Women Test Different Sports Bras

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“My nipple definitely popped out.” 

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Madison Felipe

Hayley Zuver
I love Nike sport bras
Jo Jo
I just have normalish boobs 32d or 30dd 👙👍🏼
Allison Peck
I like how 3/4 of them have pretty much the same tattoo on their ribcage 😂 all look good though 👌🏼👌🏼
The Nike gave everyone a uniboob
Savanah Bright
I wear a Normal bra and then my sports bra... Love it... Way more more than it alone... I am a 14C
Christen Swales
Try having a teeny tiny ribcage with massive boobs. Nothing fits me.
Brenee shipley
I'm wearing a sports bra right now
Clorox Bleach
I don't think any sports bra is going to not let your boobs jiggle for the one with big boobs u just have to deal with it..
if someone wants big boobs you can have mine, my back hurts so much
Lilybee Wilcox
wow, Michelle, you have it so hard you can't find a sexy sports bra what a hard life
Disha Prakash
it's funny how they all choose different sport bras .
comment if I'm right😊
Zander Smith
I love how they got people with different size boobs so we could see how it does with all sizes
wan xin Liew
I'm 36DD(literary huge for an asian) and i'm in love with sport bra from M&S! Its just whole everything in place without cutting in and squeeze my meat out!
Kenzie Plott
Ta the Turtle
Jordan is so hot
Madison Lawrie
Lululemon for the win!
Tia faboulous show
Nike is mine
That'stheway Ms.J
I have the exact same body shape as Michelle.
Sabrina Spakes
I am 18 and already a 40F i should be a 40J by the time I'm 20 and if i ever get pregnant they will possibly get bigger which I'm not looking forward to
thank you for putting someone with big boobs on this!
Kaari Kiyama
every single time someone says I have big boobs: nah, it's just the pads 😂😂
Yascha X
I need 3 sports bras to work out and im 13
Erza Scarlet
I'm cardboard, I have nothing.
Amelia Lummis
2:29-2:34 ...because gymnastics is not high intensity...
sammie cole
The lululemon bra is our free to be tranquil bra. It is simply designed "to provide light support for a B/C cup". As a lulu employee, I would only recommed this one for yoga or something like going to the store. It is not at all designed for anykind of running or vigorous work out.
Adrian Is Now Online
I own the Victoria's Secret one and it doesn't really help when you're on a rush and you have to zIP IT UP
Caelie Cat
I am 13 and I have bigger boobs than the chick in the pink dress. LoL
Best Video Buzzfeeds ever made
glittercorn 23
Jordan has vitiligo
Sofia Jennings
I have one of those sports bras with zippers and is actually the best thing ever. So easy to put on and take off
vs sport bras for life 😍
Ishika R
Anyone else have large boobs and a really small band size? No, just me :(.
Evelyn's channel of fun
I have the Nike one but not the bra I have the pants
Brynn Colegrave
NO. Jordan does crossfit? I never knew🙄
I love Green Day
You guy should make "women test the fit of different yoga pants" like from target, Victoria's Secret sport, Nike, and lululemon
Lukes penguin Vlogs
I'm a 38 DD what are you
Erza Scarlet
Michelle liked all of them
Laura lix
Hello, here share a #sports #bra #contest
Helpful to keep fit. Spring is coming! Let's show ourselves!
kpola diner!
These women all had different size boobs sooooo do the math
Maria Maraki
The victoria's secret bra was amazing
Sophia Foster
Panache , new balance - you're welcome
Ruby-Anne Whitfield
I swear, everyone with small boobs takes them for granted. I wish I had small boobs.
Does anyone else find it weird that each bra was someone's favorite?
Loreena Rosell
I would like to find a sports bra that works.
When you're so flat that you go for an intense run and only release afterwards that you completely forgot to wear a bra at all.
I use Playtex. (probably spelling that bad) Its very comfortable and I feel like nothing is even there and I'm like 5 years old.
I didn't know I wear the same size as Jordan.... oh wait. I don't think that's a good thing. I'm half her age...
I saw like the size of their bra and I'm like "mmk...."
Marah Morris
Dancer secret #1: we have become masters at taking off sweaty sports bras
Katie Winchester
She has vitiligo !!! Me too! <3
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