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Category 2 Hurricane Irma is bringing intense winds and rain into Tampa Bay. Hurricane Warnings and Tornado Warnings have been issued through our entire viewing area.

The latest track and watches: 
Full list of important alerts, closures: 
Hurricane Resources:
Emergency numbers to have:

Dark Velintend Trarewaxe
Leah whanstall
Is hurricane Irma coming to the UK or has the hurricane over
Chileshe Zulu
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Rip florida .n.
Fireball Approves
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Jack Smith
Gonna need a lawyer to deal with the ins co
When mom said i can only watch 1 video before i sleep
We got our power back on Tuesday night in Safety Harbor, Clearwater area
Stacie Malfoy
Good thing I'm going to Florida in a month or so... flying over the ocean and everything...
Why is he acting like a stupid child? He should have been talking in a much proper way since he seems to have a good education. Weir though.
You praise the state but you have no fuckin' idea which beach it is. Lol, dumbass
41:09:43 So that's what Hulk Hogan has been up too.
people living in places where they never should be live...
great disappointment from Irma from lvl5 to lvl3 and lower...
new homes should be dome shaped as this is most resistant against big waves
otto-albert junk
Quick report for nudity so the youtube staff has to watch it all
mountaingal homemaker
All of GA was hit by irma
Champion Fashion
Hurricane Irma NEW FOOTAGE
The Sweg Show
Subscribe to me if you wish luck for Florida
Billy Bong
Hillary for prison
Ann Onamous
Its only Florida. The state is famous for hurricanes. Living in Canada Americans always say it snows here. Rather have snow than that shit poetic justice.
Chad Chaddington The Fourth
Chad Chaddington The Fourth
New Life!
I feel sad for the ppl who died take care out there :(
I'm gonna watch all 40 hours
Freshwater Shrimp
Filthy american scum
i love it.
Fuck USA and Israel !!
Irma is the Answer : ))
Enoch Souerwin
I'm sorry to embarrass you woman but your hair is too short
Enoch Souerwin
Is this live cuz it don't look like it
Enoch Souerwin
Tell me something now
Enoch Souerwin
This don’t look live
lords worst gaming
Fucking nigger - PewDiePie 2017
Chetna Mandurai
The ending is amazing!!
Emily Galloway
What are the last eleven minutes of this?
Gavin Smith
Sabrina Ikar
Is it in Georgia
Ben MC
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dead thot
This video is almost 2 days long omfg
Ian Norwood
7mil views 37 comments...
Indonesian Robot
Save us in Florida 😭
Mama T
Awesome Awesome Awesome Sauce!
Thoughts and prayers
Frank the Minion :o
The ending is just amazing lmao
minhhai kim
Not a hurricane anymore
So many racist crack heads!!!! Good thing Irma and Harvey is killing them, we don't need anymore.
Nigger God Trump
Why so little comments?
Salty God
Say N I G G E R!
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