Women Test Different Sports Bras

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“My nipple definitely popped out.” 

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Madison Felipe

Rose Marie
I have a very large chest and I love the Panache Sports bra!
would anyone kill me if i said im a 17 year old male who hates everything nike underarmor and most popular brands except american eagle
Alexis Adkins
Michelle is so pretty!!
TrailersEntertainment C
'I can tell that this is meant more for doing the job then making you feel sexy', honey, it's a sports bra!! Sports bras are meant for sports, not fashion shows.
Delaney Dunn
I am like Jordan.. both bi, athletic, boob size, and haircut
Lena Dany
I looked for someone with the same bra size so i could relate but i'm from germany so i looked up what my bra size was in america and realized that a 70b is a 32a in america. And than i wondered if michelle might wear the wrong size because she appearently has a 32b but she looks pretty flat chested to me (it's not meant to insult her i mean it's not a bad thing!) and now i'm hella confused lol
Annie Myers
Why does it matter what your sports bra looks like. Your working out in it not walking down the runway
Game King
She is pretty has abs the full nine yards
Anna K
I mean I want the sports bra to be cute, but I don't try to be "sexy or curvy " while working out😂
abbey raye
nike and lululemon are my favorites
Tiffany Karp
Lululemon for the win!!!!!
Kailee Conklin
She keeps saying she's going to choke on her boobs but They don't even get close to her face
Hey there boob-having peoples of Ireland & UK! Marks & Spencer's sports bras are AMAZING! Yes they're expensive but as a D-cup I can tell you they actually do the job. Burpee tested 😊
Emma Blosser
1:09 the first three girls have tattoos in the same place
Erin The fangirl
i see crossfit😍
Adrienne Reimer
Am I the only one that Michelle gave me a little migraine in this video
Greta Amstutz
None of them worked for Sheridan bc she has big boobs and that is wrong

* there should be better bras out there for those kind of women *
Melenie Morales
They are all so beautiful
I can never find any type of bra because I'm a 34DDD so sports bras never support enough and it either fits my waist or boobs
Magnolia Noel
Jordan's size is my size so I literally listen to her all the time LOL
Danny Danni
Amber Alert
I Ike how when your a teen and you have size AA boobs
Dany B.
The woman with big breasts thinks she will find a bra which won't make her bounce but c'mon it's gravity. Deal.
Uniquely Inspired
I wear the same size as Jordan 😂
Bridget Scott
Berlei bras are the best!! and I'm an F cup!! they even have a place for your keys and a heart rate monitor.
John Smith
Jordan 😍
How much does Michelle weigh?
Holly France
I don't know why they put zips and clips at the front of the bras it's always better on the back because on the front it always comes undone
I'm just listening to Michelle 😂
Brownie Trs
They were wearing all the same kind of sports bras, but there are different maintenances so it's normal that for some it was good and others bad
I need a bra that's easy to put on and take off. I feel sports bras are super uncomfortable and somewhat painful to take off.
Zay Muñoz
Again, i like the kne with the glasses
Kayla Kollers
None of those bra's would work on me.
Katie reid
"I'm bout to choke on my own boobs"
michelle slays
"I'm about to choke on my own boobs" LMAOO
Kaari Kiyama
I only own two sports bras that were gifts from when my mum was shopping for clothes the other day because I was the only person who fits the bras and does sports =w= the rest are just halfway between normal bras and sports bras
Amber Rose
I have a VS sport bra and trying to get out of it is a nightmare
the girl with the pony tail, dark hair wants to feel and look good in a sports bra but that's like stupid bc ur working out ur gonna look strange anyways
Rachael Gorman
The girl at 2:29 probably has NO idea how tough it is she said that it was not high intensity! Like what? that ish is hard!
Tiffany Carter
'Wow! Why are my boobs doing this?!' Me buying any kind of bra.
If you're bigger than a D or DD then don't settle for anything less than a high impact bra. Medium support just ain't gonna do it.
The VS bra they showed was a medium support one but their high impact bra doesn't act like a push up bra and will keep everything in one place. Would recommend for my fuller chested ladies. (I'm a 34 D in normal bras but in VS I'm a 34 DD or DDD, for reference)
Ok but who wants to feel sexy when they workout
Michelle has an outie belly button, like me. 😁
Riley K
Anyone wanna trade?? I hate small boobs. I can't fit an A cup but im 12 and Idk why I just want bigger boobs. Who wanna get rid of their boobs if they're bigger. Depending on your cup size if you feel ok comment your cup size and number then idk it's fine but I want bigger boobs!!!!!😫
Brianna Hoelscher
What about Soma bras?
You should have more people with a A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, DD cup Etc
My boobs are like Mountains...i hate it so much.Anyone a tip, i don't know how to say... small them ?
Irma Reyna
Indyanna Marshall
But everyone was fine with them except the girl with the big ones
Jessie Z
I personally don't care about style because I wear a shirt over my sports bra;so I'm with Jordan when it comes to comfort and support as the more important factor focus.
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