10 Most DARING OUTFITS On The Red Carpet

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10 Red carpet outfits that left the crowd speechless!
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When our favorite celebs hit the red carpet, we always expect them to bring their A-game. We’ve seen so many beautiful and dazzling dresses at awards shows and industry events, as well as so many dapper gentlemen in their three-piece suits. 
Red carpet events take days and even weeks of preparation for many celebrities. They all go to great lengths to look their best. While we love the conventional styles that we’ve seen in the past, we’re really blown away when a celeb steps outside of the box and surprises us with an unconventional look.
When you think of daring fashion choices, you probably instantly think of Beyoncé. She never ceases to amaze us whenever she shows up on the red carpet. She once wore a stunning pale blue gown that was adorned with intricate feathers. Many people thought she looked like an angel. You’ll have to watch our video to see if you agree!
Sabrina Carpenter has such a long career ahead of her, and we can’t wait to see her continue to impress us with her red carpet style. She’s already doing a pretty good job at it, especially when she appeared at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. She wore a shimmery red jumpsuit that made her the center of attention on the red carpet! Speaking of the color red, just wait until you see the gorgeous red dress Selena Gomez wore to the American Music Awards. It will take your breath away! 
If you’d like to see more daring outfits on the red carpet, including pieces worn by Britney Spears, Jaden Smith, Beyoncé, Irina Shayk, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Angelina Jolie and more, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these outfits you love the most!

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Morna Burton
LMAO! Beyonce looks like on of those buzzards from Horton hears a Who.
Anonymous girl
When I saw bella hadid I was like : I hate snakeu 😔😔
SANA Yanovich
this music is ridiculous you can't even listen
amy zautei
Came here for the Thumbnail. but Huh?
Ana Syed
Rihanna's gown though
If it was very lighter shade of red
Ana Syed
Selena dress from front was spectacular but I think back so low destroyed it, back should have been a little higher for me it didn't look like a red carpet dress anymore
Ivana Radulovic
Selena,Bella,Rihanna and Queen B are stunning as always!
hasnana pinini
she ask us something and never leaves time for us to answer it
that last gown is not a mustard color tho.
Sharifa Shamsaldeen
I am from Kuwait I am arabic
Jessica Russian Sifontes
Speechless, yes... not because the outfits were necessarily pretty, though.
Its so obvious that the clone they chose for Brittany has a different body shape she used to have a long body and stocky legs. They think people cant see these things.
Sanela Lucente
Rihanna & Beyonce = fashion disaster
i love Selenas dress <3 #bae
Shallow + Vapid, entitled women. Boring !
Nellie Newman
What's wrong with US! Why do we celebrate these idiots with money!
What's happened to US!?
Natalie Moretti
Irinas was my favorite I would defenetaly wear it
Many beautiful Ladies and outfits but personally i have a passion fo 6:30 Beyoncé rockin it as usual and 6:50 is heavenly ;D

Imagine the thrill those children get... that's awesome!

7:49 Wow, incredible, and of course so is the dress lol! Seriously, that dress IS amazing, /o\ applauds the creativity. The eyes have it for sure though.

8:45 <o to Mr Jaden Smith who is courageous enough to reveal his feminine side that so many men shrink from. You sir are a LION! Btw, don't care about ratings, I LOVED your dynamic duo performance in After Earth. In my collection and have watched several times. Can't wait for "old timers" to make it new enough to watch again lol.

11:16 Boom! Need I say more? For once I am speechless hahaha 8D... oops, I did it again ;D
Mohamed Alnuaimi
all ugly dress
BoSsOm boss
Shameless uncivilized society women's.
Prakriti Swift
2:24 This outfit was made my Versace.


This outfit was made by brief. (men underwear)

Versace on teh floor!!
People just like to hate on Angelina Jolie. The dress is gorgeous
muneera al hussain
love ur channel the sides of selenas dress looked liked hair
Rick Spearman
Skin to win....?.....or at least get attention.
Ian Hardy
Evelyn Palestina
Why do celebrities like showing thier body a lot,why talko ...why!!!!
Cloe Perrer
Please visit this page :D

sarwat 13
this is a joke
Aries Snake
That video is so bad. Don't watch it.
mashooga 1994
So Will Smiths kid is gay?
queen_nagetoo_739 245
If i was a celeb i would wear a onzi 😂😂
Im arabic the tattoo says love yourself or dont
Lukimw Hollow
The jumpsuit...that thing does not look good on her at all
Fran Horne
Look at these stars without the makeup and false eyelashes, etc....scary!
Anuradha Bhushan
Irina made a fashion blunder
All the Versace were Ace Spears Jenner and Shayk but the last one mustard colo r not good royal blue or green would be better hated the red jump suit cheap and trashy even compared to the Britney one it looked better. Sorry but didn't like Beyonce's either no neck no good on her sorry but cute kid.
HANA PUCE!!!!!!!
Hahhahaha a fail
HANA PUCE!!!!!!!
What the hell where is Nicki minaj

Read more 😀
Cate Gianco
you can't pronounce VERSACE like this please god nooooo!!!
Teresa Miner
Who would wear this crap?! They look like they're Halloween costumes. Really, beyonce?! Oh wow. Couldn't stop laughing. Hint....Jayde smith, You're A DUDE!
That last dress was the bomb!!! Lol
ღ J-me ღ
I'm sorry but most of these were hideous...
Cassandra Borunda
Beyonce's dress looks like a white terrier dog with its ears pointed lol
nail drama
this whole video is about talko liking the worst dresses on earth.
Malachito Kripperino
The word 'jewelry' isn't pronounced with that extra syllable. Whenever I watch these videos, I get so distracted when the narrator says a word like it's foreign, when it's standard American and British English. Just watched one where she said "en-blaze-ON" instead of emblazon. Who cares, sure, but I'm guaranteeing you if you walk around saying "would you like some chi-LAY" instead of "chili", someone is going to comment when you're not there.
Elisabeth Sun
I can't stop laughing at Eminem's face when he gave the award to Lady gaga, he must be thinking what did I give a award to...
Wade Wright
Why on earth do people care about this stuff ?
All dresses were horrible.
Ilove markharmon
Brittany Spears classy and elegant? NOT!!!! Never going to happen...EVER!!!
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