Kenneth Valentine
why is this so amazing???
Juan Manuel Gonzalez Mejia
Great job!!! Will stand by 4 more!!!
txmchi beats
castaway was perfect!! LOL
Aimee Mills
Tom Hanks is so loveable it's honestly adorable 💙
This was probably before his epic role in Sully (2016).
Huỳnh Phi Tiễn
The red paint on James' face after Castaway...I am laughing so hard...
Thomas Emsbach
Thomas Emsbach
Thomas Emsbach
I want to bekomme a actor
Fercho Narvaez
James.... You rock!!!
Bnisha 04
They didn't do shawshank redemption
samuel lopes
natasa don
How amazing must it have been to sing with Woody
Sekiko 824
All I can hear is Woody.
Ummm what about Mazes and Monsters Mr think the internet doesnt know about it
Miss_Emm 123
Moon Emoji
Where's die hard?
James L
Where was Matt Damon in saving private Ryan
james corden's meg ryan is priceless
david giddings
what about the Simpsons movie
Sabatooth Dash
Love Tom Hanks and would love to see Robin Williams do this with James Corden. RIP Robin Williams.
Slow Person
4:20 omg I'm laughing so hard that was hilarious
flores kenneth
I got aids
Phangirl Of Winterfell
Man I love Tom Hanks
That Toy Story part was on point lmfaooo.
That's not the line Tom. WAS like.
amy richards
Tom hanks will always be a legend in my eyes. He has done amazing films I'll never get bored off.
RISING dragon
am i the only one that hopes they do the scene in green mile when john coffey (played by james corden here) cured paul's urinary infection (tom hanks) by holding tom's balls xD
Lindsey Elison
Awww I absolutely love this man.
Umainah Abdat
my all time favorite actor 💘
Jen Arias
Best actor of all time, hands down is Mr. Hanks
4TG Wither
I didnt know there was AK47 in ww2
Clara Jarquin
Jason Whitehurst
fantastic job!
Have pp
i always wonder about why american actors have much more reputation than other country’s actors. i think it is because america movies are very very advanced.
Salah Elmour
what a career he got
The Colonel Maverick
they forgot Sully
Paige Murphy
Lawan A.
Tom Hanks never said is like but said was even he cant remeber it
GundamGoku Official
I'd love to see a western with tom hanks now.
Elizabeth Landers
So funny!!!
What social life?
Suddenly I'm nostalgic for toy story
Yesthisiskarma Yes
Where is the movie " inferno "
Lilith Faucher
that thing you do is one of my favorite movies DED
I have been watching James' skits for hours! Almost 3am and I just can't turn it off. Brilliant
Tom says "Life IS like box of Chocolates", but writers claim it has always been "Life WAS like a box of chocolates." Could the Mandela effect be real?
Mar ia
4:22 I died
Marium Bilal
Tom hanks is a living legend I hope mostly known for "the di vinci code" and "inferno" one of the greatest movies ever
Solomon Grundy
Here, I'll show you a trick I totally did not learn from Saving Private Ryan
Shame they didn't do this later, would've loved to see James as sienna brooks
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