raj badal
BTS_ Infires My Hearteu
9:58 why does it look so wrong to me?? ( some one pls save my mind) drinks holy water
Sandy Sousa
Your not the boss of me so I can do what I want
Unkown User
People can do what they want to do. You are not our bosses. Let us do what we want to do.
Sebastian Kolek
Ahhh youtube zas jsi dal anglickou sračku na ČR/Sk trendech
Saffia Khan
If Idid that I would probably fall through the toilet!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Amber Lynn Thomas
Who dips an Oreo for less than one second
Osman Khenjani
Dumitru Giurcoiu
Subscribe glock and like
Maryam AlGhazoly
Woow ! It's the first time to know the right position for drinking water is sitting down so that my organs retain water for a long time ..that's why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered us as Muslims to sit down while drinking water cause it is better for our body !
sachin kumar
Love u ..... Fabulous hacks... 😙
Anya Pilkington
8:08 that hairstyle is just not right tbh
Can you'll plz stop repeating the same thing again and again it's too irritating
Sonali Khanna
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Im here for the thumbnail
And so r u!
Muhammad Moiz
The actual method of hand washing👍.medically aproved
Gaspard Petit
Feel variety list gnwkv mouse subject workshop track senior around.
Si Xuan Kim
They drew the injuries on
Laura Sjørup
60% of these ''hacks'' takes more time than normal.
Tanvir Chowdhury Pieal
Do something new.
Gwyn Belvis
that is not real it is play pause
At 9:15 I'm thinking those people who have never put on a headband before
On the shoe part where she had a blister on her ankle I'm thinking or you could wear socks
the last one, now got that who was doing it wrong Thier whole life😮😏
Bendy La Cute De Twice
Omg so mágic and cute😍😚❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💝💞💟
Dianna T
Such a lie I thought it would show how to clean your legs if there really dirty
9:40 they are running out of ideas so much, they made up a way to wash your hands proper. It's really just a bunch of random things they probably threw together last minute.

I have a method of washing my hands to, it's called rubbing them together. When you do it, all the germs will die, unicorns will exist, Santa will talk to you face to face, the Easter bunny will poop out gumdrops, peanut butter will sneeze, and people will like you more.
Camila Lopes
Camila Lopes
Sarah Sophia Moreno
Margarita Arreaga
Brooklyn Smith
I still don't get what those white blocks are
Brooklyn Smith
How I do it, and how the right way is.
Marta Banas
Yes, I definetely eat pringles in my everyday routine.....
Rachel M
last one was the best
para aza
Prophet Muhammad advised us very long ago to drink while sitting, you telling me this now 😒😒
Daria Chanowska
Nice intro
Таня Яринич
The water drinking thing is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.
So Cool
Mr.pongsakorn taekcho
8:03 This is Captain Unohana from Bleach!
Safee Health Care Tips
mary daisy
What is WD-43
Соня Плаза
Здесь только я русская???
kriza mae
Ang galkng ng iba malaamng hacks nga ano pa ba aasahan ko hahha kaway kaway sa mga pilipinong nanood nito kung wala eh di wala haha😂
nguyen tien
there was gonna
Lauren Alexia21
“EVERYDAY routine”

Yes because everyday I eat chips, chocolate and wine
En Person
Can someone tell me why this is wrong 0:18
Savage UnicornZ
Its says 5-minute crafts and this video was 15 minutes xD
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