Women Test Different Sports Bras

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“My nipple definitely popped out.” 

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Madison Felipe

Shina Tabrizi
Michelle has smaller boobs than me. I'm 12
FunnyChubb 13
I feel like Sheri just needed a bigger size, sports bras tend to compress more so I always go a size up
Suna Polat
Jordan is so badass
Natalie Aiken
I love lululemon and ivivva and their clothes and bras
singingisfun 12
I don't think people realize gymnastics you need go support you are constantly upside down you need to secure your boobs down
Tessa Jirochvong
at 2:26 what is she talking about, just a gymnastics workout, she obviously hasn't done real gymnastics
Ellie Cochran
I liked that they each liked a different one the most
Alexandra Reck
I love lulu
Should have tested Panache maximum support sports bra!!! Best there is!
addie cat
Sports bras aren't meant to be sexy
Vanesa Capry
Idk y is Michelle sayin' that her boobs are so small. Girl... u r cup size B and ur boobs are perfect! I wish I would have those. I am cup size A and hate it. So, so much.
Rory Kieffer
The girl that liked the braided back sports bra has no belly button!!!
Phoebe Marker
I hate my Nike sports bra, it pushes my boobs together and doesn't look flattering on me :/
Sheridan is so funny!
Emma Horan
"i just have one boob right now" lol
Jin Is My Husband
I wear a chest binder because I hate my boobs I'm not even trans
Gracie Boll
I have a sports bra from sam's club that I love!I am a 34or 36a-32b but the small says it is for a 34b-34c (I am 12 so my boobs are still growing so maybe thats it) but otherwise I would say the sizes might run small but I love it so much and 10 out of 10 would recommend!
daisy richards
That sports bra that is soo old and is soooo comfortable
Is it weird that michelle and i have the same bra size and im 12?
Sarah Silverberg
When ur 13 and have bigger boobs than Michelle... (32C)
kayla cruz
They all rock every bra
Elizabeth B
Like half of these women left BuzzFeed
Serbia Drift
Sports bras are the only bras I wear xD all other bras are too big for my boobs
Jess Farrelly
I love my boobs 😌 but I have to wear 2 sports bras to workout and they still love too much for my liking
Alyssa Barker
Bruh, I have bigger breasts then Michelle, and I am 13...
I love how they all chose a different bra. It really shows that everyone of different body types and boob sizes needs a different bra to support them. It's awesome!
Jack Smith
Jorda looks badass i just cant get that out of my mind
Ami The Teenage Witch
"I'm about to choke on my own boobs" IM DYING LMAO
Lills Love
One of the girls had NO boobs
So every time she said "I don't feel my boobs moving" I was like CAUSE YOU HAVE NONEEE
(The girl that's in the beginning laughing)
Is it sad that I'm 14 and I'm a 40 DDD
Panic! At the TØP Phan Cøncert
If the girl at the beginning was me, the bra would have fell on the floor.
bitch im straight & your bi
when u dont remember subscribing to "boldly"
jjjaaayyz apps
I never really where a sports bra unless I'm working out in my friends gym ._. they don't have enough support to me
American girl Star proudouctions
Oh my god Sheridan is so pretty she should be a model
Paulina C
my challenge Is putting them on and taking them off. but when they are on its a miracle no pain whatsoever
Megan xoxo
Ya know for the Episode app? Which story is the one with her and her ex (i'm guessing) on each side of the door? Or is it just for ads?😂Only wondering
kawaii_ potato
Jordan it's really pretty
Pansy Lou
I about lost it when Sheridan was in the lulemon 😂😂 I've come to the conclusion that they aren't big girl friendly. #BigBoobProbs
Hi I am Alice
Oh my goooooood the small boobed women in this video annoy me. You have it so easy I can't.
Maizy Moo123
"Uhh what is wrong with this?"
*Rips zip open to show her breasts
TRIPLE D!!!!!!!! Woahhhhhhhhhhh
Hayley Zuver
I love Nike sport bras
Jo Jo
I just have normalish boobs 32d or 30dd 👙👍🏼
Allison Peck
I like how 3/4 of them have pretty much the same tattoo on their ribcage 😂 all look good though 👌🏼👌🏼
The Nike gave everyone a uniboob
Savanah Bright
I wear a Normal bra and then my sports bra... Love it... Way more more than it alone... I am a 14C
Christen Swales
Try having a teeny tiny ribcage with massive boobs. Nothing fits me.
Brenee shipley
I'm wearing a sports bra right now
Clorox Bleach
I don't think any sports bra is going to not let your boobs jiggle for the one with big boobs u just have to deal with it..
if someone wants big boobs you can have mine, my back hurts so much
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