5 People Batman Has Killed

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Everyone knows that Batman doesn't kill (except Zack Snyder) but in some circumstances Batman has had no other option and has been forced to sacrifice some people for the greater good. And this video is about 5 times when Batman has intentionally killed.

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This is so bullshit
Abhishek Kumbhar
I agree with johnny quick but others I have a different opinion.
1.Ras Al Ghul has died many times meaning that isn't him its something else as comics says
2.Dracula isn't a human so batman moral code is not killing humans which he's not.
3.And Owl man, Batman gave him a choice and his answer was epic " It doesn't matter".
Question : What happened to joker in the killing joke ?
the only one that counts is johnny quick
top 10
You missed "Batman the killing joke" where he kills the joker
Zebedee Hill
Shadow Sean01
5. Sparing Ra's ends up with the world's endangerment, of course bruce has to kill him.
4. If dracula goes to prison, he'll break out instantly, no choice, but killing him.
3. As you even say, it was deadman, not bruce, it was also accidental.
2. Owlman commited suicide, not Bruce's fault.
1. Would you rather, have someone who already has done good things sacrifice himself or, have someone to redeem himself by sacrificing himself, I would go for choice 2.
Owlman's death doesn't count because owlman could have hit the abort button. he says quote "It doesn't matter." and the bomb goes off. He basically commited suicide by bomb. So that death wasn't on Batman.
Owl Budy
But im owlman
That scene in Batman v. Superman was a vision of the world controlled by a tyrannical Superman and (what appeared to me) Darkseid. Batman was clearly in a desperate situation, it kinda makes sense that he would lose some of his inhibitions.

Also, I disagree that "Letting someone die" is the same as killing them.
Mutsu Hanma
It's not the same as killing though...not saving someone and letting circumstances take their path is not the same as killing.
Nico Di Angelo
If your rule about if someone having a cure right in their hand and not giving it to them is their own fault applies then owlman death doesn’t count, he has the chance to abort the destruction and didn’t. So if your rule applied he suicided.
Batman killing is showing how batman is evolving as a vigilante and slowly growing darker and more brutal. I mean imagine this.... you trained for so many years in every aspect, Crime solving/detective work, martial arts(every form and practice), chemistry, Computer science, Etc. Pushing your body to its peak and utmost potential. Keeping in shape, having a strict diet and regimen of a daily schedule. Being multiple steps ahead of EVERYONE. I think batman should get a few chances to kill . I mean Batman, has put up with so much, the lost of loved ones. Losing family and friends to criminals. If i were him, i think my patience would've worn out long before his had. Does this justify his killings, absolutely not. But criminals have no regard for human life, why should batman have regards for theirs? Yes, the moral code shows how badass batman can be without weapons. But the criminals are using this against him. Batman needs to keep growing into this darker form, he needs to be something the criminals can fear. I would prefer if batman didnt kill, because it truly shows how badass he can be without guns, and as heath ledgers joker once said "Guns are too quick, you cant savor all the little emotions."
Braden Arnett
Killer Tech132
Batman didn't kill joker joker stabbed him and he dropped it
What about the time Batman killed Captain Clown?
Batman is not the most famous superhero that title belongs to Superman. He is however the most popular and the more interesting of the latter.
Amazingfew thedragon
none of these kills are legit
..... still, not saving someone is not killing someone, cause the death of said someone is directly the responsability, not of the murderer.
Deadman taking over Batman’s body does not count as batman doing it also owlman’s death was owlman’s fault since owlman could have disabled the bomb.
Cody Dark
You defiantly should not have counted the deadman kill in this video lol just makes you seem stupid because it was clearly not batman who killed him and another thing owl man chose not to disarm the bomb due to his own nihilistic beliefs
Doctor Lucario
Well yeah he saved the entire universe BUUUUUUUT he killed a living being ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
lucio torres zavaleta
you know that everyone of your theories is wrong right, first in rhas al gul its you who decides this because its a game, and you dont care very much about batmans ethics, second you should speak comics, films are done all wrong about this and dont really count and dracula is already dead, like a zombie, batman just destroyed his body, didnt actually killed him because he was already dead its like setting on fire a corps for the ashes or stabing a zombie in the head, you arent killing it, third that was dead man who killed it not batman, it was his actions that did that thats why he was punished, batman is an accomplis, at most, fourth batman didnt killed owlman he killed himself, he was the one that activated the bomb and wanted to detonated, batman just put him some where he wouldnt hurt others than himself, just because you dont get to kill yourself exactly as you would haveliked doesnt mean you didnt and fifth johny quick didnt die he just became old, so he didnt actually killed but just shorten his life, again you shouldnt use movies as sources as they are done most really poorly, quote comics as there are many times he has broken his code in clear sight but your examples are just bad
Reden Carabeo
How come Owlmanl's death is Batman's fault? You just showed the clip where he had a choice to defuse it.
It's gonna get real random
In the comics a Batman from the dark universe who took the powers of the flash killed: The Flash, and all of his own villains in an instant
the spider
joker fracked his death in arkham city
The Cynical History Teacher
I don't mind batman killing. I actually prefer it.
Why is it a big deal that Batman kills or doesn't save people, I mean literally it's mostly not his fault
Alexa Roderick
Thank you baby for stabbing me in the front and not the back.
Alexa Roderick
Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla can u guys even tell the truth lol lol lol na me neither. Nobody can find anyone I killed. Hahaha I know u all did your best. Too hebe
Alexa Roderick
hehehe truth lol
Alexa Roderick
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#genius twins.
Alexa Roderick
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Alexa Roderick
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Alexa Roderick
U did not kill me to bring me back, I killed to bring u back.
Alexa Roderick
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Alexa Roderick
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Alexa Roderick
Thank you
Thank you. No that's some words that make me happy I saved you.
Alexa Roderick
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Alexa Roderick
my personalities, mindsets, are their own people. The rebels fight for me.

I. Am Rach Idol.
Alexa Roderick
I AM Batman u can't touch this!!!
"I dont want to kill you. But that does not mean I have to save you" Dark Knight Begins
Cochise Mccray
super man
PandaBoy 873 2
Instead of devil ray you could've done Kagie beast however you spell it
Leo Silva
but what if its not their wish because letting them die if its no their choice even if they are still sick you do it any ways its still considered murder so it goes both ways
bill macgyver
The name escapes me, but there was a movie Batman killed the joker, in the tunnel of love,
Normal Just normal
Who killed the joker batman or superman???
So your telling me every one of these kills is arguable?
Dracula shouldn't count.
Cassie Paulsen
thomas wayne from flashpoint... he was batman... and if were curious about possession counts, than so do impostors....

because batman is a symbol, not a man....
Chicken Lad
None of these even count apart from number 1
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