The North Korean nuclear threat, explained

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Why experts are urging Trump to act now while he still can.

4:25 - Clarification: the US has the largest arsenal of ICBMs, Russia has the largest arsenal of nuclear warheads as of April 1, 2017.

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North Korea has been showing off its latest range of ballistic missiles and this map shows how far each one can go. As you can see, it looks like most of the United States is in range and it's got people panicking. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. 

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Kim Jung um needs a snicker
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we have mistles that will destroy that mistle
Thank god I got really scared
North Korea is just a Chinese puppet, used by China to cover up Chinese hate and aggressiveness toward the US. China fears to lose business in North Korea in the event of a reunification with South Korea. If Korea is unified, all the economic advantages would go to South Korea and Japan.
That is why China wants to keep the situation as it is, with the power in the hands of a crazy dictator that play with nukes.
Serdar Durdyyev
0:35 it was not Russia, it was the Soviet Union. Know the difference! "Russia" was one of the 15 republics
I thought Kim Jon il did not take part leading North Korean until his father died in July of 94?
So Trump is trying to limit supplies from China to North Korea. This might actually work if China believes all the talk about Trump being impossibly rich (even though he's really just a con-man and actually owes more money every year than he makes).
This could make North Korea desperate enough to stop being a rouge state, which will allow them to open up trade with over counties to prevent a crisis. But it could also make them desperate enough to start nuking other countries (before they get a working ICBM), to which the US will nuke them, and millions of innocent civilians people will die and several countries will be destroyed. And given how proud and stupid the Kim dynasty is, the latter is more likely, unless his own government wises up and removes him from power.
Jarmusch Wendovsky
i watch the video and this thought come to me very suddenly: what if USA destroy its own nuclear bombs and get other 8 country to destroy their bombs as well? instead of invading other countries and killing babies? :o i bet this idea didn't come to USA's mind...
Kevin Lin
If Kim Jong Un fired any of his missiles, he'd have balls, but he'd still have Nodong
Thank you for doing this in metric units all the way, km, cm, kg. Awesome
Clorox Bleach
Wow, a video with trump in it where you actually bring up facts instead of talking bad about him.
Yusuf Perçin
Strategic patience = did nothing lul
Anoj Sakthi
what if total world destroy their own nuclear weapons????
it's good to all, nuclear weapon free world rather than Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons agreements??????
USA will do it, it won't.
u r cunning american idiots; if u destroy all the weapon after world war, it won't happen. And how dare you tell another country to stop without destroying yours??? fist destroy yours and then go for others
is america ready to eliminate all the atomic weapons with other countries?
Ya Mum
Yeah, well im not scared of nkorea even if they have missile(s) that can hit australia.
Australia is investing in Patriot Anti-missile Technology.
p.s china has tightened / shut off trade relations with china
John Lawrence
They meaning the "deep state" . Even the mainstream propaganda pressatutue media has coined a term for "they" .
Ronny Rock
We blame all the foggots who voted for trump
Tuck Oden
Those shots of missiles being paraded past NK troops look super fake.
M.R. Bran
Why doesn't the U.S. test its nuclear deterrance systems? If they test them and they work, then North Korea's nuclear weapons would be nullified and so South Korea could invade.
I Want Rings Please Help!!
I think North Korea put a nuclear missile in their satellite that's why their very sure they can nuke USA, and in fact that satellite is passing USA,.
Cristian A
what if you nuke the whole country at the same time? how can they nuke you back if there is no more North Korea?
Khalid Grey
I want to know what there is for anti-missile defenses and why they aren't wide spread enough (at least SOMEWHERE) to nullify nuclear weapons. Surely there's a way to stop nukes from detonating properly.. Is it an economic thing that's halting anti-missile development?
zach syther
dang it i was pretty hyped for fallout 5
NoDong lol
Giver her a particle beam!!!
This was a good video, but I completely disagree with your statement around 5:40, that the United States would abandon its Korean and Japanese allies simply because North Korea was in range of launching a nuke at us. What is the basis for this argument? We didn't abandon NATO allies because the USSR was able to launch nukes at us. If anything, we would step deployment of AMD (Counter ICBM missile systems) in Alaska. But abandoning our allies in the face of danger isn't exactly a typical American response.

It is hoped that China would eventually succumb to world pressure and finally enact an embargo on North Korea, effectively forcing their hand and requiring them to disarm. Regardless, I personally don't believe this regime has ten years left in it, before falling to a military coup or all out revolution. Things will change drastically after that.
Clorox Body Bleach
We could just give the North some Pepsi ya' know
Cooking Lessons for Dad
If North Korea bombs anyone it will give the US a reason to obliterate them.
Shane's K-Pop Videos
US and ROK have a mutual defense treaty.
The Antagonizer
Damn gooks
Korean Peninsula
Nice video.
Weird how NK is the threat... But the US regularly invades other countires and is the only one in history to use an atomic bomb on an enemy.. What country did NK invade this century? How many have the US invaded? Smells like bullshit.
I mean the USA has how many thousand of nuclear weapons and they aren't aloud even one? Sounds like a load of state propaganda to me.

and don't you dare say "well they have a crazy leader who is unpredictable so its a threat." hello have you heard of trump.
Does anyone know why china just doesnt invade them and take the country over ?
Radmonley Hynes
If North Korea Were To Nuke The U.S NZ UK CAN And AUS Would Be Alerted So Yeah (Good Luck North Korea)
Nicolas Salamanca
"So experts are urging the US to take action now while it still can"
We're doomed
So doing nothing is strategical patience? OK
Ryan M
Pres. Obama did a good job "strategically waiting." It's because Vox has a leftward slant, but you should all note that North Korea's heavy weaponization of nukes -- testing ICBMs and missiles with nuclear capability -- all occurred as President Obama "strategically waited."

Now Trump is pushing China and the South China Sea crap, another Obama legacy, makes it harder to get China to comply with stopping North Korea.

Nobel Peace Prize winner my a**.
Jay. B
thank you for stating the truth about strategic shift set to rise from Asia
Mario Esquivel
This view change on may 14th 2017.
Texas Ray
Now explain the US nuclear threat, and then compare the two.
mac Mulcahy
the nodong lol
Joe y
Funny people think Nukes exist... People are so Dumb...
Clyde Frog
Little Devil
This is going to sound a bit biased, but the U.S. doesn't have the largest nuclear arsenel; Russia does, check your facts Vox...
No 'Ace cards'?!
Is someone afraid of vengeance? How about saying I'm sorry and mean it; oh wait! I'm sorry is not in your vocabulary, and as a result you just go forward with threats?! Bad move.
John Wayne
"aggressive rouge state" When was the last time North Korea invaded another country? WW3 will be started over simple paranoia without a nuke ever being launched from North Korea. America will always have a "boogey man" too bad Americans always jump at the first chance to kill themselves over it.
Sam0ja Gaming
Wait, wait, wait... 62 000 American soldiers in South Korea and Japan... wtf are they doing there?
That Kid Everyone Hates
Samsungs Galaxy Phone s7 could destroy NKorea. Send them in
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