that I wish I could have at least once in a lifetime sadly though it may not happen it is an experience I cannot afford unless I won the lottery the background music also ties the video together quite nicely
the power of money
Fuzzy the Bunny
We're watching this video since we always go on economy class 😂😭
Imma get a camera and start recording me on a plane to get damn money
3:59 - malnourished child on BBC saying, "seriously? you materialistic son of a bitch!".. #IRONY #INEQUITY
Abu Dhabi to Mumbai is only a few hours. Seems a waste to take such a short trip. If I had the cash for something like this I'd want a nice 12 hour flight.
Crazy Onliner
backwoods in the cigar lounge
dog pound
Look at that twat! private bedroom, surrounded by brown nosing people who just ooze falseness. The argument has always been "well, you would, if you were rich" no I would not, things like that make me cringe, it's only people who need their sense of grandeur validating that enjoy being arse licked like that, makes me want to vomit! ordinary passengers crammed in like fucking battery chickens on most airlines. Fuck the rich!!!
KingZong Gaming
I'm pretty sure you can buy a car with that
sean oloan
It's a truly amazing experience it's one of my future goals to be able to fly like that.
The Alone Wolf
İts fucking AWSOME
Ellroy Uyleman
after seeing this, this is how i want to fly every time.
exotic replayz
She tryed to smash
Aspecti •_•
I just got back from a flight, UNITED AIRLINES...
Screen super tiny
No movies u need 2 download an app
The flight was from 9:00 to 6:00 and they served us breakfast and a little snack
Food choices: Cheesy omlette or berry pudding
I get jealous when I see some kids in first or buissness
And there is always this one guy who is super rich and looks down at first class thinking, HA, PEASANTS.
Наз Солнце
Я тоже хочу богатую жизнь. О Аллах исполни все мои желание
Berke Akbulut
Her name is Leanne Pugh. She was my butler too. (and I woke up)
Pooja Kapoor
mine personal one is better
Zinus HD
This is a amazing
sachin pandey
11.51 paneer lababdar
How strarnge the entire clip got the Etihad music / sound...
Caleb Jones
Damn that's magical
dead pool
your butler love you😂😂😂
Steve God'u Ekber
Luo Aaron
Console Plays Games
you say 3000.... you mean 30,000 right ?
Young Redstoner
Last time I flew I flew the airbus380 in buisness I stayed the whole flight at the bar
Kamran Choudhary
Wtf he paid so much but he went such a short way
Kiana Thomas
Was it just me, or did this feel like the beginning of a video game right when he switched to the GoPro camera? I kept on having this looming feeling like there was going to be some kind of explosion, or the plane he was about to get on was going to crash lol... I bet Chris caused it 😂
Massiel R
Can you please say how much was that flight or the original price cause probably you got it for free...
Massiel R
I love to see people enjoying life like that!!!!
Dave X
New subscriber I enjoy all your videos. Thank you.
M83 rain
could you please tell me what the name of the background music is?
SoyTumblr -
Damn I wish I was rich...
Robert Harwood
Great music for video, got me locked in to watch. The experience looked amazing.
Sam Canavan
I have done the Abu Dhabi Mumbai flight sadly it was on another airline
michael green
Wow 2 1/2 hour flight eat 3 times lay in bed and shower. Seriously LOL
I like how they show starving children on a plane for rich that have everything :D
i missed the part where there is a screaming child? I thought this was standard on ALL flights??!
Ashlesha Chavan
arabs are mad people
if i am in their place i would have never appointed Europeans people
Sofia Profumo
Hello to the friend Chris 😍😍😍
johnathan wright
Mmmmm fish eggs, can you get a dominoes on flight? No so technically it's one crap assed shitty service if you can't get a pepperoni dominoes slice
Reflex Deflex
Why can't the bedroom itself have a window 😭
Kyle Goingco
This is Why Rich People Are So Fat... Getting Pampered Always ..
shailesh singh
i think ethiad has sponcered u
А*уеть мне бы так!!!
Rubbed Mashed Patatos on my Nippers
Now I wanna get rich just so Leanne will be my Butler and ask her on a damn date, Also That tiny bit of food, how he not starve?
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