Emily Tube
Aysha Nawaz
Hi e
How does the fake baby stand and walk?
Shakila Khan
Ana Pop
Dar are lelecomanda??
ゆーまる ゆーまる
G. Thakur
Not ooo "lion
James Johnson
erkan sisman
kit meritos ana y cami baby
yo loque no entiendo porque toma leche
Mari Paz Reyes
Justin Bircanin
I t u u
♪ Fun Songs For Kids ♫
Wow, excellent video!👍
Michelle OHalloran
Reto Marti
Christian Westerlaken
fardin azizi
Nadjib Chami
محشش ج
Micarla Fabrícia
Gostei muito desse vídeo minha filha ama esse vídeo beijo a todo💜👍👧😍
Haifa Falah
Anaid Nana
^^^^^ j
l OK路口哦啦咯啦咯,
Esmaralda Cocco
2:11 till 2:13 so cute <3 <3 <3
Ahmed Suliman
Rodrigo Reyes
Cfgf. Tyht ynJnh
Talita Queiroz
ratika gupta
Arias World
Emily is too funny. Love your feedback on my video. You inspire us :)
Coon TV
My son watches your child's video all day
Ayesha Saad
Love you're video!!!
I subscribed to your channel. can you subscribe to our also?

Jerri Sanders
Yony Vega
La 9kmj7 u y que de o4 knnnnjnnnmkkjjk (ook (kkk (kkkkk (kkkkkkkkk? Lkmm? Kkkkm? Mmp7i8oiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no kkmm...? Mm. N no que 7


Brittney LeBlanc
Jan Malik
Louisa Dekyem
Yuli Hernandez
Ggyyyyyyyyyy666677776 uuuu yuji*uuiiihhuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiik. Hhhhh y:g5
diana mpofu
I love you and my baby cousin
Janet Pereira
why channels like this has 4 million of suscriptors?
My cat And me
Emily I watched all your videos
mario 270
qui ero aser caca
The jumping silicon baby was creepy
Zubeyr Saiid
Puga Leyva
Matilda's Universe
Jumping on the bed looks like so much fun. I like your dolly
أنت حمار
Seyhan Uzun
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