DRAGONHEART Official Trailer (2017) Battle for the Heartfire Dragons Movie HD

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DRAGONHEART : Battle for the Heartfire 
© 2017 -  Castel Film Romania

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Gary Hamilton
This looks terrible but totally watching it
What the actual fuck... Do they intentionally reduce production values with every sequal? I'm fucking impressed they can make things shittier with each one...
looks fake and gay shitty acting and choice of actors little cuck boy whos like superman and sjw girl with her magical powers when are movies going to stop making this crappy drivel. Graphics from the original that was like 20 years ago was better too this looks like some shitty TV series quality all around.
Baba Ganoosh
It's been 20 years and Draco hasn't aged a single pixel.
Petr Stuchlý
Can I just say that this looks fucking stupid and the dragon looks like shit?
Jayde Zilla
I like how the CGI in the original was better lmao
3:00 - "Bravo! Hm, wait, let me just get me hood out of me eyes.. . bravoooo!"
...what the feck is this pile of turd!? Why ruin something that is already great?
noyan Saglamovv
bu nasıl dragon ?????
How the HELL do you get modern CGI look worse ?
It's amazing that 90's CGI still holds up really, compared to this ugly junk.

Sorry, but the voice of Patrick Stewart cannot save this disinterested movie.
It may be called Dragonheart - but it's clear that the movie itself lacks any kind of heart.
Syafiq Zaid
Who the fuck gonna watch this?
No not Patrick Stewart how dare you you monsters
Light Shade
They need to give up on the dragonheart franchise its not happening
Badhon Ebrahim
wow. ...this...REALLY... looks like it's going to Suck...
eluvian camaris
StomachJuice RunnyIntestine
what the fuck, no thanks!!!
The trailer was a bit confusing sadly.
Boy Matthew
More like dragon slayer.. hahaha
Munim Bendaimi
Wtf is this? I've seen better CGI effects on 2014/2015 films.
Deepa Lall
LMAO! Wtf is this shit?
Who the hell funds shit like this? They know it's not even going to break even so why the hell do they bother?
Rui Pires
Love Patrick Steward!! Make it so!!
M Vang
Do NOT watch!!! This movie is really bad. It's such a waste of time. There's so many things that don't make sense.
This looks like a poorly written fanfic...there is even a sister clichê of the most (almost) important character.

this is gonna destroy the original, that is already a great movie.
Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.
Leather armour?
Maximus Challenger
This can’t be real?
Greywall Gaming
WHY DOES THE FUCKING 2017 DRAGON LOOK WORSE THAN THE 1996 DRAGON! THAT SHIT IS MY CHILDHOOD... I love you Patrick, but god damnit you're not Sean Connery... WHY DID THEY DO THIS


Kokori Kokos
This Remake is shit, they should make a remake of Eragon
stop please dont do this
Potato DeUgly
viserion chillin
... Draco didn't die for this...
deadrye field
Makes eragon look good in comparision
santhur liyanage
fus ro dah !!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica McGuire
How is the CGI worse than a movie made in 1996?
Angellus Black
Why on earth does the CGI look so bad?
Sir Kukalot
Garbage in its purist form. Ban.
Malik Suleman Awan
not so good just ok
Pierrick Ganavat
"Hi, I'm a dragon.
Also I don't give a shit of anything.
Can I have a sandwich please ?"
plusmetal rise
lol The dragon looks so cartoonish.
Reaching Higher
When a movie in 2017 has worse graphics than the original, which was made like 15 or something years ago.
What the fucking fuck is this horseshit
Muhammad Malida
Daenarys should burn them
just watch the 1996 version it is not just a little better it is WAY BETTER, can't believe Sir Patrick Stewart wanting this role....somehow he has slided so fast on the ladder of succes he has splinters in his behind
Harvey Balkom
Can't beat the first dragon heart
Please! Why a remake?!?!?!? The orignal is awesome and better then this fucking crap. And the CGI Dragon from 1996 looks better. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
New Message
Patrick Stewart must have some serious debts to pay.
Is this a scene from a movie or a trailer
Emma Navarro
Wait... Is this a remake weeel shiz another remake goodbye world im dead
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