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Uni Versal
So you're telling me that about 10 men have the power to kill millions of people with the press of a button? Ok.
The only reason nk is making a bombs is to get attention. Without a bombs no one would even know about nk.
Lokesh Divekar
that's why alien don't visit
SunWoo Jeong
We should hit North Korea as much as we can.
Chairman Meow
Nodong lol
Heba Nazim
Why doesn't Germany have any nuclear weapons?
Warsame Adam
Don't blame Obama blame Dennis Rodman for not persuading Kim Jong-Un into NBA.
Alpha Adhito
How well North Korea knows about the US ABM (Anti Ballistic Missile)?
12345anto gaming
But america will end up killing them before they get them or the us will shoot down the nuke
cool sonz!!
can't us just bomb north's Koreas nukelear storage
Orange koala bro
Here's the thing the USA doesn't want North Korea dead yet if we did they would already be dead
North Korea is like a child with a gun
America is like Chuck Norris
North Korea doesn't know what it has and may do some damage but nobody can beat America
Osama bin Bush
Dprk will not allow a Rothschild bank that's y dprk threat to USA:)
kang C
These clowns need to be stopped
TaYlOr C.A.M
I'm want the U.K. To make a ICBM
wiktor komendera
glory to korea
Đạt Lê Thành
Crazy ideal: Make everyone near NK leave and take shelter in another country, and then invade NK
CatUser 21
Kim Jong-Un disliked this video
You're not you when you're hungry, have a Snickers
both north korea and pakistan are a headache to the rest of the world
Yso Sirius
Yso Sirius
Yso Sirius
We should nuke them before they nuke us

3:45 nodong? typical for asians...
This is amazing information! keep it up Vox!
Izio Shaba
there is something called conventional warfare
So the problem with Korea is that the US wants to keep them in military disadvantage... right
Aramis Johnson
NK: we make our missiles like this! \/ Not like this! /\
Ice Spike
Give kim jong un some snickers
Death To Ricers
why don't we turn north korea into a glass bowl
Lochness _Waffle
Who tf gave Pakistan nukes? Like when did that happen?!?
This music reminds me of FTL.
My brother is stationed in Japan 😭
bill williams
I want to see them test the Pukguksong-2 missile ;)
Muhammad Hood
Well, i am a Pakistani and to some extent, proud to be only Muslim country on earth to not only have nukes but the ability to deliver them too; but i tell you guys something, we can not even think about doing this horrible thing, and be honest, who can? All these governments of Americans and Koreans and Chinese or the Russians just creat a "Global Nuclear Hoopla" to justify their existence and moves to their own people and to the international alliances they maintain. The world and mankind can not afford an atomic clash, its well known to all.
The US has the biggest nuclear arsenal and is statistically the most likely country to invade any other random country if we consider they've been at war almost nonstop since WW2. Of course an isolationist country like North Korea would want nuclear weapons as a deterrent. This might be the least crazy thing about NK.
vox, always a populist . its the easiest way out.
ignorance is bliss, neighbour's is heaven
The principle explained here is mutually assured destruction which finds its origin in game theory. But even if North Korea manages to create an ICBM the US has still the dominant strategy as its nuclear arsenal is much larger.
Oh, boy! Another Cold War! How fun!
Allen Norris
how would we know what north Korea can and can't do?
if they bomb us they be off the map in a night put that god damn Satan 2 on their ass
What is that one circle around tokyo at 2:00? Is that a north Korean missile that would be launched from there? or is that a US one that is in storage?
I'm from the future , I got bad news
why dont we make a deal with china to cut off trade with NK this will starve NK of all resources causing for (hopefully) more capitalistic and democratic reform in the country.
Craig Doran
anastasiya braginskaya
I don't really support Trump, but... GET CHINA'S ASS OVER HERE TO HELP OUT, PLEASEEEEE
Керимсултан Наргаздоев
"The US didn't want an agressive rogue state to have nuclear weapons..." - hey, let's compare how much countries invaded North Korea and you.
Good video so far but just a quick mention - the US did not actually believe Saddam Hussein could have had nukes. Some of your officials (I'm not from the US) did infamously try to prove that Saddam had WMDs, but those were of the chemical and bio type. Iraq did plan to acquire a nuclear reactor, France infamously built Iraq's reactor (and repaired after Iran damaged it early in the Iran-Iraq war) but Israel bombed it out for good subsequently.
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