MUST SEE!!!! Amtrak engineer climbs out of AEM7 and shovels snow in front of train!



An Amtrak engineer on Regional #174 climbs out of AEM7 #939 and shovels snow away from the signal in New Haven's Union Station. He was very nice, yet concerned that the signal had been blocked by snow. Video was taken on Feb. 2, 2011. 

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2:50 that kl5a scared the shit out of you!
I'm glad there was no electric third rail
desmondgaming 1
He snapped
He's nice
He's good
I feel happy for him
Tim McNeil
cool engineer nice guy. need more of them.
Aviation Nut
This train looks almost like something built by the Soviet Union. lol
Approach Medium Productions
HA you jumped!
maureen ALLENZA
That train looks ancient!
Gary Plastek
wait did I miss something where was the shovel
Getting out to knock snow off of a signal? He MUST be on overtime! Otherwise just make the conductor go out and do it! lol
"Get er done" attitude. Glad to see him just not wait for someone else to solve the problem.

Is the AMTRAK train crew selection process "more selective" than freight train crews due to hauling people? I would think it would be similar to flying commercial airliner to a mail/cargo plane.
Justin Eldred
Is this new haven?
Jason Hiller
Is that Danny DeVito?
Seth Alterman
i know that engineer. very good guy. he's been railroading for 41 years now. I work a semi- regular tuesday thursday Boston- NY acela job with him. he's a really good guy, knows his trains.
Elias Muir
it would have been like the movie unstoppable where the guy gets out of the train and it screws him
Mark G
That was not safe!
Trainsimulator Amtrak
Nice person
Francis Lippolis
Where's that signal maintainer!? One of the downfalls of having dwarf signals
Matthew Mello
Worst Case, they could have Rule 241 him by the signal. He is right, someone should be out there cleaning them.
would have to agree with you there, it's like something from the cold war era in soviet russia
Ismo Leppänen
A really professional engineer! The sides of the AEM7 reveal the origin of the design, but the cab front differs from the Swedish Rc-classes.
I wondered why he did this. It's a very low ground signal.
The Inadvertant Capitalist
Oh yeah, for years people on the NEC have been calling the AEM-7 "The Toaster". They're being replaced by the ACS-64, which looks like a more modern toaster.
Rich Stekeur
It's workers like that that make me think NJT is the best! I remember them when they were Public Service. Same type of dedication was prevalent then!
You don't know if he was directed to clear the signal by the RTC.
Even though there are cab signals, if the way side signal is in the stop position the cab signal will only give a restricted cab indication. If this was the case and the engineer went past a wayside stop signal he'd get an immediate unpaid vacation.
Charles Damery
Cutbacks to the snow clearing crew?
Trackmen not doing their job. Big surprise!! Between union rules, and the Federal government, it is surprising that Amtrak runs at all.
What matters is that he do their job right
of course! that's why people put train horns on pickup trucks too...
Yes they have cab signals, but you have to know what your wayside signal is in order to see if it conforms with the cab signal.
E. Marquise Sanders
That spark at 3:18
…Talk about an engineer who knows his shit
Corey Kesler
Now that's fucked up having that dwarf signal snowed in like that.
do you ever think that the train crew laughs when people get scared of the horn?
Bas Penris
At the end of a platform? Yes indeed what an incredibly useless place :')
What a useless place for a signal!
You realise the AEM-7 Has 4 doors right? 2 at each end
So he couldn't see the signal
shovels snow? first time I've heard that people have paddle-footed...
#939 or the whole AEM-7????
It's electric! COOL
Makes a change to see an unusual american electric locomotive, ,one would think with the type of weather out there, that all the signals would be higher of the ground. and the engineer had a sensible pair of boots on.(dont let first capital connect management see him!)
E Rain
I've had an engineer climb out and salute me before.
Robert Dalton
He was really nice about it
Four AM
AEM7s have an electronic bell produced by Graham-White. See wikipedia for "EMD_AEM-7" Looks like the ol' breadbox is being phased out this year by some slick new eurotram looking thing. Personally, I love to see these on the NEC looking all junkyard dog; and they really scream when they open 'em up, too
John Doe
what type of bell do those trans use?
Amtrak employees are not required to wear a safety vest. If that engineer was to sit around and wait for someone from C&S to show up to clear that signal out, the train would be an hour wait. How do I know, I'm an Amtrak engineer out of Philly.
He needs to sart carring a small folding amy shovel with him
Vance Smith
Thats because it's one of those electric style engines.
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