The North Korean nuclear threat, explained

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Why experts are urging Trump to act now while he still can.

4:25 - Clarification: the US has the largest arsenal of ICBMs, Russia has the largest arsenal of nuclear warheads as of April 1, 2017.

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North Korea has been showing off its latest range of ballistic missiles and this map shows how far each one can go. As you can see, it looks like most of the United States is in range and it's got people panicking. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. 

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A ctionMS
Ceterum censeo Korea esse delendam.
Why is this unlisted?
Nuclear Launch Detected (Statecraft tone)
Cal-Ed Advisor
"If the U.S. knows that North Korea can target an American City, it will be less likely to come to the aid of South Korea or Japan...This would effectively break up the alliance that is designed to keep North Korea in check."

This sequence of statements is a total "FAIL"...The U.S. does not abandon its long-time Allies because of threats from a rogue nation.
zack wheeler
Great video nicely done
Franchesca J
Why is this video unlisted?
Vox feels sorry for North Korea.
lazy queeny
This is bullcrap why would anyone want a war
Caio Lima Netto
Well ... now they have an ICBM ... time to redo the video!
Odee Dillon
Vox, your data is not up to date. NKorea has had a working ICBM since late last year, 2016. It was the payload they only recently managed to shrink to fit it. Sorry, I cannot reveal a link to the source, but the information is out there, if you know how to look.
Mr Cookiez
Everytime i see kim jung un I sing firework.
Jeffery Rightmire
Find Kim and diaper him, powder his butt. (Take him out)
Adrianlegacy81 3
ONAN 762
obama's 'strategic patience'...another word for 'laziness'
tfw unlisted
Seems like the USA should be leaning harder on China. Americans can build goods, too.
Franklin&Tangelo 345
I'm related to General Leslie R. Groves! Look him up on Wikipedia!
Jesus Christ, we need to do something fast
Leap Tech
There's no easy way to deal with North Korea, they must be completely destroyed.
What's the song's name under the video?
Michael Ricks
maybe update this info. given that the July 4th ICBM missile launch which traveled more than 1200+ miles straight up and could have been aimed at Alaska and Hawaii. It did support re-entry. Minimizing the warhead is another issue though.
Andreas Schwarzkopf
USA is not the world police.
A Challenger Approaches
North Korea just needs to back the hell up. We have bombs that can blow them off the planet, from ww2. Lmao.
Kurt Henderson
same exact video as the video they just recently uploaded, under the same name, thumbnail, and with most of the same words.
well, this is awkward
Anebt Anurami
We let the Germans build their military and paid for our denial with 70 million lives. Thanks, Chamberlain. You were mostly responsible. We have to drag this Kim out before another 70 million lives, or more, are lost.
Inder Singh
They would have chopsticks when they run out of missiles
Stormtrooper 888
Why Not Point Those Rockets To Space?
Redeye Gaming
Who cares? They fire one missile at the U.S or anyone and they will be destroyed. We beat the Koreans in a few weeks during the Korean war, without Russia's or china's support they will be finished. Even if they had 1000 nukes it would be a suicide mission.
Peepee Train
Japan is in danger. They have already been nuked 2 times too many
Peepee Train
Relax... they just need a snickers... you're not you when you're hungry
Max Hu
did u know u would qualify for NK military if u were over 4 foot
Zero time for fun
sad part is North Korea is becoming more and more successful each day, and now the US us debating weather to start a war with them or not
Aqu ern
well now we're screwed now aren't we!
tauntbracelet39 yt
well now they have a icbm working now witch can it Alaska.
TaYlOr C.A.M
North Korea have just announced they have a working ICBM .... timed to panic if you live in the USA...which I don't 🇬🇧
sunny dae777
If something does happen it will be a United States driven false flag operation. Notice that bilderberg also took place strangely around when North Korea mentioned they can now reach the u.s. With nuclear capability hmmmm....
Well, shitski.
Tony Hill
He isn’t going to any thing
wow this was actually very informative
The real threat is China who wants to keep its business with North Korea alive no matter how far Kim Jong Un will go with his nuclear program.
China has no intention to lose its power and influence in North Korea, giving the World another demonstration of how deceiving and dangerous is the behaviour of Beijing around Asia.
The Chinese Communist Party knows very well that if the North Korean threat is eliminated, the Korean peninsula would be unified under the control of South Korea and with the economic support from US and Japan.
Max Hu
conclusion: live in South america
Paloma Sierra
@vox thank you so much for this video, it was well explained and now I am able to explain this to my parents who dont know alot of english.
Calca Calacanul
lol 1 ICBM doesnt mean that NK can reply to a USA attack, USA being able te delete NK with its large number of nukes
Trump should call Solid Snake or Raiden to take Fatty Kim's and his cronies' heads.
Isabella Miao
Did anyone else think of senbonzakura when he said ICBM?
nope. Russian nuclear arsenal is bigger then the US
William Blake
Yeah North Korean will NEVER launch against anyone..........end of lesson.
this is hilarious "the us is keeping the world safe from north korea" lmao. they only need those nukes so that they aren't attacked by the us the dprk will never attack first.
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