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A. A. Rob
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Stan Korzilius
What is the one at 2.28? I want to see the original video and see how it ends.
Caden Morgan
Love the vid
DR2022 Joseph P
SpringTrap OHH BOY
nice video
Tyler Khan
2:38 that slap
Shug McGurran
Can someone explain how a player can run past first base and be safe with out fear of being tagged out if he doesnt remain on first base unlike other bases must maintain contact or face being tagged out
Andrew And Mike Diss Tracks
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Vincent Mayer
Son graciosas y a la vez muy sucias para grandes ligas, deberían ser legales solo en ligas menores , pues parecen cosas de niños.
Nothing To see here
Come on... even I know not to get off the bag when I don't know where the ball is and I'm 14 omg these guys are being paid millions and they can't focus?
Yadhira Bianchi
i wonder if the umps ever miss the play (being a trick play and all) and are just like "uh...yeah, you got him....OUT!" lol
Cynthia Kwan
I don't get it, didn't the baseball players already go in the base? Aren't they safe? Sorry I don't play baseball
School of chaos School of Chaos
I will be like you if you play
David Bacilio
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Matthew Kemper A.K.A The Peanut Butter Mcgriddle
2:55 that really happened?!?!? I thought that was just in the movie little big league
Umpires hit by balls
TJ Robertson
the last one was dope
iantheawesomegamer tv
love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Laphone Louplor
All them had fake throws
Sebastián Breceda
Like if they want Top All Sports to make a video of incredible RF Plays
Carl & Shelly Schaum
Love that play
Kreich Gaming
errr i dont understand baseball at all. aren't they already safe when they touch the base??
Raman Srivatsa
there shud be some time out . this is stupid
Bon Summers
So, when can a runner have 'neutrality' after touching base,.. if he chooses to walk off base, and not be potentially subject to being 'tricked'?
Seems to me, if the runner has touched base, and isn't really going anywhere, his status should be neutral-safe if he's off the bag, and not going anywhere, but just dusting off per se.
Sudanese Space Advisory Council
that last one was awesome
Pelle Boevink
Last play , the whole team was in on it! Love it
Best Loser
That last clip is amazing.
Max Baxley
This is the most high quality sports compilation channel ever
Chicken Daily
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Love you're vids. Subscribed
Unqualified 08
1:53 even the umpire laughed
Marcos Reyna
jajaja this is too funny
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muy buen vide
o sigue asi
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you are the most amazing channel!
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Amazing video I love it
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Yusuf Khan Khan
Funny vedio
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Nice video
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Miguel Cabrera es todo un troll jajaja
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Nice Video I Love your Channel a lot 38th Like !!!!!
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Love ur vids man. I just subbed
Brendan O'Donnell TV
The Jose Altuve one was just fun in games. Same with Juan Uribe and Brandon Phillips
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Buen vídeo hermano,saludos desde Venezuela.
Braxten Carter
Nice vid!!
Beckett Heimann
First view
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