Fardin Mahzoob
I like the Virginia beach better.
Steven Richardson
This guy is full of shit...Cable Beach is in Western Australia,not Queensland.2.Thailand is not an Island.
Briana Cunningham
I am
Rose Philippe
Mate child similarly bare barn move piece cave guilt partnership marketing.
Reed Mack
Reed Mack
Less bad words
David Li
Frankly speaking, Repulse Bay is not as bad as described and HK has successfully make the beaches cleaner than before. Comparing the beaches north of the HK border, you will find HK beaches are already clean and beautiful.
abhishek mugun
WierdEmily Xx
Ive been to the Australian beaches and i nearly stepped on a jelly fish
Rose Lee
Due to personal experiences when I was very young in the neighboring country to Thailand, I already guessed that Thailand Beaches have water Snakes. There are some dangerous Snakes that are on land and water in Thailand. You have to always be very careful whenever you are visiting tropical countries. There are dangers that you do not know.
shahid mir
water snakes oh my God i am secred
Jocelyn Jaylene Gomez
Emily Yip
U said phi phi wrong and it’s Queensland not QueensLEND
Chaz and Harvey Channel
3:13 😂😂😂
Laurie Holscher
Otto Falk
Elegant carefully painful qygaolo date according down tool sit.
How could you say foxes cause that beach to be in the top 6? Foxes very rarely attack humans and if they do they cannot do much harm. Not compared to crocs, sharks, jelly fish, monster waves and currents
Pramod Dastoorkar
Ladghar Beach
Maharshtra - Dapoli - INDIA

This Beach is Best Beach in Konkan ...!

You Get Following:

1] Beach side window room , No AC Required .
2] Room Rent starts from Rs 1000.
3] The room Owner cooks food as per your Test.
4] Non veg peoples will enjoy More
5] Fishing Beach Harane Bander is 12 KM.
6] This Beach is 8 KM from Dapoli.

All Details information you can view on Youtube


This video shooted by me just 4 months back has proven to be the best video on Ladghar - beach Dapoli . ..
i feel pride to contribute in KONKAN VIKAS DEVELOPMENT...
This video has more than ४००० views in 6 months... Highest views on any other Ladghar video's on you tube....!!

कोकणात आपण जातोच ....!!

आपणास बीच साईड रूम मिळेल .

जेवण स्वस्त आणि आपल्या चवीचे मिळेल .

जास्ती गर्दी नाही .

घर मालक कोकणस्थ स्टाईल माज करीत नाहीत .

नॉन व्हेज साठी ऊत्तम

जवळच हर्णे बंदर वरून लिलावात फिश आणू शकताय .

दापोली पासून फक्त ८ कि मी वर ..

लाडघर बीच ....!!

पहा संपूर्ण माहिती..... लाडघर बीच ....!!

PRAMOD Dastoorkar

Lego Wheel707
3:46 yeah that surfer is dead no one can survive that wave
Material Dorito
Sharks are not likely to attack genius.
Gay shit
Lele pons. Hanah stocking. Inna sarkis. And Otter youtubers
Over 9000 joke noted
Zoe and Beth to Robinson
I saw a beach that I was waking past that you couldn't go on because of trash and crocodiles In cairns and went on a beach in cairns that you had to swim within the flags in a certain distance like up to waist because of crocodiles
that phi phi beach will scare the living shit out of me, and what i mean by that is that the living shit will come out
ahahah jk jk
Rosaura Manna
F.vck me! F.vck me hard and deep
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Ultra Rexy
“Scaring the shit out of the tourists” THAT CRACKED ME UP XDDDD
Kayla Daryn
They arent crocodiles they are alligators
Anna Shing
I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carole Witcombe
I went to cable Beach. I saw a crocodile
just fyi, phi phi we pronounce it "P P" for locals here.
Tanner Troilo
Cryptic Cowboy
👍 🖤
The Meme factory
Winter is better, you can play around in the snow, snowball fights, and skating on ice
In summer, bugs do everything to annoy you, and you can't lay on the ground without a million bugs walking on you
Honey Badger
Is there anything in Austslia which is not dangerous ?
Walle Vikman
I had swum with a water snake in phi phi island water
You forgot Snake Island in Brazil beachs.
“Island of Thailand”

Milena Krylova
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Matt 001001001100
Hopefully killing crocks wont happen?? Wtf they have bred like wildfire and they are mean green killing machines. Come live in Australia. Dumbass
Kell Arellano
Virginia has a high rate of rabies, especially in summer, they need to control those attacking beach foxes.
Fish Hoek is pronounced "Hook", not "Hoke" lol
zroom aris
go to Indonesia, south java ocean and its beach, it's really dangerous, and the cause is unknown, many tourists try to challenge it by swimming or riding a boat, and the result they died with their bodies can't be found anywhere.
Isobel Zammit
I live in Australia....🙁...The blue bottle jellyfish are the most dangerous...
Raiven Gill
Repalse beach honk honk
Sergio Hoxha
over 9000!!!!
Blarg Honk
Cable beach is in Broom WA is it not ?
Aisha Mariam
I thought it was "7 most dangerous bitches in the world
Jannelle Domingo
oh..my.. I SAW LELE!!
Tanya lose
Australia Queensland is one of the most dangerous beaches has one of the most dangerous beaches in the world I live in Queensland and I go to the beach all the time I can't believe that
xX AplhaPro2169Xx
Im sorry i live in Virginia Beach and there arent any foxes on or near the beaches just some homeless people and gangs.
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