Snowpiercer: deep snow no problem for train in New Brunswick, Canada

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Tracks covered with thick, deep snow is no problem for this train in New Brunswick, Canada. In the video, the train’s windshield is completely covered with snow as it approaches a level crossing. How can the conductor see outside?
Though the snow is thick and heavy, the freight train shows no sign of stopping.  It barrels through, creating a huge avalanche of snow that covers videographer Darren Gordon. 

Don’t you wish you had one of these to drive to work on heavy snow days?


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Now THAT'S incredible! Canucks are tough, eh.
Larson Roethling
the train then goes onto the road hits the person and the conductor says trains win again
Matt Brine
@ Crazy Cat Lady : No, these are made in NOrth America
Hockey Kid
I live in newbrusik Canada
Deedledude asdf
The railroad crossing activates and you expect a train.
Then the moving snow pile of death comes instead.
Captain Aidan
Polar express bitch
Any one else find that stupid green character fucking annoying
Riley Jensen
I life in newbrunswick
CamkamCK CamkamCK
Nature just let out its "load"
steam punks
Hello snow meet your death
Obi Wan Kenobi
I bet Chuck Norris was driving the train. Not only that he probably made it too.
my ol lady pulled a train like that once :i
Mark Worsham
Tom Sotherland
Ya mad train? Or nah
Joseph England
I'm for legalization, but the green guy is just annoying and unnecessary. You even had him on a video where a man almost burned to death.
What if that isn't snow it is cocaine and that train is a business tycoon.
Игорь Вячеславович
Отправлять поезд в рейс по неочищенному пути - преступление. За это надо сажать в тюрьму.
that movie was so dope!
Vicky Fox
Quiet day at the office TOMOnews huh?
Johnny Jaruwan
There are no snow here in Kansas.You guys took them all.
name of song?
Stephen Harper
Angel Bello
Will I guess you can say the train had snow problem 😝
NS/BNSFRailFan 95
the engineer does not give a fuck
Devon Dryceraid Ryce
(insert snowpiercing joke here)
Brandon Edge
looks like parts of the train were falling off right when it went thru the intersection!
Kyla Lynch
It is a very practicable invention, but a safety hazard
Burning Bush
The mighty Maple Leaf .Ah
Burke Minns
Broke my iPhone
Or a Canadians call it, a normal train crossing.
reminds me of gta v north yankton
This guy ain't funny
Im in love with the coco
Krazie Maniak
That's dope!
Sanfoor zaki
Dope that is!
Inverted V12 Powerhouse
Canada where we have alot of snow and shit happens
Chop chop madafaka!
lol not far from where i live, and yes the snow here is getting retarded -28 to -35 and snowing almost every day last 3 weeks
Sarah Walton
My cousin has to do that at work for CP Rail. Heck, for all I know, that was my cousin. LOL
Whats with the 'Thats dope!'. I have no problem with pot, But that just looks stupid.
beautiful reality
snow away f yeahhh
Sorry, eh.
NOTHING but another train can stop it
Sam George
I bet you my snowplough is bigger yours
That looks like a Kamehameha wave from DBZ.
That dude
The Misanthropist
I guess for the train you could say it was...SNOW
Emanuel John
the trains like anint no body got time for this
It's the polar express
Chugga Chugga
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