DRAGONHEART Official Trailer (2017) Battle for the Heartfire Dragons Movie HD

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DRAGONHEART : Battle for the Heartfire 
© 2017 -  Castel Film Romania

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Eddie Obic
Dragonfart I guess
Mario Fernandes
I gotta watch it
Cassandra Anne
what is this shit?
info Anime dan game
you want too see it? visit http://lk21.co/dragonheart-battle-heartfire-2017/
Well, it saves some money when you use the same 3D model as in the first movie.
Jason W
0:44 Dragon program froze
General Weedington
Are these just some random scenes from the movie? First the start of an 'epic' battle then straight after someone fucking belting some random sod over a mile away or something, is this normal nowadays?
iam Sam
Ben Watson
How? It's 2017 how can they justify making a blockbuster this low budget?
The Red Salamander
Is this a straight to DVD movie?
Jai Vang
This is way u should of shot at the head!
Karolina Trepsyte
Wai...wait...is this is a remake of an old movie "Deagon heart???"
Um.... Draco said he was the last of his kind.... Was he lying or was there a dragon nest out there he didn't know about?
I've seen less shit in indian bathrooms...
Plamen Dobrev
Derick Soto
It's like they're running out of ideas and remaking old ones
Ruthless CutThroat
what is personal combat? is that like making a remark about the other guy's shoes?
Griffin Maximoff
Professor Xavier? Is that you? It better not be you.
Bee Waifu
Oh look, a actual dragon. For fucking once.
Kawaii Taki
Well one good thing that came out of this movie. It pointed me to a good 90s movie
digvijay rajpurohit
These are all got cast that got rejected at the trial that dragon too....
unspoken 411
don't even want to watch full trailer lol
Doug Spencer
How dare they use this to sully the name of the original Dragonheart.
This look terrible...
lorenzo madrid
they told me the apocalypse was near. well these worse then that. may god help us#literally help us
RePeLiT Dragon
dragon cg is not that good, and also action scene is well, looks like way too over...
i just saw whole movie in 5 minutes..
Hasn't been in the cinemas, meaning it's not going to be a very good movie.
Adi Adrian
How can a movie made in 2017 look worse than one made in 1996. The dragon looks like utter shit compared to the original made 21 FUCKING YEARS ago. Wtf Patrick
Criiiiiiiinnnge AF
a trailer or a small film?
Victor Martins
So... Zobek turned into a dragon?
The actual trailer starts at 4:28.
Anti Steffystah
Wow this looks so bad
Dragon Rehoming Centre
This really is a crappy advert. I bet Patrick Stewart didn't expect it.
how did they manage to fuck up dragonheart
what the hell is this garbage?
Chris Boose
Glad I watched this before wasting time renting the movie.
Zolin Games!
Pretty sure that's a really young dragon or just a small one.
Leonardo Ledesma
the bigger questions is why did Patrick Stewart agreed to be in in this movie?
at least the dragon looks ok this time (still not as good as draco)
Leo Chang
After 1:40 Im expecting a porn scene
Stacy Trune
Shit movie.
Sade Johnson
Is this a trailer?
Jonas Rubens
Lol...1996 moovie looks like much better....
rg' luke hinz
this looks like a pile of shit, rather watch the original
Mohammed Shabuddin
Overconfident Bitch
terry woods
1996 did it better.
Arwen Datnoid
.... Nah.
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