Megan Duncanson
I don't really see how people think the beast is hot? 😂
But Gaston however, I'm gay and even I know he fine as hell 😉😂
Final Fantasy
lol after watching the movie, my sisters and I said the same thing, that the beast is handsomer than the prince.
Sunny Mallaya
why would the internet think that the beast is hot and not Emma
Embrace ღ
Holy shit a remake of Mulan would be OUT OF THIS WORLDDDD 😭😭😭❤️
Jenna Mattson
I thought that Dan was still "hot" when he was human
Ariel Hamner
he is hot
So how did everyone go from thinking he looked like Satan to thinking he's hot????
Phoebe Sayyeau
I think the beast is hot 😂😂 kms
Mr. Googoopants
In the movie, The Beast's biceps can actually make Captain America's helicopter scene make a run for his money. lol
Al Pacino FanForever
The prince ❤❤❤
Are you kidding
Dan Stevens is life
Those eyes
You easily get lost in them
Aiyana Mitchell
I thought I was the only one who liked Goofy's son. Lol
Bitchy ChimChim
This movie was awsome!😄
Dan Stevens is hot but in the movie with that long hair he didn't seem hot
I saw the Movie with my bestie and we both though that the beast was hotter than the prince
Sanju Rayan
what interview is that from?
B H.
he's hotter irl
So how long until the leaked photos of Emma Watson fucking animals shows up? I can't believe how idiotic this culture has become that they would embrace this bestiality FILTH!
Khushi Khan
ya beast is HAWT
Reggae Monkey
Watch Logan
rhyme dela cruz
Emma has an obsession with animals.
I DID!!! I thought Beast was Handsome. He was what I called Hot. I agree with Emma 😉
Iris G
Pf I'm so boring I thought Gaston was hot(mainly because I have always thought that the actor was hot ever since I saw Dracula )
Aditi Tripathi
The beast is Hot for sure!
Eddwardo Chesterfield
Interesting how this comes to light AFTER everyone was docking on him for being ugly
Aniya Espey
I saw it 2 times ant it was lit
Mal Halsey
And the movie was amazing so make sure to watch it!!!
Mal Halsey
I have to agree; the Beast is the best!
Julia G
There was a time when I had a huuuuge crush on Aslan because looked so soft and cuddley and I really wanted to hug him once 😁❤
T Ana
I kinda wished he stayed a beast. He was so awesome as a beast. And he was pretty good looking either way. But mostly as the beast.
Ashlynne The Great
Oh My GOSH!! I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!! When the beast transformed it just wasn't the same!! The beast was way hotter before he transformed!!!
Nga Đào
love the beast =)) he has a sexy, charming voice
Blu Chalce
The beast is angry but super hot... hahaha
i somehow wished that i danced with the beast in Yellow gown... so magical...
First Simba and Scar now Nick Wilde and the Beast. Disney needs to stop making these sexy ass animals, I refuse to become a fuckin furry
jackline escobar
Beauty in the beast was epic. I literally went to go watch it, on the day that it premiered. Usually don't like to go watch a movie on premiere dates, but I sacrifice my sanity for beauty in the beast.
Rafaela Relayze
i totally agree with emma the beast is stinking hot
Charity Miles
I saw the beauty and the beast 🎥
Heather Easton
the beast is hotter
Emma thinks the Beast and Aslan are hot? She's a furry
Dalal Al-yagout
The Beast in the Movie is Really amazing and gorgeous.. i love the Beast ❤
Aundrea Miller -Topic
He looks cuter than the prince
Noa Jablonski
I'm sorry, but no animal gets hotter than Simba😍
Claire Dé Lune
Simba is fucking hot, too.
GGgamer 4560
My mom was like

wow ur a hotty then the ending of the film what happened!!!! you were buff now your a wimpy oll prince
Vanya Utomo
Yap! Dan is soo hotttt! When I was at the cinema, the whole crowd was admiring his hottness when he became a prince charming! They are making sound like "Ohh" or "Aww" or "Woaah" when Dan turned around!
L.Lorin 17
I Thought I was the ONLY one who thought this!
When the prince came, I was like "Ew...Ok...That's fine"
I'm not trying to hate...
I mean the Prince looks FINE!
kumiko is gay
fucking furries
redsunflower TM
I watched it!!!!!
Melissa Morgan
did she really just insult dumbo... i just... i cant
😂 thank god I'm not the only person who thinks this also.
Is this movie worth watching if you don't really care for the songs in the movie?
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